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The art of compromise is never having to do it

The art of compromise is never having to do it

January 19, 2007

If I never write another post again it won’t be because of tivo. It will be because I am trapped in that hell called painting. We are installing a new hardwood floor in the family room this weekend and so in preparation for it I am repainting. Because God knows if I wait to paint until after the floor is installed I will end up kicking over the gallon of paint. Or my son will walk by with the feet of his pajamas trailing behind him, drag them across the paint tray and leave a trail of paint behind him like a snail. Thankfully that last one happened on the old floor yesterday.

Initially I was just going to touch up the places where the paint had gotten dirty, scribbled on, or washed clean off the walls.

But then Rob said he was tired of the green walls. He said the color is just “too damn happy” Given my penchant for zoloft and alcohol I would have to disagree and possibly substitute mania inducing. And maybe, if I were going to be painting anyway, I should consider a new color. A nice calming neutral color, which SURPRISE! was what I initially wanted to paint the rooms in the first place. I found one place I wrote about my love for non-color colors here , but I know I have written about it many times. I just don’t have time to dig the posts up because I have approximately 5.2 million square feet of wall space to paint. Give or take. (The family room, breakfast room, and kitchen are all an open floor plan and need to be the same color as there is no logical stopping place.)

I would have killed him right then and there except for a few things:

1) Who would install the new wood floor?

2) The ground is frozen which would have made disposal of the body difficult. And also would have required me to go outside in the cold and I try to aviod that as much as possible.

3) I don’t really like the green all that much either. I feel like I am living inside a jolly rancher candy.

4) I want this range, but in red.

But I don’t want to feel like I am living inside of a Christmas themed room. As an aside, I think that this range will greatly improve my heating up skills. I am positive that macaroni and cheese and Raman noodles will never taste better.

And most importantly,

5) I never have to compromise again. Whenever we have a decorating disagreement I can just say, “Uh, green room? Do I really need to bring it up?” In the same way that when we discuss new car purchases I only have to say, “Uh, Audi? Do I need to remind you of that?”

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  1. Karen Rani says:

    I wish I lived closer, I LOVE painting. I know, I know, sick eh?

  2. Woman with Kids says:

    I like that, your “heating up skills”. That’s essentially what I have, I have mad mircowaving abilities. Unless I overcook it. Then it’s the boys’ fault.

  3. Trivial Mom says:

    I love that stove! We’re looking at buying our first house, and I’m totally hung up on nice stoves. I dream about having a gourmet kitchen someday.

  4. mel says:

    that stove is to die for!!!!!

  5. owlhaven says:

    I love the RESULTS of painting. The actual painting is so nit-picky as to drive me insane. Except when my hubby blessedly offers to do the ‘edges’ (he is awesome at detail) leavingg me only to roll out the ig areas. Then we get done so fast it makes me want to sing. Except that would drive him out of the room. So I just sing inside as we work together.

    Love the sove, BTW.

    Mary, mom to many

  6. owlhaven says:


  7. Jodi@OC says:

    I love to paint!

    Your rooms will look so new when you are done!

  8. Scout's Honor says:

    So we are installing granite soon and again–open floor plan and no logically stopping point, right? My engineer husband’s a little annoyed at what he calls “scope-creep.” We went from the kitchen counters then on to add the butler’s pantry, now it’s all three bathrooms. And while we’re at it, I want new cabinets. Our home equity loan is turning into what some people pay for a whole house. Sorry kids, there goes college because Mama’s gettin’ a bitchin’ kitchen!

  9. Sherri says:

    You’ll be thrilled when you are done. We have a soft green livingroom, I like it and things are all co-ordinating - but I keep looking at this colour called Prarie House, sort of a warm neutral yellow (that makes sense right?). I’ve decided that there are two kinds of people, those who paint once every 10-15 years and those who need the uplifting feeling of fresh and new and paint every 2. Us, we have 1/2 of and inch of paint on our 100 year old walls, that’s what is holding the house together :)

  10. Lilly says:

    We painted our connected living-dining-kitchen room walls a color called ‘Linguini.’ I figured it would go well with meals. It’s a warm yellowish off-white.

    I love the stove, especially in the color you’ve shown here. A red stove would be too bold for me unless I was aiming for a Frida Kahlo kind of color accent. Have you seen pictures of her house or the movie about her? Beautiful and bold! not Linguiniish at all.

  11. Liz says:

    I just saw that stove on an episode of reDesign on HGTV (which I TIVOed, of course!) On the show, the owners of the stove had the same problem with the red stove making their kitchen look like Willy Wonka’s, but the makeover turned out really cool. Here’s a link to the show, http://www.hgtv.com/hgtv/shows_hrdn/episode/0,2496,HGTV_20776_36892,00.html

  12. Lorraine says:

    We are in the process of buying our first, and the place we are buying has a very fugly brown on everything… so we get to paint!! *S* Silly DH thinks we will finish the whole house, or at least the four bedrooms in two days. Yea. Maybe if we had help. We have to clean the dang place first as the previous owners left small piles of crap everywhere. *sigh* But still… I can’t wait! And I was painter for 6 years, that’s how I spent my summers in High School…

    FWIW… We are getting somewhat of an open floor plan… But I plan to do different, but matching colors in the Kitchen/Dining room, Living room, & office. AFter 8 years of military housing and plain, blech-white walls, all those colors should be fun. *S*

  13. Maine Mom says:

    Good luck with the painting. I agree that if you’re going to have a red stove, you definitely need different colored walls. We have a green carpet with red chairs in our living room and it looks good one month out of the year!

  14. Brigitte says:

    Purrrrty stove! Except, much as I love to cook, I’m deathly afraid of gas stoves . . . I watch way too much bad TV/movies.

    If I’m ever tragically widowed, I’m not sure I’d want to remarry at my age, because that whole “compromising” thing is too darn irritating, good thing you found a way out! :-)

  15. julie says:

    ooh, ooh, I love the stove. I am sure everything would taste better cooked on that fine machine.

    My kitchen, eating area, and family room are also all one room but I painted my kitchen red and the other walls a neutral tan color. People always comment how awesome it looks. Just make your own stopping point and add a little molding their to add to the effect. Hope you like my two cents.

  16. Annie says:

    I HAVE that stove in black…and love it. We initially wanted the red too, but I’m color crazy and realized everything would have to coordinate with that color red forever. Just some thoughts; the ovens are pretty small…I had to buy squarish cookie sheets so that they would fit….also my big roasting pan does not fit. You should definately go visit one at a show room and bring down your pans so you can truly see the size. When I bought mine, the salesperson told me I could fit a 20# turkey in it…I’m not sure about that. Doesn’t matter anyway, because we cook our turkey on the grill and I’ve learned how to adapt to the Euro sizing. It’s a beauty and the price is a lot better as compared to the same size Wolf, etc..Good luck.

  17. Heather says:

    Can you come paint my place when you are done? Seriously, I bought the paint, I even stripped half the bathroom wallpaper.

    Seriously, that is the most awesome stove and now that I’ve seen it, I want one too alas, I do belive it would take up half of my current kitchen.

    Good luck with the painting!

  18. Mama T. says:

    I don’t mind painting and frankly, my husband hates it and isn’t very good at it. So, it’s kind of my job by default. Considering that almost 2 years into our new house we still have rooms that need a second coat of paint, it’s a good thing that I don’t mind it.

    Oh and the rooms still needing paint thing: We moved into our house 2 months before I had our daughter, so um yeah, getting ALL the painting done wasn’t that much of a priority. And then, you know, we’ve had SOOO much time to get it done since her birth….


  19. judi casey says:

    love the stove in red!!!!

