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Quote Of The Day

Quote Of The Day

January 12, 2006

“Mooo-mmeeeeee! Come here and close your eyes.”

said by my two year old daughter who was in the next room.

Oh So Pretty

When I opened my eyes, this is what I found:

She said she was a “pretty princess wearing makeup” and really, who am I to disagree.

At least it wasn’t as bad as when she did this with non-washable markers:

Decorating Baby

Try explaining that one to all the busy bodies at the grocery store.

(The mirror above was a French Provincial eyesore that I found and am in the process of refinishing, which explains the blue painters tape and why the mirror is so filthy.)

Posted by Chris @ 1:36 pm  

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  1. JeepGirl says:

    I love it ! Your site is great.

    My 5 years old right now, did that back when he was 2. But he used permanent black marker. Yikes!
    Took about a week for it to come off.
    Funny but all one can do it laugh and put these memories in their babybooks -
    I’m glad you took pictures for blackmail when they get older. Especially when they start dating.

  2. novaks8 says:


    That’s what my WALLS look like!

    My husband always wants to know why I wasn’t supervising them.


    One day soon I am going to go away for the day and let HIM have all the fun!

  3. speckledpup says:

    who’s pretty?
    you’s pretty!

    too fun.

    could be worse, she could be using chewing gum for glue to stick things together, like instead of a barrette…oh wait, that was my daughter…

  4. aka meritt says:

    They all do it given a chance don’t they? LOL. Markers, paint, lipstick… it’s all good! (And makes for great photo ops!)

  5. Cheryl says:

    Cute little kiddies even covered in marker :) and they both look better than the 3 foot tall picture of our neighbor boy (who drove me nuts) my son drew in green non-washable crayon on our playroom wall years ago…..I was never so happy to repaint!

  6. Meg says:

    My little brother had a bad habit as a little kid of cutting holes in his clothes and then coloring on himself with markers THROUGH the freshly-made holes…I think I like your daughter’s technique better!

  7. flower.girl says:

    When my now 5 year old was 2 he got into my dd’s pink and dark blue NAIL POLISH. Try fielding the comments from the ladies at preschool about why he has pink in his HAIR!!!! That had to GROW out! lol

    Your dd is beautiful!

    Dot, mom to 6

  8. Paisley says:

    That is hilarious! Too cute, even with marker on her face. At least she didn’t give herself a haircut!

  9. :o) says:

    She even got the baby’s feet!!! That cracks me up.

  10. Flutter says:

    I love that picture when she did it to Miles. But atleast this time she only did it to herself.

  11. deputyswife says:


  12. MIM says:

    Seriously. That was HYSTERICAL!

  13. Lisa says:

    I am holding our baby and just woke her up from cracking up. I had that happen with our third daughter, except it was SHARPIE markers. Black. And I didn’t take a picture for fear that it would somehow get into the hands of Child Protective Services.

    Thanks for making me laugh! This and the popcorn popper story are hysterical!

  14. Heather says:

    Just brought back some memories when my daughter was her age. She took a blue marker, did her lips and eyes. Yes, she looked dead. Then took vaseline and desitin and loaded her hair. She said she was doing her hair like daddy did. However daddy used hair GEL. It tooks weeks for the vaseline to come out. She looked like I hadnt bathed her greasy head. Oh the looks in public. The joys of motherhood!

    Love Miles little feet!

  15. Possum Pearl says:

    ~BWAHAHA!~ I would have loved to have seen the faces of the busy bodies! *Grin*

  16. Jordana says:

    And my inlaws wonder why I never want them to buy markers for my children. Of course they ignore this directive and so I have to be the mean one and toss the markers. “Ooops, where did those markers go?”