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2005 December


December 8, 2005

The Purple primer. Is it any wonder I was singing “I love you, you love me, this color makes me crrr-A-zy…”

The Primer

The final color, though I am going to put one more coat I don’t anticipate it changing the color dramatically.

The Red Wall

And just in case you can’t remember what it looked like a few weeks ago:

Dining Room

Really, isn’t anything an improvement?

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Go On And Read

December 7, 2005

My latest post, Piling on, is up over at dotmoms. I didn’t give it that title, by the way. Not sure I really even “get” the title, but I can never think of any good titles either. Anyway, move along and go read it. Unless you don’t want to, then just go along your merry way.

Update: I fixed the broken link. Thanks, J.

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Red, Red Room

December 6, 2005

I am sitting here typing on my new laptop. Hallelujah!

When the UPS man pulled up in front of my house I pushed my children out of the way as I ran out the front door and jumped up on the truck before it was brought to a complete stop and kissed the UPS man. Okay, I exaggerate slightly. I did wait for the van to come to a complete stop.

Now I just have to figure out how to get all my stuff off of the old computer’s hard drive and on to this one. But I’m trying not to think about that right now. You know how there are always other people telling you to make copies of all your files and important stuff you have saved on your computer and you always mean to get around to doing it, but never do? Well, I’ll join their voices and hope someone heeds my warning.

One of the things that has been on my endless to-do list this week was painting my dining room. Specifically, painting my dining room red. I have mentioned before that my idea of the perfect wall color is in the white family and red couldn’t be farther from that.

It is such a labor intensive color to paint. The “grey” primer which made me feel like I was trapped inside of Barney the dinosaur such was the purpleness of the color.

I painted the first coat of red paint on the walls and stood back surveying the walls. It didn’t look the swatch. It is a much deeper red than I had intended. But I was thinking I might like it anyway. Or to be completely honest, hating the idea of repainting enough to live with the color.

My 11 year old came up next to me and stood with me. “It looks really cool, Mom.”

“You think? Because I wasn’t sure I like it.” I answered.

“Yeah, it looks like blood. Like someone smeared blood all over the walls,” he excitedly said.

And I was relieved. Because that was precisely the look I was going for. I might just paint Helter Skelter on the walls to complete the ambiance.

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Agony and Ecstasy: Quotes From A Weekend

December 4, 2005

“I don’t care where you are going, just tell me your computer isn’t going away for four days too.”
said by me when I came to the sad realization that my severely limited computer time was about to become non-existent.

“I knew it would happen one day, but I had no idea I would enjoy it so much.” said by Rob as we looked at the window, snug and warm in our house, as our two oldest sons used the snowblower to clear the driveway.

“Holy crap, 104.3! His brain is going to ooze out of his eyeballs if we don’t get his fever down soon.” said by me shortly after taking my 11 month old son’s temperature and shortly before giving him a cool sponge bath and freaking out.

“The website says it shipped last Friday!! I better hurry up and finish that big to do list I made when I thought I was going to be an out of touch shut in for many more days.” said by me as I jumped up and down on my furniture.

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Not Old, Not Infirm, and Definitely Not Prostrate

December 1, 2005

This past year has not been a good one health wise for my father in law. Way back in April he began having prostate trouble and didn’t pee for eight days. Yes, that is correct eight days.

When he finally went to the doctor he had a catheter put in place and he began the gauntlet of tests. Test after test after test. All the while he still had this catheter in place.

During the stress test he almost passed out and it was discovered that he had three blocked arteries. The blocked arteries would need to be addressed before he could have surgery to fix his prostate.

So the surgery was scheduled with the tiny roto-rooter to clean out his arteries. During the surgery they discovered his blockage was too strong for the tiny roto-rooter and he would need to have open heart surgery. It was nerve-wracking news.

In the end he came through that surgery with flying colors. The day after his surgery he was walking around the hospital making fun of all the “old” people. The man is 80 years old, just had his chest sawn open, and yet a day later he still has his biting sarcasm and general dislike for the elderly and infirm. Neither group he will admit to belonging , by the way.

Then he had to wait to recover from that surgery and various complications before he could finally have the prostate surgery.

At long last he had the prostate surgery on Tuesday. Rob visited him when he came out of surgery and he assured Rob that “when you are 80 years old and need this surgery, I’ll be there for you.” Rob reminded him that he would be 120 years old at that point, but he insisted he’ll still be around. And knowing him, he will be. And he’ll probably be making fun of us.

Today, for the first time since April, he peed. And no one had to clap and cheer, at least not in the bathroom with him.

I think he deserves his very own bag of Skittles.

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