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And the prize is…

And the prize is…

September 1, 2006

No one seems to care who actually was the one millionth person. (She posted and emailed me her screen shot.) But I have gotten a bunch of emails wondering what the prize is. I hadn’t mentioned what the prize was because I didn’t know myself wanted to make sure it was, you know, a surprise.

Here is the prize, try to contain your jealousy.

You can buy your own if you want by going to this link.

I was going to offer the same prize to any runners up. But then I found out the winner doesn’t live in the United States and it is going to cost me more to ship the prize than the prize is worth. Not that I am complaining because I am not. I love you all (imagine my arms making a sweeping gesture to encompass all of you here)

But now there isn’t going to be an “official” runner up prize. Because I enjoy using my money to buy things like shoes and Grey Goose. Oh and my new favorite, Absolut Citron.

I do however have an unofficial prize. When Darren came to visit me earlier this month he brought me a Nudie Girl pen. At first I was horrified, because HOW did they get a photo of my body and copy it onto the pen? But then I got over it, because really can you see yourself nude too much?

Anyway, the pen has since been kept up high in my kitchen cabinets because I have preteen boys in my house who don’t really need to spend time staring at a naked woman on their pen. Tipping the pen back and forth watching her bathing suit disappear. They would never get any school work done.

So, I am offerring the pen up as a consolation prize. If you think you can give the pen a home it so rightfully deserves, email me and it is yours.*

*offer limited to those living in the continental United States, m’kay?

Posted by Chris @ 12:54 pm  

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  1. Jennifer says:

    The link for the mug doesn’t work! I’d love to give it to a friend….

  2. Brigitte says:

    Ha, my dad has one of those pens, but it’s so old that she only strips down to a bikini (ooooh, so NAUGHTY)!

  3. Brigitte says:

    Oh, and the link to buy the mug works if you only click on the word “this”, not the whole sentence.

  4. jennster says:

    i forgot all about the contest. WHORE! lol

  5. Novaks8 says:

    I don’t really NEED a nudie pen but I would love to be able to say I got a present from Chris!


  6. Darren McLikeshimself says:

    I am HIGHLY offended that you’d give away my nudie pen!

  7. ben says:

    I didn’t know there was a contest.

    Cool mug, though! If you tip it, does the diaper fall off? Or just leak?


  8. InterstellarLass says:

    I haven’t seen any of those nudie pens since I was in high school! They even had guy nudie pens at Spencers. :-O

  9. geminishadow says:

    oh no! I forgot about the contest!! CRACKERS!

    wow a nudie pen….from chris…that would be awesome….it seems like alot of us would like such a memento from you :)

  10. bluepaintred says:

    Im sorry I live in canada!

    but I can’t wait for the mug.. im a BIG coffee fan!!

    LOL at teh nudie pen, I saw one once as a pre teen and thought that it was the greates thing ever!

  11. peepnroosmom says:

    Oh, I saw a nudie pen years ago. I don’t think we need it at my house with my preteen son. He would never get any work done. He would keep turning the pen over and over. HA!

  12. menoblog says:

    Um, that’s MY body on the pen, and i really don’t appreciate you taking credit for my work!!!!

  13. nabbalicious says:

    See, Chris, if you let the boys play with the pen, you’d probably NEVER have to beg them to do their homework!

  14. But Momma says:

    What a cute mug! If my three year old catches me reading your blog he always gets wired up and says “Click the booty, click the booty!” Like it’s some Nick Jr. game.

  15. Suebob says:

    My grandparents had magic drinking glasses. They had ladies on them. When the ladies got cold (like with a drink with ice) they “stripped.” Ooh lala. I wish we still had those.