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evidence that i am not one of them

evidence that i am not one of them

June 28, 2006

yesterday I was… let’s just say out, okay? So I don’t have to mention that “b” thing again.

when the sky opened up and it began pouring. On of the mother’s turned to her husband, said something, and ran off. Rob and I look at him quizzically and he explained, “She is running home to shut all the windows.”

Rob and I both gave a little nod. A nod which says that we hear the words that you are saying, but they make no sense to us.

The man looked at me, “You’d never make it home in time to shut your windows.”

I laughed. “No, I wouldn’t. But I don’t mind the rain coming in the windows. I like to think of it as effortless cleaning.”

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  1. kit says:

    I wouldn’t worry about the house windows, but when it starts raining in the night it’s the car windows I’m trying to remember if they’re shut…I hate driving with a soggy bottom. If you had Cinderella’s mice run a mop around as the rain came in the windows that really would be effortless cleaning.

  2. onetallmomma says:

    I feel the same way about spills on the kitchen floor. Best way I know to keep them clean. As long as the 4 year old continues to make “soup” in the kitchen sink while I cook dinner, my floor will be clean.

  3. court475 says:

    Windows open in June? Such a foreign concept to someone in Louisiana! :o)

  4. Nicki says:

    why would you want to be one of them? A truly hopeless and boring endeavor. Not to mention your blog would be empty!!!

  5. Woman with Kids says:

    Seriously, if you didn’t leave the windows open in the rain, how else would the kids get to strap brushes to their feet and “skate”?

  6. liz says:

    What Kit said. I left my car windows open on Saturday night and had a mildew-y car for the next few days.

    Fortunately, yesterday’s 8 hours of sun seems to have baked it enough so that it’s no longer stinky.