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At Least We Think We Are Funny

At Least We Think We Are Funny

October 27, 2005

her: So, you dressing up for halloween?
me: Nah, you?
her: No
me:It’s all about the kids now, isn’t it?
me:Well, except for the candy
her: oh yeah, we are all about the candy
her:the next day I’m all
her: don’t know what happened to the candy
me: gosh, dear, the Great Pumpkin must have come when you were sleeping
me: and taken all the Reese’s peanut butter cups
her: who are you calling the great pumpkin?
me: Ha!
her:I have eaten my way through so many bags of candy
me: ugh, me too
me: why do I even buy it
me: no one comes to our house
her: because it’s so cheap right now
me: it’s for the kids
me:that’s how I rationalize it
her:who can pass up a huge bag for $1
me:it’s practically free!
me:I buy it for the kids
me:and then eat it all so the kids won’t have too much sugar
her:you’re nice like that
me:I am nice
her: speaking of costumes
her: my friend Jane* wore her wedding dress to the kid’s party at school
me: her for real wedding dress?
her: yeah
her: it was very beautiful
her: but slightly odd
me: yeah, I bet all the preschool girls loved it
me: as they wiped their grimy little hands all over the white lace and beadwork
her: can you imagine, fitting in to your wedding dress
me: Hell no
me: But it was a maternity dress
her: Ha!
me:I should wear it
her: no one else would think it was as funny as us
me: no one ever does
her: it would start the gossip mill going
me:OMG, she is pregnant again
her: didn’t she just have a baby?
me: how many does she want?
her: she is crazy!
me: we could keep this up all day
her: in theory
me: making fun of me is such a fun a pastime
her: in reality, I have wrapper evidence to hide
me: yeah, good luck with that

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  1. kim in MI says:

    we must be talking about halloween candy? Just FWIW I am having trouble with your header and the first blog entry, too, it seems to be eaten underneath the header for a few sentences, so i have to wait an entry to get the full shebang. But I’m not using Firefox, that’s what I started out to say. So it’s more than just a Firefox thing. I’ll have to try out some other browsers, I’m using Safari. But at least your blog is worth coming back to read a 2nd time, to get the first sentences, LOL.

  2. nabbalicious says:

    I wonder how the childless can justify buying all the candy? Let me try…I buy it on sale because it’s cheap and so we can save money, and I eat it all so the dogs won’t get it because chocolate could kill them.

    Hey, I think it’s working!

  3. Meg says:

    Every year, Brent and I complain loudly about our lack of trick-or-treaters with our mouths stuffed full of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.

  4. Chris says:

    Exactly, you have to have the candy on hand though JUST IN CASE a child decides to come to your house.

    okay, so I guess it only looks good if you are using IE. FWIW, if you click on post comment, and then once on that page click “show original post” you’ll be able to see the entire post.

  5. O_Scientist says:

    We have way too much halloween candy too…

    And I have the same problem others have, the upper part of your post gets eaten.


  6. Annalise says:

    I think they don’t really go in for Halloween here in England - which is a pity, it’s one of the things we enjoyed while we lived in the US - but we’re buying candy just in case :-)

  7. Chris says:

    Better safe than sorry, Annalise.

  8. aka meritt says:

    After reading this I refuse to feel guilty about the Twix, Licorish and Hershey’s I just consumed.

  9. Heather says:

    I do love when I hear of other women who wore a maternity wedding gown! ;)
    And the fact that I could fit into it again right now is totally my excuse for eating all the candy before the Trick-or-Treaters even have the chance to ring our bell.

  10. annie says:

    I’m on Safari and your posts are coming through perfectly now.

  11. halloweenlover says:

    oh my, I am laughing. HEE!

  12. Antonio Hicks says:

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  13. Anonymous says:

    Now this is funny ;)

  14. Anonymous says:

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