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21 months- the legal toddler (now with video!)

21 months- the legal toddler (now with video!)

September 14, 2006

You have just turned 21 months old.

Driving the Playscape

You are a boy of few words. As I type this you are sitting on my lap pointing across the kitchen sayng, “Joe…joe” over and over again. You are getting increasingly annoyed by my inability to understand what it is that you so desperately want. Coffee? Cup of Joe? Do you want coffee? At this point I would willingly give it to you in an effort to save me from anymore whining.*

You are very particular about your food. If I peel your banana I must leave the peel on, like a wrapper for you to hold. The same goes for granola bars, string cheese, or anything else that comes in a wrapper. When you get to the very bottom of the banana and the peel has to come off, you have a huge fit. EVERY TIME. You fling yourself on the floor and scream and cry, “Noooooo. Nooooooo” You refuse to eat the last part. I think you should just get over it now. I know that I laugh and I realize that probably upsets you even more. But I can’t help it.

Eating animal crackers

You are a climber. You climb onto everything. Last week you tumbled off the bench at our kitchen table banging your face on the way down. I would notice a few hours later that you chipped your front tooth. First your father’s thumb, now your tooth, I think those benches might be out to get us. You will push things over and stack them up in order to reach something that is forbidden, like the sugar bowl or the stove top. Yes, I aged about ten years the day I found you sitting on the cook top playing with all the knives. Even though you were perfectly fine all the things that could have happened ran through my mind.

Just got a little snack by himself

There is no sort of child proofing device that is safe from you. You can undo, or work around all of them. I have to hide things that I don’t want you to get into. Just this morning you opened a child-proof bottle of medication that was sitting on the table between us. If you feel the need for a snack, you will just go and get one, as if asking for one is not even a thought you would entertain. Likewise you will go into the bathroom and brush your teeth, usually trying out everyone’s toothbrushes and then wash your own hands. One favor I have to ask you though, will you please remember to turn the water off and not throw the hand towels into the sink that that it overflows? Thank you. I will appreciate it.

You run and jump and have learned to pedal a tricycle. You have obviously inherited your father’s superior athletic ability genes and not my unco-ordinated ones. The way that you love watching sports and balls of all kinds I realize that we are in for many many more years of coaching, watching, and spending every waking moment immersed in sports. I am oddly comforted by the fact that in ten years your oldest brother will be 22 and he might like to help coach your little league team or bring you to games, while your father and I relax and play Canasta.

You love to read books now. And “read” outloud with great expression while you do it. I especially love how now one of your favorite books is punctuated with an Ooops on every page. The other morning you were reading it in bed,and as I lay there in bed I couldn’t help but stifle a giggle as you said “Uh-OH” loudly in place of ooops before you turned each page.

Read this book to me.... or I'll beat you wth it

Not quite as fun is the way that you want me to read the same book over and over and over again in a precise, though unclear to me, manner that can not be deviated from in the least.

You have had your first time outs this month. Which you seem to enjoy a little more than a person being punished should. In fact, if anyone else is sent to time out, you enthusiastically join them. You will sit in the corner in the kitchen looking at me with your big wide eyes. Suddenly you will say “Daw dawn” (all done, for those of you not up on the toddler lingo) complete with your hand sign and get up to walk away. The few times I have tried to stop you, you have looked at me and emphatically stated, “DAW DAWN” complete with what I believe to be an eye roll and look of disgust. And though I know I shouldn’t do it, I laugh. And yes you get out of time out.

You love to play outside and will try to sneak out of the house given any opportunity. We found out recently that you know how to open the sliding doors in our sunroom when I happened to look out the window and see you swinging on the swings in the backyard all alone. It might not have been that bad, except that it was night time. Now whenever you are out of my sight I suddenly begin freaking out and screaming, “Where is the baby? Where is he?!” and your siblings will usually point out that you are right behind me.


You idolize your sister. Everything she does you think is the coolest, bestest thing ever. I love the way that you look at her, as if the sun rises and sets because of her, which incidentally she believes is the case also. You are content with any morsel of attention she throws your way.

You have decided that baths are the worst thing ever and act as if you are being dipped into a vat of boiling oil. While I bathe you as fast as I can you try to claw your way up my arm and out of the bath. Perhaps you are part cat.

