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Turning Seven Years Old

Turning Seven Years Old

March 27, 2006

Ring Bearer

Tuxedo rental for being ring bearer: $90

New shiny black shoes purchased on the way to the wedding after we discover the rental shoes were too small: $20

Number of people singing Happy Birthday to you: 150

Number of Shirley Temple’s “on the rocks, heavy on the red stuff, with two maraschino cherries and a straw” consumed by you:12

Slow dancing and kissing the cute little flower girl on your birthday: priceless

Witnessing the retina burning cuteness and catching it all on tape: makes the 17 hour labor and subsequent pushing you out of my vagina all worth it

*You can’t hear it in the third video, but right before he runs away there is an announcement for the cake cutting. Yes, he ditched the cute girl for cake.

**youtube wouldn’t accept my spliced video for some unknown to me reason so I had to put it up as three separate short videos.

Posted by Chris @ 9:25 am  

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  1. Sleeping Mommy says:


    How often do you actually get to catch something like that on video!

  2. Heth says:

    He is quite the heartbreaker. I think he knows what’s important in life….cake!

    Happy birthday to your little man.

  3. Claudia says:

    Fabulous that you caught all that on tape. He’s a cutie!

  4. novaks8 says:

    That’s so great!

    So how did he get chosen from all the boys? Or did he volunteer?

    My daughter was a flower girl at age 5 and I love those pictures of her and the ring bearer.
    They ended up going to HS together and never really knew each other.

    My 7 year old was a flower girl at my mom’s wedding last year.
    Thank goodness because she was always so jealous of my oldest daughter being a flower girl in 2 weddings!

  5. B.E.C.K. says:

    Retina-burning cuteness indeed! What a sweetheart! :-)

  6. joy madison says:

    love that you got it on video

  7. the dahls says:

    OK, now we want a photo of his cute mommy in her dress!

  8. Jody says:

    That is priceless!! That child is full of charisma!

    And I am so with him on the cake!

  9. Meg says:

    OH. MY. LORD. Cutest video EVER!!!

  10. Lori says:

    What a great memory for both of you! Thanks for sharing!

  11. Melissa says:

    I don’t know, cake is very important. He’s so cute. That was a great video.

  12. The Green Family says:

    I am weak from the power of the cuteness……must go lie down.

  13. Toady Joe says:

    Gave you some Linky Love over on my site. Wonderful story, even better videos. Thanks for the smile!

  14. Maliavale says:

    Holy crap, the cuteness is overwhelming. I need a nap.

    That totally made my day. =)

  15. Kim says:

    It’s moments like those that make the pelvis splitting pain worth it eh? He’s quite the handsome little man.

  16. Maddy says:

    Priceless, and when he is 21 and you show his girlfriend, the pain will all have been worth is.

  17. halloweenlover says:

    He is so cute, I think I just died. What a sweetheart! The kissing! Oh my goodness! yes yes, now where is the hot mom.

  18. J├╝rgen Nation says:

    Happy Birthday to your handsome man! Oh, the cuteness is killing me.

  19. Citizen Mom says:

    I am sure CUTE hasnt been said enough already.. He is darling..priceless indeed…

  20. Gigglin' And Screamin' says:

    Those were great! I wish I could find a way to get mine on there! He’s quite the ladies man, eh? Except no man can resist cake!

  21. ducazagimosiragocn says:


    nice post…