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I know, I promised a post

I know, I promised a post

June 14, 2006

I did say that this morning, didn’t I?

I have a lot of things that I could write about. For one, baseball. This is a baseball blog, isn’t it? Oh wait, no it just seems like it is. Last night my 10 year old had a game where he pitched three innings and was the catcher for three innings. I aged ten years, at least. I swear I could feel the grey hairs sprouting from my head.

Today is my third son’s birthday. He is 9 year old. I could go on and on about him, but frankly he is annoying the crap out of me today. I am not sure why my children feel it is their birth right to act like little jerks on their birthdays. After all I gave birth to them. I endured the vomit inducing, please kill me and end my misery, pain. I pushed their big heads and shoulders out of, you know where. Granted, this is partially my fault, if I had it to do over again I would have chosen to reproduce with someone who had tiny shoulders and a freakishly small head.

Honestly I think those are evolutionary trends that we should embrace for the sake of our daughters. I am the one whose body has never fully recovered and can’t run a mile without needing a potty break. And the boobs, let’s not forget about the boobs. If anyone gets to be a bit bitchy today, it should be me.

My 11 yr old had a game tonight that was rained out. We found out after we were half way to the game. Oh the sadness. Oh the (feigned) sadness on my part. So I decide to have movie night at our house and stopped and bought an obscene amount of candy for them to snack on while they watch movies.

hello? What was I thinking suggesting candy for dinner? Honestly, I am crazy.

Rob is away in Orlando, Florida on a “business” trip, where he gets to do team building exercises with other middle aged people on Superman the Ride, and whatever other rides at Universal they will be going on under the guise of “working.” Also they are doing some sort of Fear Factor competition which I think sounds stupid. I’m not the least bit bitter. I have my sour gummi bears to comfort me.

I have my newest Advice from the trenches column up at larger families dot com, where I deal with the age old question of what to do with all the paper that these children generate on a daily basis. So go read there.

And lastly Blogher. Are you going? Can I jump up and down and squeal like a, well, like a girl, when I see you? Yvonne has promised to do the Worm, and I am so holding her to it. We are going to party like it is 1989.

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  1. colleen says:

    I enjoy reading your site, and your column.

    One thing we do with artwork and school papers the kids want to save is scan them. Cuts down on the clutter in their rooms (even if it does fill up hard drives ;-) )


  2. Ashley says:

    We had some bad juju going on here, too. Second day of summer vacation and I am ready for a vacation…from them. Oh, how I wish I could join all of you fine ladies at Blogher. (sigh)

    Great advice column! You’re right, the key is sticking to the plan!

  3. Alissa says:

    Lovely new blog! Have fun at BLOGHER. And you’ll be delighted to hear that the weather here in Orlando is fairly well awful. So, at least he’s suffering a tad.

  4. Maddy says:

    The bad birthday behavior was at our house too, 11 year old boys can be soo annoying sometimes. I blamed the coke and chocolate but it may well have been hormonal, eww, no it was the coke and chocolate.

    I am off to read about how I can unload all this paper.

  5. Jurgen Nation says:

    Chris, I adore you and I love the new design. LOVE. Of course I’m a bit biased, but I think I am speaking objectively when I say it is clever, YOU and awesome. Rock on, Emily!

  6. But Momma says:

    Beautiful to look at, always fun to read. A woman who feels it is her right to be grouchy on her son’s birthday…well… well.. I love you, man.

  7. Mary says:

    I would seriously SELL one of my kids to go to Blogher!

    (not really…well, maybe one as long as I get to choose which one)

    Will someone PLEASE get a video of Yvonne dancing?

    God that girl cracks me up!

    East Coast Blogher? Please?

  8. Elizabeth says:

    I love your blog…I have been reading it for a while. Enjoy your time at blogher.

  9. Karen Rani says:

    See ya there, Miss Bitchy! :)

  10. nessia the groovy_mommy says:

    Happy 9th birthday to your son!


    *big hugs from my groovy girl to your little boy*

  11. Mama T. says:

    I was introduced to your website a couple weeks ago and I love it!! So are you secretly hoping your hubby develops motion sickness for amusement park rides? ;) Have fun a Blogher! (I just discovered that too)

  12. ben says:

    Not going to Blogher (not very much a “her”) but I wanna a job that does team building in Orlando instead of in the alley next to the dumpster. Harumph.

  13. Jeff says:

    I’m with Ben (above) and am not going to Blogher because it is *so* chauvinistic. Ben and I should start a Bloghim so we can get together and talk about our kids without having to listen to conversations about breast feeding and the like (we might talk about breasts though). After all the kids are sleeping, were playing xbox.

    I liked your advice column about what to do with all the paper. Make me feel less guilty about throwing some of it out. We might have to get a filing cabinet.

  14. Mary says:


  15. cheeriobutt says:

    Hey! I Like the site! Happy Birthday to your son! Pooh on hubby’s business trip! No fair!
    I know what you mean about big heads! My sons….whoa! Why did I have to be attracted to such a big guy? Especially when I’m the one who has to carry the kids around because his back spasms after three minutes of holding them! Some good all those big muscles on him have done me!

  16. Katie says:

    My husband is in Nashville for “work”. So far they’ve gone to a baseball game, out to dinner at all sorts of cool places, and been to bars with great up and coming country singers. While I sat at home recovering dining room chairs. I do have M&M’s though, I’ll share.

    I WISH I could go to BlogHer. I even found an awesome $370 round trip plane ticket on Orbitz. But that weekend is really, REALLY bad for us (one day I’ll blog about it) so I can’t. I’m seriously bummed because I would love to meet you and Mir and Yvonne and Carmen in a totally non-stalkerish way.

  17. Betsy says:

    Hope your son wasn’t pitching and catching in the SAME 3 innings. That would give me gray hair too!

  18. mmc says:

    I think you should get to behave how ever you want to on anyone’s birthday whom you gestated!

    Love the new site.