You also have an equal dislike for bedtime. When the sun sets, you think it is time to pull out all your cute tricks and be so adorable that we can not bear to send you off to your crib. That is how cute you act. And the sad thing? I fall for it every single night. And then around 10:00 pm I’ll suddenly look at the clock and realize you are still awake.

My favorite part of this video is how you laugh and laugh and act like going to bed is the biggest joke ever, like I could not possibly be serious that it was time for sleep.

Yup, my house is like a frat house for toddlers.

You are still the most smiley child, ever. You are so happy all the time. And your dimples, I could get lost in them.

I love you smiley Miley.

*After a tour of the kitchen and the various cabinets you decided that you were screaming about a banana. Have you forgotten how to say banana?

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  1. Tay says:

    Gorgeous baby boy.

    Boo, the video won’t work.

  2. jen3 @ amazing triplets says:

    I love this age. Sometimes.

    I have three 23-month olds and following a momentary lapse of reason, I decided to experiment by taking down all of our baby gates and letting the kids “explore”. Even with all the chaos that ensued (before I regained control of my senses and put the gates back up) nothing rivaled the insanity of them sitting on a cook top and playing with knives. That’ll take years off your life.

    I’m convinced God makes ‘em cute for a reason. I don’t think I’d survive toddlerhood if not for the belly laughs and smiles that warm my spirits more than sunshine.

  3. kate says:

    happy 21 months Miles, I can not believe how big he is getting and of course he is cute as always!

    The video isnt working for some reason!

  4. liz says:

    I adore Blue Hat Green Hat. Muffin Man used to “read” it all the time, and got a big kick out of all the “oops”es.

  5. tpon says:

    If I hadn’t seen the pictures, I would have SWORN on a stack of bibles piled high enough to reach the cooktop that you were describing my Bean…

    Happy 21…

  6. LammyAnn says:

    What a cutiepie.
    THe vid is not working because it’s marked “private”. Darn. I was so looking forward to laughing my head off…er.. I mean… I was looking forward to see your little darlin’s on vid.

  7. Denise says:

    I want to see the video too! Pout!

  8. peepnroosmom says:

    What a cutie! Sitting on the cooktop?!? What a little rascal. Happy 21 months, Little Guy.

  9. Sheryl says:

    Me too, me too, want video! I remember the “never take the wrapper off anything, or I will scream as if I’m being covered in hot lava” phase. Good times.

  10. Rachel says:

    OMG, I could not stop laughing at that post. This is the first time reading for me and trust me I will be back for more. I have 3 kids, the youngest being 8 months and has discovered crawling. Oh boy, just can’t wait for more toddler years, lol.

  11. min says:

    I love all your posts! They are so funny and endearing.

  12. Chris says:

    I fixed the video! Yes it was marked private. Thank goodness LammyAnn is smart, because honestly I was just scratching my head as it worked for fine me!

  13. InterstellarLass says:

    He’s so dammned cute! I’m glad you got the video working. I would have been bummed. My Elle was a climber. Despite at least a thousdand minor heart-attacks, I made it out of her toddlerhood.

  14. Christine Anderson says:

    This could have been my two youngest kiddos!! (my #6 and #7 are a girl and boy who just turned 4 and 2). The little boy watched your video nine. times. “Again Again”–you’d think it was a clip on teletubbies or something. (is that show still on anymore?) Thanks for an evening’s entertainment!

  15. Denise says:

    Yea! Video! Cute!

    The dog, however, does not like it. He is really not happy with the squealing and giggling. Good thing I keep telling TW we are not having a baby!

  16. Danielle says:

    Oh Chris, it’s such a cute and insane age. I am always asking people if they think that middle child is manic depressive or if it’s just the age.

    The twinnies were on my lap while I was watching the bed and they kept saying,”No!” to the idea of bedtime.

    It was good to hear what your voice sounded like.

  17. Diamond Lil says:

    I am generally fearful of screaming children, but your kids are so unbelievably adorable that the piercing screams make them that much cuter.

  18. Susan says:

    Absolutely precious! His smile is infectious.

  19. jody2ms says:


  20. mbbored says:

    Oh my goodness. I keep swearing that toddlers are enough to make me not want children for another decade, but that face is almost irresistible. Almost.

  21. rachel says:

    oh, i love toddlers!

    he’s so cute! I love the video. Thanks so much for making me smile!

  22. jaime says:

    You have the most adorable little ones! Now I’m scared of what mine will be doing in 17 months. . .

  23. peepnroosmom says:

    It’s me again. Thanks for the vid.

