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2006 April

My Own Private Joke

April 2, 2006

For all the parents out there who have had to fiend surprise at the (fake) cup of spilled coffee on the sofa, the plastic spiders on the floor, and toy snakes on the top of the bathroom door.

Who have endlessly looked down at the front of their shirts when one of their children asks, “What’s on your shirt?” only to be hit by a finger underneath the chin.

Who have heard knocking and gone to the front door to find no one standing there.

Who have had an elastic band put around the sprayer nozzle on the sink so that they get a refreshing morning face wash while attempting to make the morning coffee.

Who have had the sugar in the sugar bowl replaced with salt.

Who have endured a breathless, familiar, little voice on the other end of the phone asking if the refrigerator is running.

Who have withstood April Fools jokes on more than just April 1st.

This one’s for you.

This year the planets aligned, fate intervened, and God was on my side. Daylight savings time, usually the bane of my existence, fell on April Fools Day.

I changed all my clocks ahead Saturday evening before dinner. I meant to tell the kids when they were getting ready for bed an hour early and shout out “April Fools!” Honest, that was my plan.

But then I thought it would be WAY more funny if they actually went to bed an hour early. I realized that I didn’t need to disclose the prank to them in order to feel good about it.

As I sat on the couch after they all went upstairs I had a laugh all to myself. And it was good. I may have even said, “Who’s the fool now, suckha” while I ate some jelly beans right out of the bag.

But I’m not telling.

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