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november… striving towards a goal

november… striving towards a goal

November 2, 2006

November used to just be the month that had Thanksgiving. A month where the days got shorter and shorter and you would just feel like hibernating and eating pumpkin pie.

But then, there was NaNoWriMo. A goal… write a novel in a MONTH!

Then came NaNoBloMo. A goal for those with slightly less aspirations… a blog post a day!

Now, NaNoShoMo. A goal… for the rest of us.


My new running sneakers propped up on the table after I thought about running in them. Just kidding. I didn’t think about it at all. Note that I also have on my yoga pants, and no I have never actually done yoga.

I just like to dress up like someone who has athletic aspirations.

Posted by Chris @ 8:37 pm  

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  1. Wendy says:

    I like those shoes. Now, I have more fun to look forward to besides NaBloPoMo. Maybe I can find some shoes I like.

    Do you have anything that would go with jeans?

    And thanks, I added another blog to my growing list.

  2. Chris says:


    You have to ask Susan at Friday Playdate your shoe fashion questions. Seriously, I will be this months What Not to Wear compared to her.

  3. stephanie says:

    i too like to dress up in athletic clothes even though i never intend on “exercising”. i consider them “dress up clothes” for grown-ups.

    i have never commented but you make me laugh outloud on a daily basis.

  4. Playdate Susan says:

    You’re so cute! I’m also wearing yoga pants, but I’m drinking wine in them, not doing yoga. Still relaxing, but not so hard!

    And yes, Internet, show us your shoes!

  5. Fold My Laundry Please says:

    Isn’t yoga really more about you state of mind than physical exertion anyway?

    I could do a picture of my shoes every day for November, but I only have maybe 4 pair and only 2 that I wear in winter. Maybe it could be like one of those videos where someone takes a picture of themeselves every day for a certain amount of time. I could string the pics of my shoes into a video showing them slowly falling apart over the course of November!

  6. Jordana says:

    When I start wearing my yoga pants (that also have never, ever been near actual or pretend yoga) too often, it inspires my husband to buy me new, nicer pajamas. Not that I stop wearing the old, ratty yoga pants, of course.

  7. Maliavale says:

    YAY! Asics! I was just about to take a picture of the pair I’m wearing now and post them to the Flickr group. Woot.

  8. Paula West says:

    You Rock! I frequently get mocked by my lovely husband. Which I respond with a “What? I’m outsy doorsy - aren’t I?” I could spend my last dollar in REI ;-)

  9. Julie Q. says:

    I have to ask…is this like a product placement for the Silk Soy Milk? Because it’s just too perfectly placed with the label showing next to the great running shoes and yoga pants. Couldn’t you have a bag of twizzlers lying on the table instead?

  10. Chris says:


    Honestly I put my feet up on the table next to my laptop and snapped the photo. The kids were eating their breakfast at the time which is why the milk and cereal are on the table.

    That makes me sounds so rude now, putting my shoes up on the table as my children eat.

  11. bonnie says:

    I own no yoga pants, but I practice and teach yoga for a couple of hours every day. I prefer leggings. I wear flip-flops all winter long, so my yoga toes can breathe and feel the ground.

    How I wish you would try yoga, Chris. It builds strength, flexibility, and balance to the body and mind. Also, it makes mothers of many feel calm, centered, sensual, and grateful. Namaste!

  12. Jennifer says:


  13. Kbeans says:

    I don’t really know you guys, but this post has made me feel even more schizo. I have these horrid 10 year old Reeboks I wear in the winter, even with a new pair around here somewhere if I could only find them, a pair of flip flops that I love for summer, and then a collection of 4 inch Fredericks shit for Saturday night, plus I’m going back to work next week so must buy some flats or something…………At any rate, I can go from slob to slut in 10 seconds………..