  24. foodmomiac says:

    I love watching the two of them together. Sibling love (and sibling conspiracy) is just heartwarming.

  25. Playdate Susan says:

    I just watched that video THREE TIMES. Can I say that Miles is my favorite of your children? But only because I’m not permitted to have a favorite of MY children.

    Smooch him for me, please. Three or four dozen times.

  26. Mir says:

    Okay, MY favorite part of the video was the ever-more-maniacal pitch your voice took on as you TRIED, OH LORD HOW YOU TRIED, to convince these children that bedtime was THRILLING! OMG I’m still laughing….

  27. allison says:

    So cute! And how do you get those videos on your site? They are so fun…I have a blog of my kids (but it’s password protected…I suppose I should let you see it since I can see yours…that sounds weird)…but I would love to post videos for the grandparents and such. If you ever find the time to let me know, I’d love it. Thanks!

  28. Joy H says:

    FUN STUFF….only b/c I live it daily with my littlest at 30mos. old. He is the biggest climber and doesn’t seem to understand that I can hear the chair sliding, ha!

    Just tonight my dh and I were lamenting the fact that they get BIG so fast

  29. Jennifer says:

    Damn you! You make me want another. And another. And another! And a kitchen with mint green walls.

  30. Jen says:

    They really are adorable - definitely a survival mechanism! Mine is currently ’sleeping’ (in the very loosest, screamiest meaning of the word), and I think he is probably saying ‘NO’ in his language at the mo! I may well give in - the cuteness is too much at this age, and you have demonstrated it will just get worse….

  31. madre-terra says:

    Love this entry!!

  32. Brigitte says:

    Mine’s about the same age, you always manage to scare me with what she COULD be up to at any moment!

  33. Meg says:

    My future son-in-law is so freaking cute! Dang, he’s cute. Really cute. I’m dying of his cuteness over here…

  34. Mom101 says:

    This may sound horribly naiive, but I just love how in the midst of all those kids (something so foreign to me, of course), you take the time to really know each of them, to understand them and adore them. Not to mention the time to express it all beautifully to us.

  35. Nicki says:

    You remind me almost daily to stop and enjoy these last few moments of my kids babiness!!! Thank you.

  36. Darren McLikeshimself says:

    Ugh! He is such a sweet little guy!

  37. Bryanne Mayhew says:

    I wish most fervently there was a way to bottle baby giggles. It is by far the most infectious, happiest sound on earth. If it were combined with the shoes from the other day’s post, it would most certainly achieve world peace!

  38. Katie says:

    I love the baby giggles! Kelly had me replay the video half a dozen times, “awww, cute baby!” Thanks for the smile this morning and happy 21!

  39. carrien says:

    My two year old does the exact same thing when I ask her about bed, or anything else. PUll big adorable smile and giggle “no”, sometimes it works.

  40. Erika says:

    so adorable as usual I can so relate, my first is 25 months and my second is 4.5months. Lily is my hell on legs, gets into everything, and how she got on the counter is beyond me :X She too Hates bedtime, and will fight tooth and nail. Thank goodness my little one is easy, because man lily is HIGH MAINTANENCE!! But there is a reason they come out cute ;)

  41. Karen Rani says:

    Dylan says to tell you your little boy is cute. :)

    I think Dylan is very right. Again.

    Love Karen

  42. Suzanne says:

    You’re lying! He can’t possibly be that old! He’s gorgeous. You make gorgeous babies.

  43. Heather says:

    Laughing at Mir’s comment because I too was also laughing at your enthusiasm. Miles almost looked a little confused when you first asked him if he wanted to go to bed. Your tone sounded so fun, yet it was regarding bed time. I think that was the reason for the steady stream of chuckling coming out of him at the end of the video . He was so thinking, “hahaha, this woman thinks she can fool me with her charm! hahahahaha!”

    OMG, the cuteness is unbearable. :)

  44. Rae says:

    The video is great, I love how they’re just not buying it. Also the particularness about food is so, so familiar. In our house it is mayhem if anything breaks. My FIG BAR IS FALLING APART!!!! I try to reason with them, but I think that “taste” is not a huge part of the equation.

  45. Meghan says:

    The PEANUT BUTTER PICTURE! That pretty much says it all. What a wonderfully perfectly mischeivious perfectly sweet little boy. So sweet!

  46. nabbalicious says:

    He is the sweetest. thing. EVER!