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Perhaps I should reconsider the flannel lined jeans

Perhaps I should reconsider the flannel lined jeans

November 3, 2006

Hiking in the woods

Yesterday I went for a hike with the kids and our homeschool group. I was so cold I wanted to just cry at the thought of having to be cold for the next five months.

During the winter I am always cold. I keep my hands tucked up inside of my sleeves and ALWAYS wear shoes and socks in the house. Several times an hour I go and stand six inches away from the wood burning stove until my clothing feels like it might burst into flames.

My kids don’t seem to notice the cold at all, luckily, because I don’t think I could handle anymore whining than my own.

NoBloShoeMo: Day 2

Today I am wearing the quintessential mom shoe from LL Bean.

Mom shoes

Comfortable, predictable, boring shoes. And I love them more than I really should. I comfort myself by saying that at least I haven’t ventured into buying flannel lined jeans.

(And I feel the need to point out that I am not wearing some sort of straight leg high water jeans. I was trying to hold them up over my shoes so that more than the toe of the shoe was showing.)

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  1. kate says:

    I know the cold feeling all winter. It is horrible!

  2. kasey says:

    come to Texas - we don’t get cold down here! :)

  3. Annika says:

    Oh, I hate to be cold! When I lived in New York (and later in Chicago) I wore that silk long underwear. It’s really lovely stuff.

  4. jennster says:

    do you have 30 different pairs of shoes?! that is my question

  5. Heather says:

    I WANT flannel lined jeans! And I am a couple states more southern than you (but still FARRRRRRR from the mason dixion! I HATE being cold - in fact you’re lucky I typed this post. My fingers are cold!

  6. Jen says:

    Better than flannel-lined…are the polar fleece lined jeans. You feel like your legs are taking a nice warm nap, all day long. Or something like that.

  7. rachel says:

    I want lined jeans for things like the freaking soccer game tomorrow. brrrrr…. I think I’m going to wear leggings under pants.

    Your shoes are a much snazzier version of my mom shoe-mocs.

  8. cristen says:

    i’m glad you said that about your jeans–i was a bit concerned…but i figured you were too cool to wear those kinds of jeans. speaking of, I’m off to watch “what not to wear…” for my child-free hour before collapsing into bed.

  9. Chris says:

    I looked at your shoe picture and for a moment I wondered how my feet got on the screen… I have the same LL shoes and I LOVE THEM! They are my feet’s best friends… They are about the only shoe that is comfortable on my big fat duck feet.

  10. Erika says:

    Rotf I was wondering about those jeans too… lol

  11. Lena says:


    I was acyually about to write and say
    “good Lord! woman, you’re way to young to be wearing “mom jeans” lol

    I thought you were wearing the dreaded “tapered leg” jeans.

    (straight legs are actually ok….tapered …no no!)

    I’m 44 , and I must sing the praises of the straight leg Levi’s 505’s for the woman who has had a kid or3 (or 7) they fit like a dream!!!

  12. Lena says:

    that woould be “actually”

    i’m way too old and blind for no spellcheck..:)

  13. kellie says:

    The shoes? LOVE THEM and HAVE THEM.
    I am repeatedly told they are awful and the husband calls them my ugly shoes.
    I have bought two pairs at a time while in freeport,ME filled with the thought that what if the minoins try to destroy themon me?
    Husband found the new in box pair on the closet shelf and told me please wear these the others are beat to death…I explained they were the ones for “special” occassions.
    like all else LL Bean they take a licking and keep on ticking.

    As a fellow North eastern’er..I to feel your pain with the cold..layers layers layers..LL’s silk long johns are a treat i also swear by…people think it is just a long sleeve t under a sweater and only me and LL know the truth!

  14. Carrie says:

    Um, that’s quite a comment…

    Don’t knock flannel-lined jeans till you’ve tried ‘em. Okay, I know they’re nerdy, but so warm! Now I’m thinking hmmm, fleece-lined?

  15. kellie says:

    can I just add that exploited seems a tad insane and might benefit from a flannel lined straight jacket.

  16. Mom101 says:

    You got the awesome crazy spam comment from White Trash mom’s commenter! He/she’s my new hero.

