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My Dentist Loves Me, or More Accurately My Money

My Dentist Loves Me, or More Accurately My Money

November 9, 2005

“Remember when I said that I was committed to flossing my teeth twice a day for the rest of my life?”


“Well tonight when I was flossing I think I was a little overzealous. I yanked one of my fillings right out.”

“I told you flossing is highly over rated.”


“One day the ADA is going to do a complete reversal on the entire flossing thing. Mark my words. I should write this down because one day no one will ever believe I said it first.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll write it down for you.”


“That way when all your teeth fall out from advanced gum disease I can bring it up. I’m loving like that.”

Posted by Chris @ 3:23 pm  

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  1. Jordana says:

    I yanked out a filling while flossing once. I was in Germany. I had to find a dentist and learn the necessary vocabulary just to go in and have the work done. Most traumatic dentist visit ever!

  2. Marion says:

    my mom cracked her tooth while eating oatmeal on her 40th birthday. Does that count?

  3. Meg says:

    AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! I hate teeth stories. I always worry I’m going to pull out a filling or even a tooth when I floss. Thanks a lot for proving that the former, at least, can actually happen. Blech.

  4. halloweenlover says:

    Is your husband related to my husband? Mine also thinks that flossing is overrated. Disgusting men.

  5. Chickadeeva says:

    While I’m a big fan of floss (yeah, right) I do believe the toothpaste conspiracy is overblown. While I do bursh and floss, I have to admit that I think we go rather INSANE in the membrane when developing and marketing toothpaste.

    After six years in France where I had say, five brands to choose from, I found myself getting dizzy upon my return when I went to the toiletries section in the Safeway in the US. When the heck did baking powder become a big dental aid? And now I’m afraid my teeth aren’t bright enough?
    :-) Much affection

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    [...] I immediately came home and told Rob that all the flossing he considers “excessive” has paid off. Posted on August 24, 2006 by Chris @ 7:22 pm   [...]