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2006 September

Home Improvement weekend continues

September 3, 2006

Who knew so many of you were circus folk like my husband! Honestly, I had no idea.

I painted a second and third coat of paint onto the mudroom walls today and it will stay, for now at least. Rob says he likes it, but it is difficult to tell if he really likes it or if he just doesn’t want me to paint it over because he wants to get the crown molding up and have the room done. Also, listening to my indecisiveness can drive a person crazy, or so I have been told. I am still uncertain about it.

But we have a list of 30 things to accomplish this weekend, so I can’t just stare and obsess over the room as much as I would like to. So far we have crossed 11 things off of the list.

Like this:

New light

As well as things that aren’t on the list, like this:

Playing in the box

And things that weren’t even on the list, but we did anyway, and then added them to the list so we could cross them off and feel more productive than we actually were. Like installing a dimmer switch for the new dining room light.


Conversation this morning:

Me: I am so tired. I have been so tired lately. I think something is wrong with me.
Rob: Like what?
Me: I don’t know. Some sort of sickness that is making me tired.
Rob: Like a sleeping sickness?
Me: Exactly!
Rob: And you don’t think staying up until 2am every night drinking vodka has anything to do with it.
Me: Absolutely not. Get it? Absolutely not.
Rob: Maybe you are still drunk.

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It’s a home improvement weekend

September 2, 2006

My favorite colors for painting walls in my house have names like toasted almond, cracked wheat, or warm oats. Yes, I realize that they aren’t actually colors at all, but rather are shades of white and off-white.

Recently I have been trying to be brave and venture out of my colorless comfort zone. Mostly I have been dragged out by my husband who, it would seem, is born from circus people. That is how much he loves color.

One of the things that was on my to do list was to repaint the mudroom/laundryroom. It was a nice calm Navajo White. Or it was when I first painted it. Now it is still Navajo white on the top 2/3 of the walls, but the bottom third is a mix of dirty fingerprints and scrubbed off paint. Because my children take the name mudroom a little too literally.

So today I was sitting in my breakfast room looking into the mudrom and decided that I would just go and buy paint today and paint the room a new color. Without consulting Rob I would pick a color, an actual real color, and paint the room.

At about 6:00pm while I was perched atop my step stool which was on top of a rubbermaid, because I would rather risk bodily injury than get out the stepstool. You could call me lazy, I don’t mind. Rob called and asked what I was doing.

“I am painting the mudroom.” I said.

“You are?”

“Yes and it isn’t white.”

“How is it going? What color is it?” he asked, a little shocked.

“Oh, you will never guess what color it is. Really, it’s going to be a surprise.”

“Is it white and you are being sarcastic?”

“No. It is a color. A very colorful color.”

“And I would never guess, huh? As long as it isn’t purple! Hahahahahaaa”


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And the prize is…

September 1, 2006

No one seems to care who actually was the one millionth person. (She posted and emailed me her screen shot.) But I have gotten a bunch of emails wondering what the prize is. I hadn’t mentioned what the prize was because I didn’t know myself wanted to make sure it was, you know, a surprise.

Here is the prize, try to contain your jealousy.

You can buy your own if you want by going to this link.

I was going to offer the same prize to any runners up. But then I found out the winner doesn’t live in the United States and it is going to cost me more to ship the prize than the prize is worth. Not that I am complaining because I am not. I love you all (imagine my arms making a sweeping gesture to encompass all of you here)

But now there isn’t going to be an “official” runner up prize. Because I enjoy using my money to buy things like shoes and Grey Goose. Oh and my new favorite, Absolut Citron.

I do however have an unofficial prize. When Darren came to visit me earlier this month he brought me a Nudie Girl pen. At first I was horrified, because HOW did they get a photo of my body and copy it onto the pen? But then I got over it, because really can you see yourself nude too much?

Anyway, the pen has since been kept up high in my kitchen cabinets because I have preteen boys in my house who don’t really need to spend time staring at a naked woman on their pen. Tipping the pen back and forth watching her bathing suit disappear. They would never get any school work done.

So, I am offerring the pen up as a consolation prize. If you think you can give the pen a home it so rightfully deserves, email me and it is yours.*

*offer limited to those living in the continental United States, m’kay?

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Younger Mother/ Older Mother

I have been both.

I am 37 years old with a 1 yr old.

I was 25 years old when my oldest was 1 yr old. (Which I realize in certain parts of the country is not considered young, but here, where I live, it is. People still ask me if my oldest children are my sibings. And I should probably admit that I am more tempted to say yes now than I was back then.)

I read a news story this past week that comapred older mothers to younger mothers and talked about the pros and cons of each choice. While I am not exactly what they were talking about in the story (a news story which I can no longer find online and think perhaps it must have been a dream), older meant putting off childbearing until you had already established a career and done things *other* than being a mother. I definitely notice a difference in how I parent now compared to how I parented when I was 25.

1) I am old and tired now, damn it. For example, I am much more likely to let them tear everything out of a cabinet, splash their watercolor paints everywhere, or play in a mud pit. The reason… it is entertaining them for a longer amount of time than it will take for me to clean it up later.

2) When I was younger I didn’t worry as much about my children’s safety. I mean I worried about the normal things like falling down the stairs, or being run over by a speeding car that happened to jump the curb and drive 100ft across my lawn and run us over, or being trapped in a car under water and not be able to break the window and free us. You know, normal fears.

Now that I am older, I find that I worry all the time that something is going to happen to my children. Perhaps as a result of facing my own mortality, or maybe my own craziness has just gotten the better of me. It’s hard to say.

3) I don’t worry about small stuff. I look at my almost 12 yr old and realize he doesn’t want to drink from a bottle, have me wipe his butt (in fact he would be horrified if he knew I even mentioned he had a butt), or sleep in bed with us. I figure eventually the youngest ones will feel the same.

4)I allow them to do more for themselves at a younger age. Did you know that 5 yr olds can be taught to make a pot of coffee? Yes they can. There isn’t anything overtly dangerous about it since it isn’t hot until you turn it on and that is supposed to happen after you are done with the grounds, water, and filter. We have had a few more broken glass carafes than I would like. But it is worth it. (See number 1 above)

5) I don’t worry as much about what other people think. When I was a younger mother I felt like I had to prove my competence. I see this in my niece who just had her first baby. She goes out of her way to prove how she is a perfect mother and needs help from no one. Now I am more than willing to let my children go out to the grocery store wearing combinations of pajamas, bathing suits, and tutus if it will make them happy. I am no longer up for fighting over things that don’t matter. And I no longer have the desire to be perfect. It took too much energy. (See number 1 above)

6) I forget things. Or it could be that my children have me convinced that I forget things with the way they constantly tell me, “But you said x,y,z yesterday.” And I am left scratching my head and wondering did I really say that I would buy him a motorcycle and let him build a ramp in the front yard for doing tricks.

I am sure that there are other things that are different bewteen how I am as a parent now and how I was when I was young(er). But all this typing has tired me out. I need a nap. Hopefully by the time I am done sleeping my 5 yr old will be finished juggling his hand grenades in the middle of the highway and be able to fix me some damn coffee.

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