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My retirement fund in the making

My retirement fund in the making

October 4, 2006

Last night right before dinner I ran outside to grab a water bottle I had forgotten in the car. Before I could even close the front door behind me, Miles was there dragging a full sized baseball bat and tee out the door. Woe to anyone who tries and take those away from him.

So I let him come outside and practice his hitting skills, in his underwear, in our front yard. We are nothing if not classy here. He has really slacked off on his practice schedule lately. We may have to start him on a steroid regimen should he keep up these lackadaisical habits. He is 21 months old now afterall.

And can I just say right now that I have the most annoying voice ever. God Lord woman, shut up.

As I put him to bed last night, we were doing our nightly dog and pony show. I tucked him in and turned on his little Kid Clips jukebox (which by the way is the best kid toy ever and I have no idea why they stopped making it). The song Kiss the Girl from the Little Mermaid came on. Every time I sang the sha-la-la-la-la-la part he would hold his finger up to his mouth and say “Shhhhhh.” Even though he was almost all the way asleep and had his eyes shut. I would be offended if it weren’t so darn funny. And of course I had to keep doing it through out the entire song despite his protests. And I wonder where my children get it from.

So now we just sit back and wait for the college scholarship offers to roll in.

Posted by Chris @ 7:56 am  

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  1. Jennifer says:

    Absolutely precious. I’m going to watch that all day. And also? He speaks really well for his age! And bats well too, but that was obvious.

  2. jeana says:

    Wow, he really is good! I love how fast your older son jumps out of the way before Miles swings. Hope he didn’t learn that the hard way.

  3. meritt says:

    I think your voice is awesome. A nice ‘friendly’ voice! I guess you must never ever yell at your kids huh?


  4. meredith says:

    He’s going to look cute in a major league uniform.

  5. madre-terra says:

    Thank god you have that strapping young man to replace the ball every time.
    Your voice is uber friendly…oh….I think it’s time for you to go into dinner now honey.
    Lovely video.

  6. Jen says:

    Aww too cute! He has amazing hand-eye coordination too (and ditto with the talking thing). This kid will keep you in your old age… :D

  7. Nicki says:

    I’ve just realized how far behind my husband and I are. We’d better get that basketball goal back out. Our four year old needs to pracatice his skills so he can help us retire early and in style. But seriously, how precious, and how sweet. Both of them. I’m thinking that you have some seriously sweet and cute kids!!

  8. T in HD says:

    Wow, you have been allowing that little guy to slack off. I mean, he’s almost as tall as the tee now!

    I *hate* my voice on video. I make a point of not speaking when the video is running unless it absolutely can’t be avoided and then I speak as quietly as I can. I’ve even been known to edit my voice out. I just cringe hearing myself. Is that really what everyone else hears??

  9. Mir says:

    Bwahahahahaha, that was totally awesome. I heart Miles.

  10. Debbie says:

    Boss and Jaws just watched this with me. They have grins from ear to ear. Boss is ahhing at the little boy and Jaws wants him to be his friend… they are very impressed by the batting skills and I will now have to take them in the garden with a cricket bat so that they can have a go… UK style ;)

  11. Diane says:

    Good heavens, that child has a great swing! And right or left handed, to boot. I may have to start going to baseball games when he makes the major leagues.

  12. Heather says:

    Oh boy, another baseball fan! :)

    So glad I watched this, this morning! Just envision smiles across my face. He is beyond adorable and I love his little baby knees in his onesie!

  13. Salsa Queen says:

    Love the fact that Miles has big brother so well trained to place the ball at such a young age! And he’s gonna be a switch hitter besides! Yay Miles! Although this only means more wonderful days (and nights) of Chris having to be at baseball games. Not so yay!

  14. Bre says:

    I especially love how his older brother keeps correcting the way he’s holding the bat! Gotta get it right! :)

  15. wookie says:

    Wow. Your kids are gorgeous (but you already knew that). I can’t believe how coordinated he is at 21 months! At 18 months mine has just now mastered picking something off the floor while standing without falling over. I’m not quite ready to hand her a bat just yet ;-P

  16. nabbalicious says:

    He is the most adorable thing ever! And I’m way impressed with that swing. I still don’t have that hand-eye coordination.

    And your voice is NOT annoying! It’s very friendly and sweet!

  17. Erika says:

    wow a switch hitter! Look out jason varitek! Hes super cute, and your older son is so sweet!

  18. leatitia says:

    O.M.G. He’s so cute. Overload!!!

    He’s good at hitting that ball (and, wow, his big brother is PATIENT with a big P). At one point, I thought you were going to receive one right in the face like in one of those America’s Funniest Videos. Not that I wish it had happened or anything…

  19. meg says:

    Wow, that is one talented kid!!!

  20. Jodi says:

    That is soooo cute! I loved the “No my turn!” remark. LOL

    And I don’t think your voice was annoying at all.

