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Agony and Ecstasy: Quotes From A Weekend

Agony and Ecstasy: Quotes From A Weekend

December 4, 2005

“I don’t care where you are going, just tell me your computer isn’t going away for four days too.”
said by me when I came to the sad realization that my severely limited computer time was about to become non-existent.

“I knew it would happen one day, but I had no idea I would enjoy it so much.” said by Rob as we looked at the window, snug and warm in our house, as our two oldest sons used the snowblower to clear the driveway.

“Holy crap, 104.3! His brain is going to ooze out of his eyeballs if we don’t get his fever down soon.” said by me shortly after taking my 11 month old son’s temperature and shortly before giving him a cool sponge bath and freaking out.

“The website says it shipped last Friday!! I better hurry up and finish that big to do list I made when I thought I was going to be an out of touch shut in for many more days.” said by me as I jumped up and down on my furniture.

Posted by Chris @ 6:36 pm  

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  1. J says:

    Mine shipped Friday, too!! Tomorrow afternoon, when your UPS man comes, think of me because I’ll be attacking mine before he can get out of his truck.

  2. Flutter says:

    I hope it comes in the next day or so. man it seems like forever since your computer broke.

  3. Jordana says:

    We just got a new laptop, theoretically for my husband, but I may not let him use it. He faithfully watched UPS tracking as his computer moved across the country and made me stay home all morning (he even went and picked my son up at school so I didn’t have to leave home) to make sure I was there when it arrived.

  4. Buffi says:

    Right now, my laptop has a cracked screen, the touchpad doesn’t work, the T keeps falling off and the W is missing all together. Husband keeps trying to get me to send it to get fixed. But it seems to be working okay to me. All cosmetic problems. Not worth going weeks without my laptop for!

  5. Meg says:

    Boy, I hope baby boy is feeling better!

    Are you going to sequester yourself away from the kids for 4 hours straight when your laptop arrives just to catch up?

  6. halloweenlover says:

    Poor baby! Is he better today?


  7. robiewankenobie says:

    i am also without a primary computer. it’s making me more nuts than usual. and i feel you on the potty training…my youngest up and “trained” himself one day. then last week? he decided that he didn’t want to use the potty anymore. yikes!

  8. nextcommercial says:

    How’s the littlest feeling today?

  9. Katie says:

    Poor little guy! And I hope the laptop power cord arrives soon!

  10. Kathy says:

    Hope little “almost one year old” is feeling much better. Jack just had his first illness with fever(thankfully not that high). Yes big boys able to shovel or snow blow is a definite benefit, of course we left the great white north before we were fully able to make full use of it.

  11. Southern Lady says:

    I am trying to get in contact with other homeschoolers. I came to you by way of Poor White Oprah. I have really enjoyed reading you. I’m thinking of turning mine more into things about the kids. Thank you.

  12. Southern Lady says:

    Also, pardon for me adding another comment, do any of you have teens? I have one 15 year old daughter, a 10 year old son and another 7 year old daughter. Just thought I’d get the info out there

  13. Jody says:

    Yeah on the computer!

    Poor little guy! I hope he feels better soon!

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