  20. bgirl says:

    Is it wrong that my heart just skipped a beat when I saw that stove? We’re all a bunch of SICKOS.

  21. kasey says:

    YAAAY!! More renovation photos!!

    …gosh, my life is sad huh?

  22. Playdate Susan says:

    I moved to Oklahoma. That is my touchpoint in all discussions requiring compromise.

  23. briana says:

    Ok. Wanna hear something that made me laugh when I was painting our new place last year with the help of my uncle, who obviously knows more about painting that I do? He informed me that the corners of the walls are called “crotches” when you are talking painters-lingo. Totally made me laugh each time he reminded me to “get enough paint there in that crotch!” Yeah. I’m 28 and was totally snickering at that. Go figure.

  24. InterstellarLass says:

    Ah the dreaded painting. I have to do that task all by myself too, because my husband seems to be missing the gene that will allow him to paint without it looking like an elephant used it’s tail on the wall. I don’t envy you. Hope it goes quickly and is spill and drip-less.

  25. Mary W says:

    I am of the new color every two years but i don’t like non colors - hence the grass green dining room camp. I’ll come paint for you, in August when it 150 here and cool there. I LOVE LOVE LOVE to paint but oh so do NOT do snow.

  26. Robbin says:

    Oh, I love the stove. I want one. And the counter tops. And the stuff on top of the counters. Oh, and someone to do all the cooking on the new stove. And while we’re at it someone to clean up after the cook. The possibilities….

  27. peepnroosmom says:

    Ohhh, painting. I HATE doing it. Could be why our walls have been the same color for almost 16 years.
    Stove-LOVE it. I just got a new stove and it has greatly inproved my heating-up skills, too.

  28. cristen says:

    I almost got that stove myself a couple of years ago when we redid our kitchen, but I wanted a RED stove and they only do the Legacys in BRICK. Right? I thought by now they might be offering more colors (like the great colors they have in their other ranges), but I looked on their website and they appear to still only have the 5 color options. I must have looked at every photo on that website back then–such great decorating.

    Instead I got a 1951 Chambers stove in bright red, with lots of chrome. It’s the coolest–I love it! Like Rachel Ray’s, but hers is a lowback and yellow. I found it via the classified listings of The Old Appliance Club and had it shipped from Chicago to MS.

    Now all I need is a gorgeous mint green or robin’s egg blue Northstar fridge (next time I have a spare $4000)…

  29. rachel says:

    ooooh, pretty oven.

    Best wishes with the painting. I’m just so sad with my current health probs I can’t shovel or paint. It’s so disappointing.

  30. jm says:

    Well, I wouldn’t post this on my site because A’s grandma reads it, but…pre-kid (and pre-breastfeeding. You know, back when I was still perky)…I got Aaron to paint the same room three times because I hated the colors we chose. So, the last time we had to paint, I told him that if he helped me, I would paint topless. That worked really well for some reason. He never left the room to take a break and kept going ’til he was done. Oh, did I mention he couldn’t come near me until the painting was done? Completely finished? Touch ups included? And clean up?

    I miss my perky boobs. I was so much better at getting Aaron to do stuff around the house back then. *sigh*

  31. liz says:

    Ooh! I want that range too!
    And my perky boobs back. Not that they were ever all that perky, too big.

  32. kate says:

    So I take it you will be getting this fabulous range in red any day now!

  33. Chris says:

    I hope there will be pictures to follow up this post…

    I had to give my hubby an evil glare when he asked when I intended on finishing painting the trim in the kitchen. I told him about the time he finished staining the quarter round to go around the floor trim… Looks like it will be awhile before that painting will be done.

  34. Heather says:

    Aaahhh painting. Just saying that word, makes me twitch.

    Ditto on the hopes to see some pics. And OMG, that stove is so pretty, I wouldnt want to cook on it! It might get dirty.

