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She Is So Deprived

She Is So Deprived

October 11, 2005

Typing On Her Computer
Originally uploaded by the big yellow house.

and has no “real” toys to play with.

Everyday she opens the cabinet and pulls out her computer. She types away on it, giving a running commentary, like, “I’m buying new shoes!”

Yesterday she was “typing”, the baby was entertaining himself by emptying out a box of wipes, and my 4 yr old was fashioning himself some handcuffs out of scotch tape (which made me laugh more than a good mother probably should when he couldn’t get free of the tape), and I thought why do I bother buying toys at all?

Posted by Chris @ 11:37 pm  

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  1. Kate says:

    She has her priorities straight. Every girl needs her laptop!

  2. biz says:

    That is so wonderful. Ingenious girl!

  3. Annalise says:

    so cute :-)
    and I can make you feel better : one of mine (who shall remain nameless) used to love playing mice with my tampons. :-)

  4. blackbird says:

    Obviously a genius.
    What with the buying of the shoes and all.

  5. Linda says:

    too cute

  6. Meg says:

    Oh my God, that’s hilarious. We cleaned off the pumpkin we bought for Sophia and set it on the floor next to her toys, and she sits on it, hits it, and generally plays with it a lot more than you’d think would be possible with a large vegetable. I’m glad to know that typing on a waffle iron isn’t too far off…

  7. halloweenlover says:

    Oh my goodness, we’ve got to get this girl a computer. Did she really say she was buying new shoes? So not only does she understand what a computer is and what she should do with it, but she gets that you can BUY stuff on it? Genius.

  8. Silly Old Bear says:

    That’s classic!

    Wait till she starts saying things like “Dang, now I need a new driver” or “my firewall won’t let me access this site!”

    And my boys think tampons make great toy dynamite. Has a fuse and everything. “Fire in the hole!”

  9. Melanie says:

    I often wonder why my kids have toys when they would much rather make their own firetrucks, rockets, telescopes etc. out of the boxes we bring home from our weekly trips to Aldi as well as empty paper towel rolls, toilet paper rolls, and toothpaste boxes.

  10. angie says:

    Maybe your techy 2 year old should get together with my 17 month old. Just this morning, while we were standing in line at the checkout at the grocery store (I was putting the bagged groceries in the cart), he managed to find my credit card (IN MY WALLET) and then tried to put it throught the swipy thing.

    On second thought, maybe it would be better if they didn’t get together!! :)

  11. nextcommercial says:

    Well, if they had no toys, what would they spread around the living room floor????

  12. robiewankenobie says:

    i went to visit a friend when my youngest was about eight months old. her husband was just scandalized that i hadn’t brought many toys. he went out and bought the baby some rattles and teasers. which he ignored, of course, because he was entranced by their wooden spoons.

  13. Jody says:

    Ahh. She has a great imagination. I still remember her “baby” from last year.

    Way too cute!

  14. Sleeping Mommy says:

    I’m sorry, I can barely type with the laughter.


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