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Love is…

Love is…

October 19, 2006

Making your mother a yellow pipe cleaner and plastic bead necklace.


Love is wearing it, proudly.


It’s Love Thursday again.

Posted by Chris @ 10:45 am  

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  1. Cheryl says:

    Yep! That’s love for sure. :)

  2. Tuesday says:

    I have about 40 of those necklaces and I wear them with the love that it was given to me, every day.

  3. Robbin says:

    I love that! Wearing it is the equivalent to a medal of honor!! You are one loved mommy!

  4. shaz says:

    that’s the sign of a good mom! :)

  5. Pastormac's Ann says:

    Love, indeed!

    Hey, it looks pretty good! At least it’s not made of sticky Cheerios!

  6. Lisa says:

    Love, for sure. And it flatters your cleavage nicely!

  7. Jonathon says:

    Awesome! Best necklace ever!

  8. Karen Rani says:

    I heard yellow pipe cleaners were all the rage anyway. :) Very cute!

  9. peepnroosmom says:

    I love your necklace. :)

  10. Julie Q. says:

    Other things I wear with pride: cub scout pins, funky braids and 14 clips in my hair after my son is done with it, extra bandaids on my freckles because another son is concerned they look like owies, and no matter what I’m wearing, I accessorize with a lovely patch of baby spitup over my right shoulder. Mommy fashion rules!

  11. meg says:

    Dang, I fell off the Love Thursday train! Shoot. I’ll get back on.

    I love the necklace. Think they’d make a future in-law one? Your youngest owes me, for real, after that kick-ass hat and scarf combo. ;)

  12. Cathy C says:

    Totally cool.

  13. Jen says:

    best fall fashion I’ve seen! All the best gifts are home-grown. Happy Love Thursday!

  14. kris says:

    Love-ly, Chris.

  15. kasey says:

    Beautiful! My (waaaay) little sister used to make me some and they were “spy necklaces” that made me invisible to everyone but her, cool huh?!!!

  16. Kristi says:

    My favorite is the interwoven pipe cleaners worn as a bracelet. Yes, I wear them with love.

  17. Kay says:

    I can’t wait till my baby makes me one of those as well.

    Happy LT! Mine’s up!

  18. ambien says: