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not sure if it is love or insanity

not sure if it is love or insanity

October 19, 2006

Seven tie dye shirts.

Tie dye insanity

We did this at our homeschool co-op today. I am definitely not crazy enough to allow my children to do tie dye in my own house. I am hyperventilating at the mere thought.

They are purple because the children were finishing up a unit study on the ancient land of Canaan (Phoenicia) where sea snails were used to dye the clothing of the wealthy and powerful. It took something like 20,000 snails to produce an ounce of purple dye. I wasn’t paying all that much attention during the lesson instead trying to keep small children away from the caustic purple dye.

Miles is the only one who expressed his displeasure at being forced to pose in his purple shirt. The other kids were thinking it.

Posted by Chris @ 9:49 pm  

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  1. Daisy says:

    This is beautiful. You need to display this when Miles graduates from high school — or when he gets married. It’s priceless.

  2. Erika says:


  3. Elena says:

    Cool! Your kids look great! And isn’t that the reason for homeschool co-ops–to give your children the opportunity to do all those things that you’d never allow them to do at home?!! I actually got our co-op to agree to do a class of biology dissections; I am *so happy* not to have deceased animals and that fermeldahyde smell in my kitchen!

  4. Cheryl says:

    Really cute! and I’ve love to know what big sister is thinking as she looks over at her agonized little brother. :)

  5. Elizabeth says:

    Aww, poor Miles. The inhumanity of being forced to wear a purple shirt that matches everyone else’s shirts is obviously too much for him.

  6. kigogal says:

    What a great photo! Did you notice the shadow of the wintery twiggy tree in the window of the door? Really lovely. And your kids are just among the cutest I’ve ever seen! (I was frequently forced to wear dresses covered in Ric Rac that matched my little sisters. Lots of tears. Lots.)

  7. Lilly says:

    First of all, your kids are beautiful as always and second of all, tie dye is actually beautiful stuff. Look at the neck area of your handsome oldest son and the other patterns… Miles is usually such a happy photo subject. I’m a little suspicious of what might be happening behind his back. What might the innocent looking young man in the center be doing?

  8. GuinnessGirl says:

    hee! That is too cute! Frankly, I like the lavender, er, purple. It reminded me of a 12-year-old-ish boy I once saw in a t-shirt that said “Real Men Wear Pink”.

  9. Heather says:

    All I could think was - That little girl is sooooo lucky - no boy better EVER mess with her in a few years - if she can’t handle them herself (after ruling over all those boys) then she has a multitude of “bouncers”!

  10. Karen Rani says:

    Awwww…I love how your one son is attempting to comfort Wailin’ Willie there Chris! (All the while posing for GQ.)

  11. Kristie says:

    You know, I’ve made my kids wear matching tie-dye t-shirts before when we go to places like an amusement park, or the airport. It’s so much easier to spot when one of them wanders off! I probably *wouldn’t* suggest wearing these lovely lavendar shirts to a monster truck pull, or rodeo, or anything like that. While I personally think they are wonderful, I’m not so sure your boys would agree in any sort of testosterone-filled environment. :)

  12. jennster says:

    could you have CUTER kids?!?!?! honestly. how does one birth so many beauties>!??!

  13. Suebob says:

    What a fine young bunch of hippies you have!

  14. InterstellarLass says:

    I love how his brother is comforting him.

    Today, as soon as my daughter got home, my son started to torment her. I wish they were sweet to each other.

  15. Lilly says:

    That is nice that his big brother is comforting him…

  16. Finelly says:

    Too cute!

  17. adwina - insparenting.com says:

    Priceless picture, Chris!
    You’re absolutely awesome..
    Your cute children are even more.. :)

  18. M says:

    I think this is the first time I’ve ever seen them all together. They couldn’t be any more adorable! I love it!

