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Santa also has ties to the coal industry, battery manufacturers, and overeaters anonymous

Santa also has ties to the coal industry, battery manufacturers, and overeaters anonymous

December 8, 2006

My 10 year old is on the cusp of not believeing in Santa any longer. Logically he knows the truth. But there is still that part of him that clings to it, a part of him that isn’t fully ready to abandon his childhood yet. Last year he had asked me if there was really a Santa. It happens every so often during the holidays.

I gave my standard non answer, “Well, what do you think?”

“I’m not sure. I really really want to believe that there is.”


“But it doesn’t really make sense. You know?”


“I think I still believe. Yes, I believe.”

“Well, that settles that then, right?”

“Yes. Do you think Santa would bring me a grenade launcher if I asked him?”

“Definitely not. Santa is a pacifist.”

Might as well keep the lies coming. Why stop now.


Over on my other blog I am writing this next week about the holiday traditions that my family enjoys. I’d love if you wrote about some of your traditions and left a link over there, no matter what holiday you celebrate.

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  1. Mir says:

    “I believe in Santa, so can I have some heavy weaponry?” ;)

  2. Jess says:

    I always go with my standard answer ” You stop believing he stops coming”

  3. Mary W says:

    Our rule is “If you don’t believe you don’t receive.”

  4. Karen Rani says:

    Knowing Mir’s situation, that made me snarf coffee out my nose. I’m waiting for the day Dylan stops believing…I have a feeling the time is near. :(

    Hey and congrats on the Parenting Award thing - how amazing to be in a category with YOU! The really nice thing about all this is I found blogs I hadn’t heard of and I’m enjoying them very much - Bloglines is buckling under my addiction.

  5. Novaks8 says:

    Everyone needs to be voting for Chris in the Blog Awards!

    Another blog has come from behind overnight with a whopping amount of votes from somewhere!

    Go vote!


  6. sarcastic journalist says:

    There’s a big plus for homeschooling right there. No stupid kid in the class ruining it for you in first or second grade. I mean, no, I’m not bitter about it or anything. NOOO…

  7. InterstellarLass says:

    Grenade launcher? No way! My son stopped believing last year. He was 10. He did the same logical thinking process, and decided on his own that there was no Santa. The Scientist in him saw the impossibilities. But he has been warned that if he tells his little sister, he will never receive Christmas presents again.

  8. Kendra says:

    Awww I remember when I stopped believing. :( Mine is just starting to understand (he’s almost 3) and it’s so fun!

    P.s. You got my vote!

  9. Sherri says:

    I remember when I finally asked as a child and was told the truth, I felt crushed - I knew but didn’t want it to verified. My children will never hear from me that there is no such thing as Santa. The magic of Santa is always alive!

  10. Willow says:

    Huh! whatcha mean!! Santa IS real … I still believe, he leaves things at our house for all three of us … me, hubby & son lol.

    We see him every year on Derwent Water, he goes there every weekend in December looking for Rudolph. Rudolph’s girlfriend lives nearby, somewhere around the lake and every year he needs persuaded to go back to the North Pole :o)

  11. Mudderof3 says:

    Congrats Chris on being nominated. I have read your blog for over a year. You make me laugh out loud. I am actually surprised you weren’t nominated for Humor Blog. Definitely have my vote. :)

  12. Daisy says:

    Ironic, I blogged about this today, and I’m a public school teacher. It’s not my role to disillusion children if the Polar Express bell still rings for them.

  13. Kate says:

    Hmmm, I can’t even remember believing. I do remember keeping up a facade of belief for my parents as early as 7 and as late as 10. Must have been a skeptic from the womb!

  14. Nihilist mommy says:

    i stopped believing in 5th grade, but then as late as 6th grade i briefly fell back into the sweet pool of innocence when my dad got one of the neighbors to ring a bell from the roof. what’s so weird is i had already decided that god was a lie, but santa? all it took was a bell - i really really wanted to believe!

  15. Maddy says:

    Yep my 11 year old is doing the “Mum do you think there is a Santa?” thing. He was asked at school if he “believed” and was laughed at. Oh to be back to age 7 when it was all possible.

  16. MotherReader says:

    My 10 year old daughter is in the not-believing camp - but, she still wants to leave a little bit of doubt for herself. She doesn’t ask me directly, but gives me a knowing look whenever Santa is mentioned in front of her little sister. I’ve left it pretty open-ended. I discovered gradually, but my husband was sat down and told about it which sounded positively tramatic.

  17. Kbeans says:

    I had to sit down and tell my son point blank when he was 11. I couldn’t let him go to middle school as the only believer. It was awful-he cried and cried. When I said,”surely, you suspected.” He said, “Well, yeah, but I didn’t think you’d lie to me.” I did do it in July, so he had some time to recover before Christmas.

  18. kate says:

    Santa always wrote us a note with our big present. One year, on Christmas morning, I looked at my note and I looked at my cousin’s note and realized my mom had written his and mine had different handwriting (my aunt’s). What a bummer to figure it out on Christmas morning.

  19. savesanimals says:

    My response when the big ‘is he real?’ question is asked is…..

    Is there a Santa? Yes. But….there are two…and only one is real. One lives at the North Pole, the other lives in your heart…forever…

    My girls? Understood completely…

  20. jen says:

    santa is a pacifist. oh, and likes a clean room. and veggies.

    leverage. i am starting to get it. nice.

  21. Scout's Honor says:

    Santa phone number IS personally on my husband’s and my cell phone. My ten year old knows better than to mess with Santa. Not sure if he heeds the threat of the old Saint Nick or realizes Santa lives on in Mommy and you don’t mess with Mommy.