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the interview is up

the interview is up

June 26, 2006

go on over and read it. I’ll wait.

The big weekend news here… I spent the day Friday searching online for a replacement dishwasher, convincing Rob that there were NONE to be found for $100, and coming to the realization that perhaps I am an appliance snob, who knew? On Saturday morning Rob took the front panel thingy off the bottom, to “fix” the dishwasher, though he knows nothing about fixing dishwashers.

I may, or may not, have made fun of him, saying, “What do you think there will be a red arrow pointing to what is broken inside there?”

And he may, or may not, have said, “No, but there is this belt, that coincidentally is red, laying right here. It has obviously slipped off from where it belongs.”

And he may, or may not, have put it back on where it belonged.

And the dishwasher may, or may not, have begun working again.

And I may, or may not, have said, “If I didn’t know any better I would swear that you staged this so I would have to write on my blog what a superstar you are.”

So, we may be eating real food again, on actual plates with utensils, or maybe not.

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  1. Crazedmomof4 says:

    That’s great that you got your dishwashers back!

  2. ragamuffin says:

    Way to go, Rob! I knew he’d come through for you, one way or the other!

  3. Cheryl says:

    He’s a keeper for sure - cute and fixes broken appliances…..What more could a girl want????????? :)

  4. Maddy says:

    Good for you Rob.

  5. Jeff says:

    This is so typical of women. You should thank Rob for being patient with you.

  6. Chris says:

    What if you got back under the dishwasher and cut the belt? ehehehe…

    Great interview! She is one of my favorite authors!

  7. liz says:

    Excellent interview and YAY for Rob fixing the dishwasher and BOO to Jeff.

  8. jody says:

    Can Rob come here and fix our dryer, washer and stop the dripping faucet in the bathroom?

    Bill went all plumber on me this weekend and replaced the downstairs faucet and the outdoor faucet that has been leaking for over a year. Saved us some big bucks, that is for sure.

  9. Mary says:

    That is tooooo funny about the dishwasher. I would have gone straight to the “let’s go buy a new one” and my husband would have done what yours did.

    I can’t get to the interview. When I go to the larger families site I don’t see it? ??? Help!

  10. abc momma says:

    Could you ask your husband what is making that loud humming noise when our dishwasher is draining? It seems to be struggling a bit.

  11. Susan says:

    “This is so typical of women,” he says?

    And that’s so typical of a male chauvenist pig comment.

    I’m so glad you got your dishwasher back! (And that Rob, first, was reincarnated so that he could fix it.)

    Have I told you how much I love your blog???

  12. chris says:

    thank him for being patient with me, jeff?


  13. CaliforniaGrammy says:

    I’m not sure about “being patient” has to do with anything, Jeff. But way to go, Rob. I’m curious as to how he knew where to put it? However I checked with my husband, and he says it would have been “obvious!” Oh well, that’s a guy thing I guess, and that’s okay . . . as long as the dishwasher works. Three cheers for Rob!

  14. bluepaintred says:

    LMAO thats sooooo cute

    Im impressed with your Hubs ” fixin instinct”

    and as a bonus way to go on not having to shell out the dough for a new one!

  15. Mary says:

    Found it. Duh.

  16. Darla says:

    Hey Jeff, there’s this thing called a sense of humor. Get one.

  17. ragamuffin says:

    Can’t find a place to comment on the interview page, Chris. Good job! Can we interview you?

  18. Jeff says:

    I was trying to be funny. I hope I did not offend.

  19. Kira says:

    Bummer. Uh…I mean GREAT! Now you don’t have to spend all that money on a new dishwasher! Yay! How…FRUGAL and…GREAT!

  20. T in HD says:

    Chris, thank you for never failing to put such a big smile on my face. Honestly, who else could make the breaking down and subsequent repair of something so mundane as a dishwasher so darned entertaining to read about??

    BTW, a belated happy blogiversary to you. I remember finding your blog just a few days after you started writing it two years ago and was hooked immediately. And it only keeps getting better.

  21. JustLinda says:

    I’m afraid you’ll have to break it again in some very subtle way. Otherwise, there just may not be room in the house for his ego and the rest of the family. I know, I know… you hate to have to do it, but just remember you’d be doing it because you LOVE (a new dishwasher) HIM.

  22. Suebob says:

    Oh great. I’m the only one who can’t figure out where to find the interview.

  23. Kristie says:

    I am coming out of lurker mode to tell you that
    a) you are freaking hysterical
    b) I check your site for an update every day but shamefully, do not comment nearly often enough
    c) I’ve been after my husband to fix our leaking bathtub for months, but since he thinks duct tape and WD-40 can fix anything, I’m wondering if maybe *your* husband could go out on loan????
    d) congrats on such a good interview, and even though I have only THREE children, I still laugh along with everything you post.
    Thanks for sharing!!!

  24. Amy says:

    So glad hubby got your dishwasher working again. Funny how they find that stuff way too easy to fix, isn’t it? Great interview too! Congrats!! She’s a great author.

  25. Wicked Stepmom says:

    YAY! We both got our dishwashers back this weekend!

    Mine cost $360.
    Yours cost the price of humble pie. :)

  26. kathryn, dym says:

    Maybe have him teach Dan how to do that to our freezer… and stove… and washer… maybe the dryer too. New old houses are so much fun!

  27. InterstellarLass says:

    Doh! So no new dishwasher, huh? At least now you may or may not know where to break it…