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2006 November

Perhaps I should reconsider the flannel lined jeans

November 3, 2006

Hiking in the woods

Yesterday I went for a hike with the kids and our homeschool group. I was so cold I wanted to just cry at the thought of having to be cold for the next five months.

During the winter I am always cold. I keep my hands tucked up inside of my sleeves and ALWAYS wear shoes and socks in the house. Several times an hour I go and stand six inches away from the wood burning stove until my clothing feels like it might burst into flames.

My kids don’t seem to notice the cold at all, luckily, because I don’t think I could handle anymore whining than my own.

NoBloShoeMo: Day 2

Today I am wearing the quintessential mom shoe from LL Bean.

Mom shoes

Comfortable, predictable, boring shoes. And I love them more than I really should. I comfort myself by saying that at least I haven’t ventured into buying flannel lined jeans.

(And I feel the need to point out that I am not wearing some sort of straight leg high water jeans. I was trying to hold them up over my shoes so that more than the toe of the shoe was showing.)

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Isn’t Halloween over?

Then why am I still talking about it?

I saw this decoration out on the street a few days ago when I was driving to Orvis to buy that overpriced Indiana Jones hat. It was so original that I turned around and went back to take a photo of it. I only wish I had my camera.

best halloween decoration

Then yesterday I saw this huge jack o’lantern. Honenstly I have never seen one this big. Miles had a healthy dose of apprehension about sitting near it.

the biggest jack o'lantern EVER

We were able to get a couple of seeds from it, so maybe we will have our own huge pumpkin to carve for next year. Though, given my track record of keeping plants alive, I am not counting on it too much.

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November 2, 2006

We have an icon.


We have a Flickr group. (Click on the icon to join)

NoBloShoeMo: Thirty Days of Shoes

Description: For the next thirty days, we want you to show us your shoes–the good, the bad, the ugly-but-oh-so-comfortable. Post daily, or once in a while, or when the shoe whim strikes. Because you wear them every day, why not photograph them? Every day. For one month.

It’s that easy.

C’mon and join. Because this is SO much better than writing a novel.


Yes, some of you may notice that the group and the name on the icon do not match. That is because Susan and I are both blonde (ish). We went through a few different groups names and decided on NoBloShoeMo. Too bad for us we did it AFTER I had already made the icon. But at least I know how to cut and paste into my template…. ahem.

So now I will fix the icon.

Update on the update:

It is now fixed.

Lesson learned:

Pay attention and do not drink and think at the same time.

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november… striving towards a goal

November used to just be the month that had Thanksgiving. A month where the days got shorter and shorter and you would just feel like hibernating and eating pumpkin pie.

But then, there was NaNoWriMo. A goal… write a novel in a MONTH!

Then came NaNoBloMo. A goal for those with slightly less aspirations… a blog post a day!

Now, NaNoShoMo. A goal… for the rest of us.


My new running sneakers propped up on the table after I thought about running in them. Just kidding. I didn’t think about it at all. Note that I also have on my yoga pants, and no I have never actually done yoga.

I just like to dress up like someone who has athletic aspirations.

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Love Is…

One of the things that I love about being a mother is watching the relationships that develop between my children. Being an only child, the sibling bond is a mysterious thing to me. One minute they are laughing and joking, and the next they are fighting. I watch them negotiate through their disagreements. And I watch as they grow to be people who genuinely like each other.

Love is comforting your sibling when they are upset.

Love is forgiving them when they break your favorite toy.

Love is sharing a bedroom and whispering secrets in the dark.

Love is going to time out with your brother so that he won’t be sad.

Love is the shared history that only a sibling knows and can understand fully. (more…)

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now with more sugar

November 1, 2006

We had no theme again this year. Most of the children wanted to be something that we already owned out of the vast amount of costumes we have accumulated over the years. Which was nice since I didn’t have to buy much.

humoring me with a photograph

So in descending age order we had a scary old hunchback guy. My oldest loved his costume, but it was difficult for him to see out of the eyeholes and therefore he had a hard time navigating the walkways and doorways up to the houses. It was also hot inside of it, and considering that it was an unseasonably warm 65 degrees outside, that was not a welcome thing.

Then we had Indiana Jones, whose accessories include a bullwhip, a leather jacket, and an overpriced hat from Orvis.

Darth Vadar wore his same costume from last year. Only the light saber needed to be replaced. The one from last year was damaged in battle.

Then we had a skeleton. Though he didn’t want to wear the mask or the gloves because it was too hot with those on. So in reality he looked more like someone standing behind an xray machine than a skeleton.

Next there was Zorro. His key accessory, aside for them too small hat or the too large head depending on how you look at it, was his sword. In fact as I type this it is 7:00 am and he is wearing the hat and swinging the sword around. One of those things I just know it isn’t going to end well.

Then the tooth fairy princess who carries a sword to knock the teeth out of the mouths of bad people. Yes, that is what she called herself, because surprisingly everyone asked her why a princess would be carrying a sword. I wanted to coach her to answer, “The better to stab you with.”

And then there was Mickey Mouse, who pushed bigger kids out of the way and grabbed fists full of candy at every house.

getting ready to go out

This year was uneventful, unlike last year we didn’t lose anyone. Also, unlike last year, we did not get any wine. Perhaps these two things are related.

I was disappointed, I’ll admit it. Where was my treat, dammit? Next year I am bringing my own,possibly drinking it right out of a paper sack. Let the neighborhood talk.

Trick or treating at the funeral home though… that made it all worth it

trick or treating at the funeral home...awesome

Yes, there is a funeral home in our town and they had a “dead” body in a coffin in front of it. There was fake smoke and the body would suddenly pop up and grab at people.

trick or treating at the funeral home... the dead body pops up

It was awesome. And terribly frightening if you were under twelve.

Once they began really complaining about the heat, their thirst that was so great it threatened to kill them right there on the spot, and the weight of their candy bags it was time to go home. because if you are complaining about carrying your candy, you surely have enough.

some of the take

After they ate all they could manage without vomiting on themselves, they had fun swinging their glowsticks around their heads in the dark tv room. They were having such a good time, that I let it continue even though it was against my better judgement. Inevitably someone got hit across the head with one. They in turn retaliated against the wrong person. And it spiraled downward from there. I could only witness it by the light of the glow sticks, which was fine.

That was the signal to send everyone to bed.

And that was the signal for me to pilfer the candy bowl.

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The Halloween un-update

I want to write an update of our oh so interesting trick or treating experience (I am being sarcastic here in case that was lost in the typing)

You know trick or treating where some of my children acted like they were on a forced death march because it was sooooo hot and they were soooooo thirsty and they were soooooo tired of walking. I suggested that maybe next year they stay at home and see how many people bring candy to them.

But we are in the throes of sugar-roller coaster hell. Where the kids keep begging for candy. Eat the candy until they feel sick. Run around like maniacs until they crash, both literally and metaphorically. And begin the cycle all over again.

My daughter is in heaven and keeps expressing her undying love for shlock-lit.

I’ll be back with an update and PHOTOS later. I am hoping to figure out how to get a photo I took of the best halloween decoration ever off of my cell phone. Otherwise I might have to draw a little stick figure of it, or send it to all of you on your phones. It was that funny.

Here is a photo of my oldest son in his costume as a scary old hunchback man.



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