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Giving A New Meaning To Bridal Shower

Giving A New Meaning To Bridal Shower

February 25, 2006

My niece is getting married next month and today is the shower. I have been talking about it all week, mostly in terms of how I really need to go buy a card, wrapping paper, and scotch tape, because it would seem that my children eat these things. I still haven’t gotten around to it, but it is 9:30am and I don’t have to leave for another two hours. Plenty of time.

I decided, in an act of mercy towards my husband, to bring my two year old daughter with me to the shower.

“Why can’t I go, Mommy?” the 5 yr old wanted to know.

I try to think of a nice answer, because sometimes the truth– I don’t want to bring you– is better kept to one’s self.

“I’m sorry honey, but it is just for girls.” I answered.

“But why?” he asked again.

Before I could answer my 6 yr old piped up. “Because it is a shower. Get it? A shower. Who wants to go see a bunch of girls showering? ”

“That’s stupid, why don’t they shower at home?” the 5 year old responded.

“I don’t know. Girls just like to have parties and shower together.” the know-it-all 6 year old said.

I didn’t have the heart to set them straight, mostly because no one was bugging me to come along anymore, such was their revulsion.

One day they will figure it out on their own that it is the kind of stupid party men would like to have.

Posted by Chris @ 9:34 am  

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  1. Ficklechick says:

    That is too cute! My husband would’ve had some very inappropriate come backs if one of mine had said that! lol

  2. owlhaven says:

    My boys are very disdainful of showers too, thank heavens!! Sometimes it is nice to just bring a kid or two someplace rather than the whole army! grin

  3. Tickled Pink says:

    Things that make you go HMMM: When my son Jack was three he asked, “Where is your baby?” when I came home from a baby shower. Confused, I asked, “What baby?” He then asked, “Didn’t you go wash your baby?”

  4. noelle says:

    at 6 he already has arich fantasy life! LOL

  5. novaks8 says:


    I bet she will have a blast.

    Great mommy/daughter outing.

    How does Rob do with the boys while you are gone?

  6. Kris says:

    Oh yeah, I never met a man who wouldn’t like a shower like THAT! I’m just wondering what would’ve been said if a teenage boy had been present during that conversation. LOL

    PS Love the new name. I can totally understand why you chose big yellow house even though your house isn’t yellow. After all, I chose wonder mom even though I can’t really fly and don’t have an invisible mini van. :)

  7. Emily says:

    site looks great! love the cute pictures.

  8. Wicked Stepmom says:

    Ok, so now I’m thinking that I have the mind of a 5 year old boy because I originally thought you were bringing your 2 y/o INTO the SHOWER with YOU and was wondering how much relief would that give your husband?! I guess I am more sleep deprived than I thought… even though my (breastfed) 3 month old is sleeping through the night. Woohoo!! (Nevermind the fact that I am secretly panicked that this will somehow undermine my supply and I will not be able to nurse her for a year as planned!)

    Enjoy the BABY shower. :)

  9. Melissa says:

    I love the mind of a six year old. Very smart.

  10. HolyMama! says:

    at least no one mentioned the Stupid Shower games that occur at such functions. Then the conversation would have definitely taken a turn!

  11. "D" says:

    oh funny! Can just imagine the pictures running through the kids’ heads!

  12. meredith says:

    It’s so funny how little kids minds work and how clever moms can take advantage of this.

  13. mmc says:

    Too cute. Sometimes it’s best just to keep our mouths shut, and let someone else fill in the blanks.

  14. aka meritt says:

    ROTFL because I think all kids ‘think’ that at some point in time, but your last line was awesome; that’s the kind of party stupid men would like to have! LOL.

  15. Kim says:

    It’s conversations like this that make me forget about all the times I wanted toss my kids out into the street. Remember this one for the time when those boys finally figure it out.

  16. At A Hen's Pace says:

    Okay, I’m off to a baby shower this afternoon…and hoping I don’t break out into giggles at an inappropriate time! What a funny mental picture.

  17. Meg says:

    Brilliant…your kids have got it all figured out, don’t they?

  18. snowgirl883 says:

    I guess I need permission to view your photos, Is there a procedure to follow?
    Really enjoy your writings…
    Whether you are in the yellow house or in the trenches, it is still a great read.

  19. Darren says:

    Wait. You mean they don’t like to have parties and shower together?!

    Well, crap… You could have broken it to me a little more gently, Chris.

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