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a picture is worth a thousand words, or at least a sentence or two

a picture is worth a thousand words, or at least a sentence or two

November 28, 2006

I was uploading my Thanksgiving photos last night and came across this one which made me laugh out loud. The way that my seven year old is looking at that dried out turkey. And also the fact that the only thing he has on his plate for dinner is a circle of cranberry sauce fresh from the can.

the look that says it all

Posted by Chris @ 3:02 pm  

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  1. Cathy C says:

    That poor kid! He looks so disgusted. When we were kids and went over someones house for dinner (usually a holiday or party) and the food was B-A-D, my parents would stop off at a McDonalds or Taco Bell on the way home so that we wouldn’t starve to death.

  2. Chris2 says:

    That is why I love to host the dinners. I love leftovers and abhor dried out turkey. He looks so sad. Hopefully he found something else to eat besides cranberry sauce. Too cute!

  3. Novaks8 says:

    They love Momma’s cooking.

    My daughters only ate ham.

  4. Lianna says:

    He’s not liking that dried turkey much… heh If the food is bad, I usually just don’t eat and wait til I get home to cook my own food.

    BTW: Your boys are so nicely dressed! Very handsome! (:

  5. MamaGeph says:

    Wow! Your oldest is getting really tall!

    I’m a side dish person, myself. Stuffing, mashed potatoes, and rolls. A perfect starchfest!

  6. Personal Chef to 2 says:

    Beats my picky son’s dinner … he ate egg noodles and *a* chicken nugget for Thanksgiving Dinner. Turkey has never touched his lips, even as a toddler. He’s almost 5!

    Poor kid. Maybe you can host Thanksgiving next year when you kitchen is done!

  7. Lori says:

    It’s really too bad that people who can not cook, feel they must do so anyway. Real cranberry sauce is SO easy. And it’s also too bad that people don’t realize that it does not take that much more time to make things from scratch and do it right. How sad that their taste buds think otherwise!

  8. Nicki says:

    I know exactly how he feels. the face is so expressive you can feel the pain. Your boys are gonna be absolute heartbreakers in a few years. So cute!!!

  9. LT says:

    Does anyone else feel really sorry for the sister-in-law?? God willing, she’s not a NFTT reader. Talk about hurt feelings!

  10. Danielle says:

    I can’t really tell what stuff is the turkey and guess what the other stuff is.

  11. Joanne says:

    I laughed out loud too. Love that expression-and what kid likes cranberry???

  12. Janet Bowser says:

    Now I don’t feel so bad about serving my little ones Lunchables for Thanksgiving! They wouldn’t have even eaten the cranberry, picky, picky eaters.

  13. Susan says:

    LT, I was thinking the same thing about the comments in regard to the SIL! I’m sure she is a fine cook! Everything looks delicious, actually.

    For some reason, (what would normally be) our very tasty & juicy turkey turned out dry this year, as well. We couldn’t believe it! If only I’d thought to put ice cubes on everyone’s plates. ;-)

    Darling pictures, as always, Chris.

  14. peepnroosmom says:

    Aww, poor thing. At least yours will eat cranberry sauce.
    Very good looking boys, by the way!

  15. momslo says:

    That is priceless, maybe he’s going to grow up and become a famous chef! He’s already keen to great food!

    It looks like it was a wonderful gathering.

  16. Fold My Laundry Please says:

    I don’t have a single Thanksgiving memory that doesn’t involve round disks of cranberry sauce! I love the stuff, even if you can see the ridges from the can!

    I went to a fancy restaurant with a boyfriend for Thanksgiving once and the cranberry sauce looked fresh until I noticed a lump of it that had can ridges on it. We paid $40 dollars a plate (or rather my boyfriend did) so that the chef could crack open a can of cranberry sauce and smash it up to look homemade!

  17. karen t says:

    I think it was nice of SIL to bother at all. Lori - what do you suggest the culinary challenged do then? Shun social gatherings involving food and huddle up with a stockpile of canned goods? Are we only gracious and thankful when everything is to our liking?

  18. B says:

    I feel bad for SIL, too. I’m sure the turkey was fine. And if a little dry, isn’t that what gravy is for?!

  19. -R- says:

    It is just a joke, people!

    Is it sad that I have never even see fresh cranberry sauce? We always have the stuff out of a can, and we don’t even try to make it look fancy. But I’m there for the mashed potatoes anyway.

  20. Meg says:

    Awesome!That’s hilarious…

  21. Tuesday says:

    Wow, he was NOT digging that bird. Who could blame him.

    Althought the ice cube trick is ingenious!

  22. Jonathon says:

    Hysterical! That’s the face Lady-A made at the faux turkey we cooked.

    Not a fan. At all.

  23. Anna says:

    I agree with those who think you’re being a bit harsh on the SIL. Her feelings would be really hurt if she found your website…which of course, she won’t, since the internet is so good at keeping secrets…

  24. Melinda says:

    Well didn’t you know that Chris is the BEST cook ever?

    [Ed note: Why yes I am the best cook ever. I am sure I mention my stellar cooking skills all the time. Surprisingly, you didn't leave a valid email address or website link so I could email you to thank you personally.]

  25. Joy H says:

    My 8yo dd pretty much ate cranberry sauce for three days straight. I’m putting a can in her stocking!

  26. Ann says:

    My entire family still makes fun of the turkey that I undercooked one year - and it’s been 10 years!!! I still laugh about it too!

  27. Stephanie says:

    What a great face he’s making!!! LOL!!

  28. N. says:

    You made fun of someone’s dry turkey without first proving that you are a perfect cook! You … you … you … MONSTER. LOL!

    Some people take life way too seriously.

  29. Jld22 says:

    Clearly, you need to buy your SIL a roaster oven for Christmas. You just stick the turkey in and it comes out perfect and juicy in just a few hours. No cooking involved!

  30. Gwen says:

    Lucky for kids that they can say the things us adults can only think - and it comes out cute…kind of like farts…

  31. Liz in Australia says:

    My mother used to cook roast chicken every fortnight for Sunday lunch when I was growing up. When I started cooking roasts for my family last year (after spending most of my adult life as a vegetarian), I initially thought there was something wrong with my chickens because they were so moist and juicy. I thought they were undercooked. It took my husband several chickens’ worth of persuasion to convince me that that’s how a roast chook is *supposed* to taste like! I never knew *g*

    I don’t know what I do differently to my mother, anyway. I think I just take it out of the oven earlier than she does.

    Erm. Sorry for hijacking your comments section. The photo is adorable and the story made me giggle.

    And LOL at Gwen’s comment…

  32. Lena says:

    Geez, people need to lighten up. lol

    Once when I was a kid we went to my mom’s friends house for Thanksgiving ….the friend was from Germany.

    Imagine my horror when we found out that instead of turkey there was ….yep boiled bunnyrabbit with gravy!!!

    I COULD no way…eat it! But she did try and make her own daughter eat it .
    Her daughter yelled “would YOU eat the sewer???”

    my sister and I still say to each other sometimes….”would YOU eat the sewer?”
    and we crack up every time.

    get a sence of humor people!!!

  33. Miss Peach says:

    Hmm, are some of these commenters sent BY your SIL? :)

    Hilarious picture and story, at least to me!

  34. Rebecca says:

    Isn’t is sorta tradition to screw up the turkey? Is that just my family? Whoops.

    I know I’m a bit late, but to those that pooh-pooh’d this post…ya might need to re-adjust your sense of humor. Heh.