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now with more sugar

now with more sugar

November 1, 2006

We had no theme again this year. Most of the children wanted to be something that we already owned out of the vast amount of costumes we have accumulated over the years. Which was nice since I didn’t have to buy much.

humoring me with a photograph

So in descending age order we had a scary old hunchback guy. My oldest loved his costume, but it was difficult for him to see out of the eyeholes and therefore he had a hard time navigating the walkways and doorways up to the houses. It was also hot inside of it, and considering that it was an unseasonably warm 65 degrees outside, that was not a welcome thing.

Then we had Indiana Jones, whose accessories include a bullwhip, a leather jacket, and an overpriced hat from Orvis.

Darth Vadar wore his same costume from last year. Only the light saber needed to be replaced. The one from last year was damaged in battle.

Then we had a skeleton. Though he didn’t want to wear the mask or the gloves because it was too hot with those on. So in reality he looked more like someone standing behind an xray machine than a skeleton.

Next there was Zorro. His key accessory, aside for them too small hat or the too large head depending on how you look at it, was his sword. In fact as I type this it is 7:00 am and he is wearing the hat and swinging the sword around. One of those things I just know it isn’t going to end well.

Then the tooth fairy princess who carries a sword to knock the teeth out of the mouths of bad people. Yes, that is what she called herself, because surprisingly everyone asked her why a princess would be carrying a sword. I wanted to coach her to answer, “The better to stab you with.”

And then there was Mickey Mouse, who pushed bigger kids out of the way and grabbed fists full of candy at every house.

getting ready to go out

This year was uneventful, unlike last year we didn’t lose anyone. Also, unlike last year, we did not get any wine. Perhaps these two things are related.

I was disappointed, I’ll admit it. Where was my treat, dammit? Next year I am bringing my own,possibly drinking it right out of a paper sack. Let the neighborhood talk.

Trick or treating at the funeral home though… that made it all worth it

trick or treating at the funeral home...awesome

Yes, there is a funeral home in our town and they had a “dead” body in a coffin in front of it. There was fake smoke and the body would suddenly pop up and grab at people.

trick or treating at the funeral home... the dead body pops up

It was awesome. And terribly frightening if you were under twelve.

Once they began really complaining about the heat, their thirst that was so great it threatened to kill them right there on the spot, and the weight of their candy bags it was time to go home. because if you are complaining about carrying your candy, you surely have enough.

some of the take

After they ate all they could manage without vomiting on themselves, they had fun swinging their glowsticks around their heads in the dark tv room. They were having such a good time, that I let it continue even though it was against my better judgement. Inevitably someone got hit across the head with one. They in turn retaliated against the wrong person. And it spiraled downward from there. I could only witness it by the light of the glow sticks, which was fine.

That was the signal to send everyone to bed.

And that was the signal for me to pilfer the candy bowl.

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  1. Danielle says:

    It sounds like Miles and Middle Child have the same attitude when it comes to trick or treating. Outta my way, there’s candy to be had!

  2. Lilly says:

    Gosh, what a creative group of kids. Love all the costumes… (although young Mickey takes the cake for adorableness.)

  3. Keri says:

    But OF COURSE princesses carry swords! Love that girl! ;) I’m sure you’ve heard this over and over but your kids are A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E.!!! =)

  4. Playdate Susan says:

    Oh, glow sticks. It’s fun until someone loses an eye. And someone always does.

  5. jm says:

    [I could only witness it by the light of the glow sticks, which was fine.]

    That line made me unexpectedly laugh out loud and I woke Aaron up (whoops!) Those kids are so unbelievably cute! Every single one and my heart just burst for the sword-wielding tooth fairy and Mickey. Ooooh! The dimples! So squEEzable.

    I like the paper bag idea. First night I have to go out with the kid, it’s a bottle of schnapps in a brown paper bag for me!

  6. meritt says:

    That little orange goody bag with the pumpkins on it? That was from me! I guess ya’ll came to my house and I didn’t even recognize ya. :)

    *yes I know you live 1500 miles away - but I really did give out those goody bags. LOL*

  7. Gwen says:

    Oh, that floor covered in candy reminds me so much of my childhood. 7 kids trick-or-treating certainly has its advantages. My mom always made us all put it in one big pile and then she redistributed it evenly for us. The 3rd child always had Halloween candy left at Christmas time.

  8. Julie Q. says:

    I love how each costume has to have its companion weaponry (except for the skeleton who needs flesh for that kind of thing, the hunchback who’s obviously tall enough to intimidate and Mickey who can just use brute force and dimple-power to get his way). Darth would fit right in at our house this year — we did all Star Wars costumes.

  9. Maddy says:

    To be brutally truthful my two boys costumes were pathetic really, which could explain why your children were able to build a mountain of candy and my two have almost polished their miniscule pile off, apart from the crapy bits of candy from the mean people who “don’t celebrate”. I know, who on earth doesn’t celebrate?