  21. Patricia says:

    First, he’s too cute not to be totally eaten up!
    Second, I’ve never seen the bat in the armpit method of batting, but it must work. Next time I’m up to bat, I’m going to have to try it, since I suck with my current method.
    Thirdly, you just gotta love how focused he is — no your turn, no dinner, just more baseball! That’s great dedication in one so young — must be great parenting ;)

    Totally adorable video!!!

  22. Kari says:

    So cute! And coordinated. I have seen 5 year olds that don’t hit that well off of a tee. But then he has probably watched lots of baseball games, right?

  23. Dana says:

    I was waiting for the ball to smash into the camcorder and break the lens at the end. ;-)

    I thought big brother replacing the ball was just as precious as the little guy hitting it.

  24. Cooksonmom says:

    I LOVE this! And for the record, those are NOT underwear, that IS an outfit and it is perfectly OK for your child to wear that OUTFIT outside, or to the mall, or whereever I, ahem, I mean you, might be going!! :0

    And your voice is NOT annoying, you can tell that you are smiling from ear to ear!!

  25. merry mama says:

    Thanks.What a great way to start the day.

  26. Jennifer says:

    Um… he’s awesome. I was impressed he could even lift that bat (dude, those things are heavy), let alone make contact with the ball most of the time! Two of those hits were out of the park! I would not be surprised if a scout showed up at your door :) Your 21 m.o. son is better at baseball than I was when I played IN SIXTH-EIGHTH GRADES!!

  27. Gretchen says:

    He is so cute I don’t know how you have not eaten him up already. Remember those videos of Tiger Woods at 3yo? File this one away for 18 more years, and we’ll be seeing it on tv!

  28. Playdate Susan says:

    Oh my god, I am dead from the cuteness.

  29. Beth says:

    What a sweet boy, and what a loving older brother to replace the ball every time. Good stuff. :-)

  30. Robbin says:

    As I watched this my little gal, who is the same age as Miles, was on my lap. I think it is safe to say she hearts Miles. We had to watch it several times. And no, we are not a Presley-run household. At least not all the time. I have a picture of her on my blog.

  31. Gillie says:

    Such cute boys; big brother is such a good helper!

  32. Wendy says:

    Loved the video. I really liked that your older son kept replacing the ball and then ducking out of the way. I dont know why that amused me, because it seems as though Miles knew not to swing until his older brother was out of the way.

    Those boys better take care of you when you are older. All the work you do with the baseball games.

    I am currently looking for my 8 mos old son’s hidden talent. I dont think flirting with the girls’ will get him far, but you never know.

    Really enjoyed the video. Had a smile the whole time I watched it.

  33. Karmyn R says:

    Okay - I just witnessed the first swings of the next GREAT baseball player - homerun king Miles!!! Too cute! - and even better, he can say he learned it all from his mom and older brother “They were there to support me in the beginning. I owe it all to them. Thanks Mom”

    Of course - this will be after he gets his Ph.D! hee hee

  34. Kristie says:

    How stinkin’ cute is that kid??? And seriously, he’s pretty coordinated. My daughter played t-ball two years ago and didn’t have a swing that promising at age four. And he’s a switch hitter to boot!

    Thanks for sharing!

  35. Maliavale says:

    Oh, that totally made my day. Especially when the bat gets away from him and almost topples him over backwards. Hee!

  36. Christy says:

    Awesome! He’s so cute & his brother so kind - it makes me smile! :)

    Yeah, hate my voice on video also. Yours sounds fine to me - not annoying at all. Don’t know what it is about having your voice played back to you - its just weird. :)

  37. Lilly says:

    Miles is so cute and talented!!!! and his older brother is so kind.
    Your voice sounds happy!

  38. Lisa M. says:

    BRAWWK! (That was me, parroting everything that everyone else just said!) He is adorable and I was in awe of the sweetness of Big Bro, replacing the ball over and over again, without saying, “Mooooommmmmmm, can we go iiiinnnnn noooooowwwwww?” (I’m sure that you NEVER hear that, right?)
    Oh, and I think that everyone on the face of the earth hates the sound of their voice…unless one is an actor…or a politician….all us normal people, I mean!

  39. Lisa M. says:

    Just had to wonder and laugh at the fact that I just put myself in the “normal people” catagory!

  40. Lisa M. says:

    OMGoodness!! I just realized that the link to my blog was wrong!!!!!!! OH NO! I’ve been sending others to the WRONG PLACE!! How embarassing…what if that other person is a total freak and everyone (all 3 people who have actually clicked on my name!) think it’s me! Oh, the shame.
    OK, I’ll stop hijacking your comments section!

  41. Julie says:

    LOVED the video! Your son and my youngest are kindred spirits. Max wears his glove and a batting helmet all the time, even into stores. He tromps around in his brothers’ muddy cleats outside, ’bout 9 sizes too big. And the aluminum bat has clanked into much more that batting tees! Thanks for the video. I’m happy to see other baseball obsessed toddlers out there!

  42. jodi y. says:

    I had to laugh when you kept repeating “is it my turn now?” My daughter can make me crazy asking the same question over and over. I try to do it back to her hoping she’ll find it annoying, but she just smiles and answers me every time! So much for reverse psychology!!!