    And I say do the flannel lined pants. It’s sort of Kurt Kobain, no? Kinda?

  17. Mocha says:

    You’re wearing “mom shoes” and you expect us to believe that you don’t also have “mom jeans”? I’m going to need further proof, please.

    Show. Us. The jeans.

    Only cuz you have the most darling figure do I even ask. ;-)

  18. Chris says:

    I probably would do the flannel lined jean except they’d make my ass look five sizes larger. Which I suppose reveals my own vanity that I would rather be cold

    I hated to delete that crazy comment, but it was just too long.

  19. Mocha says:

    Oh. Best long underwear? Cuddl Duds.

    BEST. Evahhhhhh.

    I wait until it begins to thaw out to buy them on sale and even the sale isn’t really a great thing. They’re rather expensive and I hate that. I need to be warm, damnit.

    Warm and wearing cheaper Cuddl Duds.

  20. Mocha says:

    I was LOOKING for the crazy comment, too! I always miss the good stuff.

    Am I the new crazy commentor now that I have three up here?

  21. Kelly says:

    they might not be mom jeans, but is that a crease i detect in the right leg?

    i like those shoes, they look comfy.

  22. Stjernesol says:

    I’m also freezing… Spring will be here in Mai, that’s 6 months!

    Flannel underwear, jeans, jacket and linnen - sounds perfect, if you ask me ;)

  23. Brigitte says:

    I have learned to live with and accept the fatness of my ass (especially as I can’t see it), so I’d be all over the lined jeans if I could afford them! And when hubby complains about the ugliness of my shoes, I just cover my ears and sing “La la la la!” If he had his way, I’d run around in strappy black heels all year.

    The only time my feet get warm in the winter is when I take a bath . . . a few minutes out, even in my LL Bean fleece-lined slippers, and it’s back to coldsville . . . >whimper

  24. Cathy C says:

    I have almost the exact same shoes–mine are Easy Spirit. Love them. What I like better than jeans are my curdouroys (sp?) They are SO comfortable, and they keep me warm.

  25. Suebob says:

    You should come to California. We start whining when it gets below 55 degrees. We sit out in the sun, nice and warm, wondering how we are going to both pay our rent and eat this month…

  26. april says:

    So glad you explained the jeans. My first thought was, No Way! She can’t wear jeans like those! I know, I’m a snob. But, I love the shoes.

  27. liz says:

    Flannel lined jeans are nirvana.

  28. Gillian says:

    There is a fabric now that defies cold and is ‘incredibly soft’. The quotes are because we discovered the fabric in my grandson’s touch and feel book on the page which says exactly that. It was by far his favorite page. DD found me a top made out of it by a clothing company called World Republic Clothing Co and it is 100 % nylon. It is also in some footies I found at Costco. Then! She found be a throw blanket made of it from The Northwest Company — they use all caps but I didn’t want to shout. And now I am a happy Olympic Peninsula lady. My guy shares the throw during movies because it is very warm and ‘incredibly soft’. Hope you have hot cocoa.

  29. Paige says:

    I hate being cold, too. I heat up my “wheat bag”, which is basicaly–a bag filled with wheat, every night and take it to bed with me to keep my feet warm. My husband laughs and wonders how it is that I can have cold hands and feet even in a 70 degree house, but I tell him I have circulation issues.

    And I really like those comfy mom shoes!

  30. Jess says:

    I am always cold in the winter. I wear flannel jammies to bed each night with thick thick socks. My husband and I constantly fight over the setting of the thermostat. I like it at 70 and he keeps putting it down to 68. BURRRRRRR!!!!

  31. Coll says:

    Bought my first pair of fleece lined jeans.. and I am so happy and so warm. :-)

  32. ek says:

    I live in fleecie wear ALL winter. I LOVE winter, but the winds here are hellaciously fierce - and I no likey that so much.

    I never thought I would wear such warm clothing as I have over the last few years.

  33. Jo says:

    Oh, I detest the cold. Not ideal for life in Pennsylvania.

    And thank YOU for clarifying about your jeans. Really, I was scared for a moment. I knew you were way too cool to be wearing tapered (gasp!) jeans, but I really thought you were.

    Okay, the earth can continue to orbit the sun now. ;-)