  10. falwyn says:

    Naturally she needs a sword. To kill the dragon with, of course. But only bad dragons. That would be my daughter’s explanation…

  11. Jennifer says:

    The costumes are awesome. My favorite has to be Young Indiana because he actually does look like the Young Indiana Jones. And hey, he’s consistent from one year to the next (aside from the hat), and the importance of Halloween consistency should not be underestimated. Although if that Mickey Mouse came knocking at my door I might have to keep him. The dimples! Dimples + plush costume = irrestible.

  12. Jennifer says:

    The costumes are awesome. My favorite has to be Young Indiana because he actually does look like the Young Indiana Jones. And hey, he’s consistent from one year to the next (aside from the hat), and the importance of Halloween consistency should not be underestimated. Although if that Mickey Mouse came knocking at my door I might have to keep him. The dimples! Dimples + plush costume = irrestible.

  13. Jennifer says:

    oops. sorry!

  14. T in HD says:

    That last bit about the glowsticks cracked me up. My kids whip them around, too, and the best I can manage is a lame “you’re gonna hit someone else or yourself if you’re not careful” which is, of course, ignored but I feel obliged as their mother to point it out to them. The only way to prevent them swinging them about until someone gets whacked with on would be to not allow them to play with them at all (also something I’ve considered). Let’s face it, they just *can’t* play with those things without using them as some sort of weapon!

    Looking at that stash of candy makes me soooooo glad we don’t do Halloween over here (the shops are attempting to get people into the idea but it hasn’t really caught on, I think because we have Fasching in February which also involves dressing up and parties). I am constantly battling the ridiculous amounts of candy that get brought in the house and Easter and Christmas are nightmarish enough as it is. To actually send the kids out to collect more of the stuff???? LOL, no thank you!

  15. T in HD says:

    P.S. The princesses in this house *always* carry swords. My youngest started teething on them before she could walk! ;-)

  16. carol says:

    Thanks again from Australia. Your discription of celebrating Halloween has been really interesting.
    Just goes to show that kids all over the world are the same.

  17. Amah says:

    We had a “floor” that looked much the same until I finished tossing the 1. stuff that the girls opened while walking 2. stuff that wasn’t sealed well and 3. stuff that I like (hehe). The rest fit into my “treat bag” and as these are all still really small - they can’t see it - so they don’t miss it. They haven’t the attention span to remember that they got much more than they’ve eaten. I fixed the “leftover candy” problem here tho’. I went to the “Party Store” and got party favors. Slide whistles, plastic sunglasses, squirt guns etc and that is what I (and the kids) handed out. Of course I had to raid the kids’ bag for candy for the teens but . . . they don’t know that!!

    Wonderful pics and, as always, wonderful recap of your evening. I sure wish I had your life (and the 20+ fewer years to go with it). Mine is so mundane!!

  18. cowmomba says:

    You did have a theme after all! “TV and Movie favorites”. They all looked great.

  19. Gretchen says:

    So cute! I hope they are feeling that all the suffering was worth the haul. OMG at the funeral home coffin, I would have screamed! LOL

    By the way, we “don’t celebrate” either. We don’t turn our porch light on, so if someone is greedy enough for more candy that they will come up a dark walk to get it, then they are lucky if they get anything at all. They didn’t get anything here, because we ate it all by last Friday LOL.

  20. Meg says:


  21. Kate says:

    All your kids look great,I love the Indiana jones costume.

    As usual I love your blog. Thanks for sharing

  22. jody says:

    They all look so great.

    We had another hay ride this year, going house to house. I did BYOB in a festive, plastic halloween cup! The car pulling had a cooler with soda and beer in it. It was hilarious.

  23. Susan says:

    Your kids look adorable. And I am dying over the sword-carrying tooth fairy!

  24. emily says:

    very cute costumes; i think the sword for the princess can be explained in one word; brothers. :)

  25. liz says:

    Best line in this altogether fabulous post? “…if you are complaining about carrying your candy, you surely have enough.”

  26. halloweenlover says:

    Your tooth fairy is too clever!

  27. nabbalicious says:

    Holy crap, that “body” would have scared the poop out of me, and I’m well over twelve!

    Otherwise, sounds like an awesome Halloween. Got any candy left??

  28. Sarah says:

    65 dgrees!!!?? Atleast it wasn’t 35 degrees with a wind chill that had to be below zero like it was here, in balmy central Iowa. Yes, I still took the kids trick or treating but only until my face froze completely (about 15 minutes).
    By the way I love the pictures! Too cute!

  29. kigogal says:

    Chris - I know that in the past you’ve encountered rude people in public who say weird things about seeing 7 children all at once, but can I just be one to say — “YOU ARE SO LUCKY!” You just have darling children and my fiance and I hope to have a large family someday, too, and I love reading your blog and hearing about your life and the house remodel and all those wonderful, darling children.!!!!!!! I know there are good times and bad, but judging from my friends with 1 and 2 kids, they have those days, too. I like the idea of sharing my good and bad days with a big, full family. Best wishes to you!!!!

  30. creative-type dad says:

    Princess swords…cool!

  31. Everything for Kids says:

    Everything for Kids…

    I couldn’t understand some parts of this article, but it sounds interesting…