  35. sandra says:

    I hope you bought two of those glasses so we can share when I visit. Someday. I am commenting on the wrong post. Whoops. I haven’t visited in a while because I’ve been out of the blogging loop in general but every time I take a hiatus from reading blogs yours is the one I say ‘what was I thinking, not reading?’

    Anyway. Yeah. Martinis.

  36. Heather B. says:

    Yup, with the addition of the hardwood floors and that new range, I still want to live with you. And then there’s the famous Chris dip and the penchant for alcohol…it’s kind of perfect.

    Wait but the penchant for alcohol begs the question: red or white? (wine that is)

  37. Clare says:

    You have no idea how happy I am to read that someone else agree’s that a kitchen can make food taste better!! I hope you really think that, please don’t be stand here all alone, lol
    I too have tough choices regarding Hubby, but then,I sigh and realise, if I really want my new bathroom, he needs to hang round a wee bit longer :)

  38. Elizabeth says:

    My own personal stages of painting:
    1. I would like to freshen up this room.
    2. Painting is easy, I’ll do that!
    3. In order to paint, I’ll end up decluttering too, and have a perfect lovely room.
    4. I’ve bought the paint and everything. I’m sure in a few weeks the room will be lovely.
    5. Here it is a month later and it looks the same. Guess I’ll shove everything to one end and start painting.
    6. Oh, I hate the prep work. I remember that. I’ll get it over with and then the painting will be fun.
    7. Oh, I hate the painting part too. The smell, the drips, the reaching and teetering. At least I bought one coat paint.
    8. It needs another coat. I need to buy more.
    9. Now all I have to do is remove the tape and it will be perfect!
    10. Now all I have to do is touch up the edges where the tape covered the old paint, and it will be perfect!
    11. Now all I have to do is clean up the mess where the touch up slopped onto the trim and it will be perfect!
    12. I hate the way this looks. Next time I’m hiring a painter.

    At least you seem to move through your stages of painting more quickly than I do!

  39. zookeeper says:

    Love the range- saw it in the window of a swanky store over Christmas. I drooled and told my husband that if I had the extra $7k and didn’t JUST finish a kitchen remodel, I would buy THAT range. Because I agree- blue box mac and cheese would taste SOOO much better on it. :)

    As for the painting, I recently found out you can hire a painter for a very reasonable price- especially if you’re not doing trim or ceiling paint, and just the walls.

  40. Heather says:

    We are having this exact discssion at our house. I have just painted the kitchen blue, but really wanted it to be neutral. Now my husband wants the family room to be green. The problem is that you can see the family room from the kitchen and I think it is just too much color. I am thinking a nice khaki color would look great. I may just go out and the paint myself. :)

  41. Trina says:

    I had to giggle throughout this post! We are renovating and repainting as well. I cant wait to see your outcome!

  42. Elizabeth says:

    I want to paint our living room and kitchen, and I don’t know if they should be the same color or if it’s okay if they’re different. I have zero home decorating skills and no money to hire someone who does! Good luck!

  43. cole says:

    That is a killer stove. I am also in love with our stove. I have a stainless gas range (5 big burners with different flame levels…and an electric oven which is better for baking and a small side oven for extra stuff…) and we love it. It is worth it to spend whatever you want for a stove if you cook everyday, we do.

    Get a big stove..you have, er, a large family. (duh). You won’t regret it!


  44. Mocha says:

    I’m just coming to live with you because I love your house, your kids, you… maybe possibly your husband.

    I will bring the entire contents of my closet.

  45. Pia says:

    Love, love, love the stove. I want one too. Then all my meals will be gourmet - it comes with a personal chef as a bonus accessories right?

    At my house my husband thanks me for making dinner before tasting it. He wants to be able to thank me for the effort, without being biased by the result!

  46. Marie says:

    Aaah Gaah!

    Sorry, I was drooling and made a very bad pun.

    I want the 6/4 with the companion in yellow. When I win the lottery.