  19. Deb says:

    LOL - more twilight-zone… http://www.notsheep.net/2006/07/09/neat-and-tie-dy/

    The shirts look great, and so do the kids. BTW tie-dye isn’t at all messy if you do the washing-machine kind :-)

  20. Brigitte says:

    I thought Miles’ brother was just holding him in place so Miles couldn’t run off before the picture was snapped, evil cynical me. I was thinking the blond sure got tall, then noticed he’s cheating - standing on the step! I like how your daughter looks (and has looked in past pictures) like she already knows she’s vastly superior to all these boy-creatures she is surrounded by.

  21. madre-terra says:

    So you wanted a family photo…LOL.
    You are collecting good “payback” for Miles’ prom date, wedding reception…the skies the limit.

  22. Christina says:

    Great picture! Sounds like such a fun activity, maybe when my 3 are older we’ll do that with some friends.

  23. Katie says:

    Poor Miles, the torture you put that boy through. ;)

  24. Sara says:

    You could start your own commune!

    What a great looking bunch. Ha! My 10 year old daughter just walked by and stopped in her tracks. She saw the pic and said “WHO is that?” while pointing to your oldest. Then she blushed, said no more and ran away.
    Apparently she seconds my opinion.

  25. Robbin says:

    What no smooshing snails to create the purple dye? What kind of homes skoooul mom are you??
    Darling picture and darling children!!

  26. cassie-b says:

    Excellent project. I bet those shirts will be treasured. And I hope the color doesn’t run.

    Cute picture. The little one crying finishes off the pose just right.

  27. Jen says:

    Adorable photo! How on earth did you get them to wear those shirts AND pose for a picture??
    Just a goofy observation: I noticed that you never mention any of your older children’s names (only Miles) is that on purpose? Just being nosey :)

  28. peepnroosmom says:

    Doesn’t love and insanity go hand and hand sometimes?

  29. Chris says:

    I am thinking Miles was probably thinking “For the love of God, WHY?!?” LOL…

  30. JustLinda says:

    There is a REAL EASY way to do tie-dye shirts in the washing machine. That’s how we do it here. SOOO easy, rit dye and a washer.

    Cute picture though!

  31. Kellie says:

    Your kids are BEAUTIFUL!! I so admire women such as you who have more than two. Not sure how you do it but, my hat is off to you :)

  32. Nikki says:

    I have to say that though I noticed your children are darling and thought the purple shirts were pretty cool, my first real thought was “that one little girl among all those brothers…she’s NEVER going to get to date!”.
    Thank you for sharing :)

  33. Sara says:

    There’s your Halloween costume dilemma, solved! They could wear those shirts and go as grapes. Or not…

  34. rachel says:

    I like them. And my purple girl is swooning.

    Did you guys squish snails for them, or cheat and buy the dye?

  35. kit says:

    Definitely love. That photo is so gorgeous it made me go aaaaah! even if the kids are hating posing they don’t show it. It looks like a happy loving family.

  36. jody2ms says:

    Ahh! The shirts are great!

    Love your sons arm around your daughter, and your other son comforting Miles. Too sweet.

  37. nabbalicious says:

    Hilarious picture!

  38. Lisa M. says:

    You know, you’d think that in a group of 7, there would be at least ONE slightly-less-than-gorgeous child, but there ISN’T!!! They are all just bee-t-yoo-ti-ful!! *sigh*

  39. Lisa M. says:

    Oh, and the dimples…you could just fall into all the DIMPLES!!! *clonk…passes out from the sheer cuteness of it all*

  40. wordgirl says:

    What??? Does’t the youngest like his shirt? Too cute!

  41. Darren McLikeshimself says:

    Ha! Oh, my God! That’s a picture for the mantle!

  42. Heather B. says:

    They are too freaking cute. Seriously.

  43. halloweenlover says:

    Aww man, so close to a holiday photo! You could have made a new statement, purple is the new “Merry Christmas”.

  44. Izzy says:

    OMG! That is the cutest photo! I used to belong to a preschool co-op when my daughter was much younger and one day we tie-dyed shirts at the park.