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another pet peeve of mine

another pet peeve of mine

January 26, 2007

I am still without my computer.

I have pretty much taken over my 10yr old son’s computer. I have the internet password protected on it, which basically means that he is unable to go anywhere on the web without my approval. It is a pain in the ass. But considering that he is really into Houdini and various escape artists, and has tried to google websites about “being tied up in chains,” it is for the best.

My husband brought my laptop to the IT guy at his office who fixes computers in his spare time. For a tidy sum of money I might add. Rob asked him on Monday morning when a good time would be for him to look at it. He said, “Any day this week would be fine.”

Maybe it’s just me, but I take that to mean, “I am free to work on it whenever you bring it to me. No need to specify a day. I have nothing else going on this week.”

He has had it for four days now. As of right now, the laptop has not left his office.

Now he says he won’t be bringing it home this weekend. And asked Rob if I’d like it back for the weekend.

Uh, no. If it still worked it wouldn’t be there with you. It would be back here with me. In my loving arms.

I demanded that Rob ask him exactly what he is doing this weekend that would prevent him from working on my computer. I am sure I could rearrange his schedule accordingly. I do it for my husband all the time.

Posted by Chris @ 1:41 pm  

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  1. Bridget says:

    LOL at your son’s googling habits :-) I hope the IT guy gets off his arse for you soon!

  2. Woman with Kids says:

    Make sure Rob stomps his foot when makes his demands, it’s sure to help! I have the internet pretty well tied up too, since Boy 1’s first search was for “boob.”

  3. Mary W says:

    “Animals that begin with X” is another bad one.

    We have the same thing on our computer here too - plus my husband set up the thing to alert us should Boy I here try and bypass the restrictions. which leads to lots of eyrolling, heavy sighing and mumbling about it sucks having an IT gut for a dad”

    If I lived closer to you Chris I’d have MY IT guy hubby fix our computer - GRATIS - because i need my fix.

  4. kate says:

    That is so annoying! Rearrange the schedule for him and get that laptop fixed!

  5. peepnroosmom says:

    You Do need your computer back. It’s just not right having to use somebody else’s computer to do your work.
    Just FYI, if you google “toy store” with the best of intentions it will send you to some really bad places. Just please don’t ask me how I know this. (head is hanging really low) :(

  6. Beth says:

    Speaking of internet parental controls … take note of this … Dick’s Sporting Goods website is *NOT* dicks.com.

    Please don’t ask me how I know this.

    I hope you get your laptop back soon, and have a great weekend!!

  7. Toni says:

    I would be peeved too!

  8. jody2ms says:

    I would be freaking out. I NEED the internet!

  9. Heth says:

    So at what age is it safe to unlock the computers? Ours is password protected and I don’t think I’m going to feel ok about unlocking until they are close to 25.

    I hope you get your own computer back soon, and in working condition.

  10. InterstellarLass says:

    Uh, yeah, if you’re paying him! Get thee to work!

  11. Sarah says:

    Isn’t there a professional, I don’t know?, Laptop Doctor you could bring it to? Someone who understands that your money should create in him some sense of urgency to get the problem solved? That would DRIVE ME NUTS. You could have given your money to someone else who would have it fixed by now.

    Am I making sense? OR do I just sound grumpy? :)

  12. Marie says:

    My 9 year old daughter was working on a research project at school using a computer in the library. She googled “beaver” and then accessed the images link. Can you guess which beaver was the first one she viewed?

  13. rachel says:

    ugh - hope you get it back soon. You could drive it up here, I’m sure my husband could fix it. What’s a 7 hour round trip drive if it gets the computer fixed?

  14. Jurgen Nation says:

    Sunshine, I hear ya. I’m borrowing a friend’s laptop, which is very nice, but sadly the laptop is about as useful as a fossilized log of poop. I have 5 tabs open in Mozilla and it’s telling me that the “Virtual Memory is too low.”


  15. Karly says:

    Oh, man. I hadn’t even begun to worry about my 6 year old getting on the internet. I still have to type in the adress for game sites for him. But, soon…google will be outlawed in our house. Damn.

  16. Nicki says:

    I feel your frustration. I had a problem with my computer 6 months ago. I had to use my husband’s work laptop!! I understand your pain. IT man needs to get to work!!

  17. Jonathon says:

    You’re holding up well. I think I’d be in tears if I was without my computer for that long…

  18. Kate says:

    I’ve never commented before, but your post made me think of a story my aunt told me about her 9 year old son trying to look something up on the net. He was searching for “knights in armor” but when she caught up to him at the computer, he had typed into the search engine, “nights in amour” (amour = “love” in French). She barely managed to grab his hand before he hit the search button. LOL

    I really enjoy your posts. :)

  19. Cmommy says:

    My hubby would say, “You need an iMac.” (tell me if your iMac is in the shop! He is a diehard fan :-)

  20. Danielle says:

    That is not fair. I would try stomping my feet more. It seems to work with the two year old crown here.

    I can’t sleep well when my computer is broken.

  21. creative-type dad says:

    Yeah, if my kid googled that- I would be a little nervous.

    Good luck with the computer. If mine ever went down I would be banging on the neighbors door for a fix.

  22. OMSH says:

    Organize your husband’s life? What? Women do that? Imagine that …


  23. Jean says:

    Another inocuous word not to ‘google’ is swap.

  24. peekay says:

    I HEAR YA searchers!

    in reference to beth’s innocent search…

    about 4 years ago i was working at a govt contractor and randomly selecting the whitehouse.com as a site during a internet testing suite, OH NO. it was NOT the right bush’s house. in fact it was a site to get fired over!

    .gov is definitely there for a reason!

    *i just checked and looks like big brother must have allowed them to make it a clean site now* hahahahha