  43. Elizabeth says:

    How have you not eaten Miles right up already? Those dimpled knees and those cheeks!

    I love that the bat is bigger than he is. And near the end of the video when you’re zooming in a little, he has this smile on his face like he thinks he’s really putting one over on you by saying “No” to your questions. What a charmer!

  44. Alissa says:

    Oh Chris! He’s just so stinking cute! Makes me want a herd of boys.

  45. peepnroosmom says:

    What a cutie. I love the “my Toorn”.
    I think your voice is fine.
    My voice on the other hand sounds awful to me and I try to NEVER talk when the recorder is running.
    Thanks for the smiles today.

  46. Dy says:

    I always wanted to sing to my babies. Sadly, it made them cry - every single one of them. And when they were toddlers, precious little toddlers, they would burst into tears and scream, “NO! Mommy!! Noooooooo!” when I tried to sing. Daddy gets to sing, and he sings things like Rawhide. I thought, perhaps, it was my choice of songs, but no. It’s me. They won’t even let me get past “Rollin’, rollin’, rollin’” before they bolt from the room.

    Actually, they won’t even let me do voices when I read stories. The younger ones cry. The older ones interrupt with, “Um, Mom, could not do that… mmm, thing… with your voice, please?” Eh, at least they’re polite in their utter rejection of my gifts.


  47. a suburban housewife says:

    I love toddlers in onesies. So cute! And I really enjoy the way your son already knows how to hit left-handed and right-handed at such a tender age!

  48. Lawanda says:

    I’m sorry you do not have the most annoying voice ever. I do! Very cute lil slugger! ;)

  49. carrien says:

    Okay, Miles is cute. But his brother has got to be the sweetest older brother ever to keep loading the ball for him.

  50. Mom101 says:

    I heard you address what, 800 women? I can assure your readers that your voice is not annoying in the least. But an aluminum bat? Really? Go for the wood, baby, if you want him fielding offers in 16 years!

  51. rachel says:

    love your voice, sounds like a good friend talking. Love Miles. And what an awesome older brother.

    Boooooo on videos that make my 6yo think that baseball is a good sport to try next!

  52. Fold My Laundry Please says:

    I hate to tell you this, but your baseball years have been extended indefinitely. Have fun sitting on the bleachers!

  53. Melessa says:

    One of my son’s first full sentences to me was “No tinging!’ as I sang to him one night. Of course, that just made me sing much louder…

  54. Suebob says:

    That video is going to look great on SportsCenter in 25 years.

  55. Elizabeth says:

    Oh, I laughed out loud to realize you are in for more baseball, more baseball, more baseball! Does your delightful daughter go for T-ball too?

    I think my voice sounds horrible on all of the recordings where I’m talking with my kids when they are little. But, I’ve been complimented on my speaking voice on my answering machine. And, I had one child who would quiet down to hear me sing and another who hushed me every. single. time.

  56. Meagan says:

    Kudos to big brother who seems to have an endless amount of patience. So fun! Thanks for sharing.

  57. eko says:

    Totally cute! I love how big brother keeps loading the balls, and the slight wiggle to the camera actually made me feel like I was a toddler - kinda wobbly but still holding my (his) own ;-)

    You’ve a great voice - you are too hard on yourself! (coming from someone who can be the same way)

  58. Trish says:

    Cutest thing ever!

    And he has way more coordination than I do. :) Those college scholarships are going to come rolling in any day now.

  59. HG says:

    He’s too cute :)

    And I hear you on the Kid Clips.

  60. nextcommercial says:

    “No! My durn”

    Love the determination on his face. I think I saw a little pride creep in a few times too.

    “Ball Ball!”

  61. Tiffany says:

    Precious! I am so impressed with the older brother. How sweet of him to keep putting the ball back on the tee. My kids would have done that for their little sister for about 60 seconds. Then they would want their turn. How did you raise such a selfless son?

  62. InterstellarLass says:

    Gah! The video isn’t coming up for me. Damn firewall. I’ll be back to watch later.

    My sister, brother and I went swimming in our underwear and bandanas (for my sister and I) in a little plastic pool. We were classy too.

  63. MomofAllTrades says:

    What a doll! I think we should arrange for Miles and J’s wedding right now. She’ll throw, he can hit, happily ever after, amen! LOL

  64. Liz says:

    Okay- seeing this makes me want to have another one. Damn you! We were going to stop at one.

    *must overcome maternal instincts…*

    *whew* I’m over it!

    Pretty dang cute, too!


  65. Joy H says:

    BEYOND CUTE!! He could give some 5yos. I know lessons; you hit the BALL, not the tee! What a great big brother too!

  66. Brigitte says:

    I’m getting no sound (maybe it’s a firewall thing?) but I have to concur, toooo cute - and there’s no way my 23-month-old daughter could do that, she’d get herself in the head with the bat first, then want ME to hit the ball for her!

  67. cheeriobutt says:

    You’re funny!
    I like the humor you throw on the mothering! Thank you! You are my strenghth.
    By the way on the “Instruction manual” post,
    I just wanted to say “ditto”. I like you. You rock! :)