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And for today in the longest weekend EVER I present…

And for today in the longest weekend EVER I present…

September 3, 2006

Things that were added to my list today, after they were done, just so I could cross them off:

1) Trip to IKEA to buy table, chairs, tool kit, and those delicious cookies that have the creme center and the the little circle of jam. (check)

2) Eat entire sleeve of cookies on the drive home while marvelling at the flat box packing goodness that could enable one to put an entire house worth of furniture into the back of a honda civic hatchback (check)

3) Have three year old drink a half empty bottle of water she found sitting on the floor in the IKEA waiting area, because I don’t think we can have enough germs. (check)

4) When the 3 yr old pulls a stuffed animal out of her backpack when you are 20 minutes away from IKEA and tells you she bought it, lie and tell all the other children that you knew she had it in there and did pay for it, so they will stop screaming that she is thief and is going to jail. (check)

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  1. Cakes says:

    What no interactions with the fabled Ikea Dog Weiner?

  2. InterstellarLass says:

    My son used to try to shoplift candy from stores. That’s what they get for putting it within reach of a sugar-deprived three year old.

  3. Becca says:

    Don’t you love the righteous indignation of siblings? Their senses of morality are always the most highly attuned when it’s someone else with the infraction!

  4. Maddy says:

    Don’t you love Ikea and the clever way they do that with the box’s. Hmm makes me want to go check out our Ikea, it’s been a while.

  5. madre-terra says:

    I have never been to IKEA. We live on an Island most of the time and when we go “to America” we talk about going to IKEA but never get there. My husband has been. My friends have been. Once I went over to a friend’s house and she had a young teenage girl there taking cabinets and a table out of an IKEA box. The girls was there to assemble the stuff for my friend who was hopeless at reading and carrying out instructions.
    So who puts together all this stuff once you get it home?
    I’m not worried about it, though, because you live with the amazing circus man and we a know that circus-folk are handy. Also, I bet you are good at it too because you seem good at everything. A woman who consciously choices to bear so many children has got to have a few tricks up her sleeve, eh?

  6. meritt says:

    1. OMG you went to IKEA. God Bless You. I went there 3 weeks ago (Minneapolis one) and vowed to NEVER GO BACK.

    2. LOL about the water… had a little “ewww” moment there, but talked myself out of it and swallowed my bile.

    3. LOL again at the stuffed animal. I’d have some guilt over that one and probably tuck it away in the closet and vow to bring it back with me the next time I go and explain to them what happened. (The teen working the desk would look at me like I’m insane and think ‘WHY is this lady returning the freakin’ stuffed animal? She was already HOME and had it.’


  7. Francesca (Stuntmother) says:

    I think sometimes that I could use Ikea instead of nursery school. We live there, man. And my three year old has also taken a teddy from Ikea. I wonder if that’s why they’re there. Really, I love that place. We just go and don’t buy anything and sleep in the beds and pretend the fake houses are ours and I knit on the couches while the children make “supper” and bring me cups of tea.

  8. Jennifer says:

    I love the last one. That is so funny. You are so funny. I have never been to Ikea.

  9. Amah says:

    I’ve never managed to find anything that I like at IKEA except for their mirrors. I like the odd shapes and sizes that they stock. I probably would take the 3 yo back w/ teddy and make her return it. It’s never to young to learn about stealing. I know - I’m overzealous on the stealing subject - but the consequence for a teddy bear will be so totally different than for a car. And it does start somewhere!!

  10. ben says:

    We don’t have an Ikea. I’ll have to find cookies elsewhere.

    And my kids are convinced that speeders get the death penalty, so who knows WHAT would happen to shoplifters. Probably have to go clean their rooms or something. :)

  11. Laundry Woman says:

    I love the “putting things that weren’t on the list, on the list so we can cross them off” thing. That is soo the right way to do it!:)

  12. kalisah says:

    they sell cookies at IKEA?

  13. blairzoo says:

    Too funny! As for IKEA, everytime we go I wander around looking at all the cool furniture, and never actually buy any of it, because I hate putting it together. We totally need some new dressers, but can you imagine putting something together that actaully has to slide open and shut nicely? Not me. I totally go to IKEA just for the cookies. Absolutely. And if I’m feeling flush we stop for the dollar soft serve ice cream, what a deal! and the huge freaking cinnamon buns. Oh, maybe I’ll head over there today, my mouth is watering…..

  14. peepnroosmon says:

    I LOVE IKEA! They just built one here about a year ago. It’s close to an hour and a half away from us. I could just walk around in the kitchen section finding things that I can’t live without. I didn’t know they sold cookies, though, but I love the lingonberry soda at the food court. This totally makes me want to go.

  15. Caya says:

    My girl was 5 when she once asked me, mischieviously, what would happen if she stole this little toy she wanted, when I wouldn’t let her buy it. I told her, very matter of factly, that I would let the store manager call the police, and she asked, in utter shock, would she go to jail???? I said, very seriously, Yes, you bet you would. Well she was in utter tears!!! Of course I would never let them actually take her to jail, not at that age anyway- but you bet I would make her take the thing back and apologize to the manager, and offer to make up for it. And I comforted her immediately. But she knew good and well that there were serious consequences for stealing and that it would absolutely not be allowed. She has never even so much as hinted at it again. Of course all that had to happen in front of a line of people at the check-out, and people stared at me like I was the worst mother in the world.

  16. Daisy says:

    Never a dull moment. That’s my new motto, but I’ll share if you want to use it, too.

  17. T in HD says:

    Mmmm, love those raspberry and cream cookies. I always end up polishing off a package myself on the way home in the car. Don’t care for the new lemon ones though.

    And so glad to know I’m not the only list-crazy woman out there who adds things to her list so they can be crossed off! I guess my “to do” list with all those lovely lines through each item is kind of like a certificate of achievment. Or something.

  18. Kathryn says:

    They sell those cookies in the foreign section of my local grocery store. Insane! Now I seldom have a good reason to drive the hour to Ikea. Oh well. They are good.

  19. Susan says:

    So you had an entire house worth of flat furniture AND multiple kids in that Honda Civic?

    I bow to you.

  20. Chris says:

    The Deputy always does the customary pat down before leaving a store with our middle one. It also seems to entertain people in the check-out line.

    Items he has found in the past: batteries, dog snacks (we do not have a dog), light bulbs (easy find, his shirt was bulging), partially eaten candybar, and the most recent was tweezers.

    We are always so proud we he asks if he can “spread ‘em” at the check-out line.

  21. zookeeper says:

    Love Ikea. LOVE the cinnamon buns even more!

  22. Denise says:

    I’m gonna tell IKEA about the stolen item!!! ;P

  23. foodmomiac says:

    How did you lift the stuff?? I bought a houseful of items last week and had to drag an Ikea person around with me to load it all into my cart. THEN, I had to sit the baby on top of the boxes in order to get through checkout. And then I wimped out and rolled it over to the home delivery desk. You, my friend, are TOUGH.
    (I am headed back tomorrow for more stuff, but I smartened up and am leaving the kids with the babysitter.)

  24. kathy says:

    What is it with older brothers and their righteous indignation? Were all their memories collectively erased at 10 or 8 and now they NEED to impress upon their tiny siblings how incredibly WRONG they are with any transgression? I think I would have made the 12yo (in my family) take the rap for the little theif. She needs to practice more. I think another trip is in order. Then plant the goods on the eldest. :)