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Jumping in the Deep End

Jumping in the Deep End

June 25, 2006

Remember the larger families website and the column I was writing “Advice from the trenches” remember? Well, I have moved the advice column to it’s own blog, purely for ease of posting on my part.

One of the things that I thought would be fun, was to interview various interesting mothers of larger than average sized familes and hear what they had to say about being a mother. What kind of advice do they have to offer. What possesed them to have some many children. Okay, I am mostly joking about the last one, but I hope the interviews give insight and break the stereotype of what it is like to be a mother of many chidlren.

Tomorrow morning I will publish the first interview, with Jacquelyn Mitchard, the author probably most well-known for her novel,The Deep End of the Ocean.

I went to her website, and on her bio page she writes that “her pet peeves are rude merchants, restaurants with only one high chair and signs that feature family names with an apostrophe “S.” ” And then I fell in love with her, in a completely non creepy way.

So, I found her email address, and sent off an email. Honestly, I didn’t think that she would even respond. But within an hour I had an email back from her personally saying that she would love to do it. She even has a blog.
Ack, I didnt even know what I wanted to ask yet. And I wanted the questions to be perfect, though I didn’t know what that “perfect” meant, and so I spent a lot of time typing questions, then pushing backspace, typing some more questions, then hitting delete.

I had told her assistant that I would have the questions to her by Wednesday night, but I didn’t end up getting around to emailing them until Thursday. I joked that I was going to play the I-have-seven-children-card as an excuse for my tardiness, figuring since she has seven children she could relate.

Oh how we would laugh. Ha ha hahaha…oh, hmmmm. Within an hour I had answers to all my interview questions. And that is why she is a highly paid author, and I am not.

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  1. lilly says:

    Thanks for the introduction to Jacquelyn Mitchard. I’ll be spending some time at her site and reading ‘The Deep End of the Ocean.’
    You rock and someday someone will be sending you interview questions and you’ll be sending them back within the hour!

  2. lilly says:

    You’ll be sending the interview questions back ANSWERED with great wisdom is what I mean…. not just sending them back of course!

  3. KAte says:

    I loved that book, I look foward to the interview

  4. Carmen says:

    Wow. You are completely amazing, and I’m in awe of you. You stun me.

    I can’t wait to read it!

  5. Cmommy says:

    Inspired am I, by you :-)! C

  6. april`` says:

    Whoa! That is just so….uhhhhh (speechless). Fabulous, way to go!

  7. bluepaintred says:

    ok this is really freaky ~ I am on page 199, Pat has just had his heart attack! ~ I am totally reading Jacquelyn Mitchard’s novel,The Deep End of the Ocean RIGHT NOW

    How do you know these things??? Will you teach me how to do it before next weeks lottery draw?

  8. jody says:

    Awesome. That is one of my all time favorite books. It just touches you so much.

  9. nabbalicious says:

    That is awesome!! Good for you!

  10. JustLinda says:

    Oh, I love love love that book. Seriously(in a non creepy way, the pages aren’t sticky or anything). I’ll have to go read the interview!

    I have five kids, which is kind of biggish but only when you’re not comparing it to someone with 16 ’cause then it’s downright small. My kids range in age from 2 to 23, which makes us a little unique.

    Hey, when I get famous (give me 30 or 40 years, ok?) I’ll look you up and you can interview me.

  11. kathryn, dym says:

    Do we count as a big family if we’re a little overweight and the baby has a HUGE noggin?

  12. cheeriobutt says:

    I would be interested if you want me! We’re not as big as your family, but we still stand out! This is cool!

  13. kathy says:

    wow Chris; your interview is really impressive! You are really getting to be quite the big shot. :)