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A Vote For Me Is A Vote For… Something*

A Vote For Me Is A Vote For… Something*

January 13, 2006


Vote Here

Still unsure who to vote for? I present evidence that will one day be used against me persuade you to vote for me.

I am an inventor of great baby products as seen here:

An Invention Whose Time Has Come

and here:

Toddler Hair Protector

I make delicious and nutritious meals:
You want to complain

While I am turning into my mother I realize the craziness of it all and therefore can not really be that bad

I have grocery shopped with all my children and lived to tell the tale:

I make enormous sacrifices for my children

I am sane.

Because I hope that things like this make up for all the rest.

Did I mention how honest I am?

Because I have repented.

How about because I did this to my body SEVEN times:


* I know it sounds like a terrible cliche, but after reading through all the other “mommy blogs” I am honored just to be a finalist with such awesome, funny, interesting, smart women like these.

And while you are voting, be sure to vote for Jurgen Nation for best new blog. She is original and creative and never fails to crack me up, though her doll photographs creeped me the hell out.

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  1. Susan says:

    That thing with the pacy is fantastic–we just used Scotch tape.

    No, not really. As far as you know.

    I want to write the BoB folks and thank them for leading me to The Big Yellow House. Hooray!

  2. trist1973 says:

    I guess this comment serves 2 purposes–I am “delurking” and also telling you I voted. I have spent the better part of the week, ignoring my kids and catching up with your archives. You have made me laugh and wonder in awe how you can get it all done! You are a true wonder woman.

  3. Meg says:

    Going to vote from here…GOOD LUCK!!!!

  4. Sheryl says:

    Congrats on making the finals!

  5. owlhaven says:

    OK, I’m so new here I don’t even know where to go to vote…can somebody clue me in?


  6. novaks8 says:

    I read ALL the other mommy blogs and can still say that yours is the best.

    Good luck!

  7. Blair says:

    Where are the creepy doll photographs? I was so in the mood for creepy and I could not find them.
    Your inventions are way cooler, as mine involve pumping and making a bra for some hands free action… needless to say to post said item my blog would have turned x-rated and not even in a sexy way because there is nothing sexy about a woman with bottles hanging from her boobs.

  8. JeepGirl says:

    I love the sticker on the child. My kids are always putting stickers on their cheeks.

    I also love the hair protector. Great idea !! What a mind !!

  9. halloweenlover says:

    Voting voting voting!!! These were all some of my favorite entries!!!

  10. Anonymous says:

    Came here from the Best of site to see what your site was all about–hi-larious! You deserve the votes. The Star Wars spoon thing, man, wish my mom would have done that!

  11. WriteWingNut says:

    LOVE your blog. Happened upon it after seeing the nominations for best mommy blog. Hope you don’t mind, but I have to give my vote to Becca cause she’s my buddy. :) But consider me a regular reader from now on.


  12. MIM says:

    Well, hell. Since you did that to your body SEVEN times, you deserve to win!

  13. Melora says:

    Wonderful stuff! I particularly enjoyed the toddler hair cover. I wish I could get my little one to stick to wiping her nose on her sleeve, instead of on the sofa cover (washed weekly), whatever I am wearing, or the bedspread (and yes, we keep big boxes of tissues in every room in the house). Lord knows I love ‘em, but my children are so unhygenic.

  14. just_christina says:

    ok, if you did that to your body 7 times…you got my vote sweety:)

  15. mummy V says:

    the evidence is compelling… but the pacifier ear clips did it for us. you’ve got our vote.

    love your writing - my bf/significant other/baby daddy and i just sat and read through loads of entries and we really were laughing at your life. (sorry, not at you - with you)

    we only have one baby so no idea how you do it, but you’re obviously a great mom. (our favourite entry was in the 40 things to do about the botox)

    keep up the good work!

  16. Sorka says:

    U R winning woman!!|Yeeee haaa!!

    Thanks for popping by and commenting!

  17. rcmom says:

    Delurking to say I voted for your blog, hands down my favorite! I’ve been visiting for quite a few months, having read many of the archives and visit almost daily to see what’s going on in the Big Yellow House (so much more exciting than what’s going on in my house, it seems!) I stumbled on your blog when I did a search on houses, after buying a Victorian house and wanting ideas on projects– you never know where a search will lead you! Thanks for the daily dose of humor!

  18. Flutter says:

    I voted for ya!

  19. Mindy says:

    OK now I am going to chuck my blog and just come live her. Mmmkay? No, seriously. I like it here. You rock, mama.

  20. Anne says:

    I was SO EXCITED to see that you had made the finals! (and YES, I voted for you) Almost as excited as I was for my own blog lol

    Keep on keepin’ on-you are one very deserving mommy!

  21. surcie says:

    I think you deserve an award just for having to cope with the non-washable-markered-infant incident!

  22. Janet says:

    I think you could have stopped at the “I did this to my body seven times.”

    The rest is just details.

    Congrats on your nomination!

  23. Gigi says:

    You have my vote because your blog is honest, funny and inspirational (”if Chris can clothe, feed, entertain, chauffeur, supervise and HOMESCHOOL 7 kids surely I can cope with my life.”)
    Good luck!!