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colorful balls

colorful balls

February 8, 2007

Colorful Balls

Before my sister-in-law and mother-in-law came over to babysit for the kids I bought a bunch of new Playdoh. We haven’t had any in a couple of months when the last bit of it dried up and I threw it away. Since they have been deprived of it, I figured that they would have a couple hours of relative quiet, non-arguing, non-competitive fun.

That lasted until the first can was pried open.

My mother-in-law had the great idea of having a Play-doh building contest. She would be the judge. Whoever built the best thing would win a dollar.

What? Why? Dear God, WHY?!?

There was just no way for it to end well.

Guess who won? Go on, guess.

Did you guess the 12 yr old? Then you would be correct.

Of course there are no accomodations or allowances given for the younger children, don’t be stupid. I guess whatever world you live in where turning an innocuous afternoon of playing with dough into a competetive venture, complete with monetary prizes, doesn’t allow for that.

It does explain an awful lot about my husband though.

Personally, I think that my daughter should have won. She rolled her Playdoh into a long snake like shape, stood up on her chair and waved it in front of herself and yelled, “Look, I made a penis!”


Posted by Chris @ 11:28 am  

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  1. Sara says:

    Oh, your daughter should have won. And more than a buck!

  2. Mommy of 2 says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I’ve laughed right out loud today reading this, which is a downright miracle. Why a miracle…? Currently we have a house full of influenza and a diet consisting entirely of Tamiflu, oranges, crackers, and Advil. Thanks for the reminder that this mommy stuff is soooo worth it!!

  3. jody2ms says:

    AHHH!!!!! I lurv your daughter!!!

    That is the funniest thing I have heard all week.

  4. sarcastic journalist says:

    She’s a girl after my own heart. My daughter seems to think an appropriate afternoon activity is “looking at Sammy’s penis.”

    Um. No.

  5. Karen Rani says:

    I am convinced that your daughter is indeed, the cutest little girl on the planet. Give her a buck from me. Put it on my tab.

  6. owlhaven says:

    After parenting 18 years, I recently had a playdough breakthrough. I now let my kids MIX. It invariably all turns that putrid shade of brown. But I’ve decided I no longer care. My new motto is ‘a new pack is ony $3.’ The freedom of it.

    Mary, who gets out the play dough much oftener tese days

  7. sweethomealagirl says:

    Should we expect any thing else from a sister overrun by brothers? I think not. ;)

  8. Ashley says:

    She made a penis. That is probably the funniest thing I ever heard!

    I am usually a lover of contests with the kids. Especially ones like back rub contests and foot rub contests and clean your room the fastest contests. But when it comes to anything artistic I shy away!

  9. Katie says:

    Love the pictures! We have some play-doh around here somewhere…

  10. Susan says:

    That is too funny! And, yes - your MIL. What WAS she thinking?!

    Chris, have you tried the Crayola Model Magic? http://www.crayolastore.com/product_list.asp?SKW=MODELMODEL

    A teacher friend of mine introduced me to it, and I love it because it doesn’t flake off and adhere to everything (specifically carpet!) like Play-Doh does. It’s also kinda cool because you can mold it into shapes, and then if you leave it out to dry, it hardens into a kind of hard-foam-like substance. You can use markers on it (when dry), press handprints into them, or trinkets/jewels, and make ornaments out of them. Loads of fun!

  11. Kristie says:

    So, am I correct in assuming “Playdoh building contests complete with cash prizes” will actually NOT be listed as one of your February Family Fun Day activities????

    Too bad, because if I thought for one second one of *my* girls would “make a penis” and make me laugh like I just laughed reading this entry, I’d break out the Playdoh in a heartbeat. :)

    Sadly, my own children are lean more creatively towards the “it’s a ball!” “it’s the sun!” “it’s an orange! “it’s a insert-name-of-random-round-object” variety.

  12. carrien says:

    I can’t believe she did that.

    I think the penis should have won too, if you’re insane enough to declare a contest between siblings that is.

  13. Gina says:

    Your daughter WOULD have won, had she had the G-string in which to stuff the dollar bill.

    Seriously I think your daughter really stole the show. Good for you.

    Now, how does this compare to my 8 year old son flipping me off this morning, sans play-doh? It doesn’t but I just remembered this little gem, so I better go blogging…

  14. Jodi says:

    OK, not only did I choke out a laugh so aggressively loud that it turned into a snort (so attractive in an academic environment), but I had to call my co-worker over so she could laugh until she turned the color of a pickled beet.

  15. bluepaintred says:

    well she should have won, as long as it was accurate LOL

  16. Genevieve says:

    Bwa ha ha ha ha haaaaaa!!!!!!!!

  17. surviving motherhood says:

    Funny funny girl! Definitely deserves first place in my book.

    Yeah, I can’t believe she thought having a contest was the best call to make either.

  18. Jen says:

    Your daughter is too adorable… I’m still laughing from when she told your husband he was an asshole!!!
    Clearly she is holding her own with all those brothers!

  19. Elizabeth says:

    Oh, owlhaven shares my past and present. The mixing of the colors. Oh, the horrors! Oh, the shock on being an adult and realizing how little the stuff costs to replace! (And, eventually, how freaking poor my family was when I was little and how totally oblivious I was to that fact - even Play-Doh really was a big deal, and our big Xmas gift from the grandparents was a side of beef and the cooler rental.)

  20. Jess says:

    OMG LOL that is priceless.

  21. Debbie says:

    Oh dear. Sounds like she’s got high expectations. Your daughter, that is. Not your MIL. Paying children to play. What a novel idea. :|

  22. Woman with Kids says:

    Dare I ask… what color play dough did she use?

  23. khristalee says:

    What are your other childrens names? It is driving me crazy! Anybody else know any of them besides Miles?

  24. rachel says:

    LOVE IT. She’s wonderful. I’d give her a buck or two. :)

    I love the idea of leaving playdough for babysitters. heh. I hate the stuff. it gets *everywhere*. ugh.

    prizes? yeesh.

  25. Chris says:


    sorry I don’t use my children’s names. The only reason that Miles name is here is because I was pregnant with him when I began my blog. And then I announced his arrival and his name. I tried in vain to just call him the baby for a few months, but finally gave up since everyone already knew his name.

    I had thought of giving everyone nicknames, but yeesh I can barely keep their real names straight ;-)

  26. Nicki says:

    I agree the daughter should have one. I think she is fast becoming my favorite child to read about!!! God Bless her.

  27. Courtney says:

    OMG - I am CRYING! That is so damn funny!

  28. Carrie says:

    That is freaking hilarious!

  29. The Lazy Organizer says:

    I knew there had to be an explanation for that title!

  30. halloweenlover says:

    I love that girl!

  31. Celine says:

    omg–you CAN’T stop at seven. LOL. That kid needs a sister or…five! ;)

  32. kate says:

    I love her! She lives with way to many brothers!

  33. Shannon says:

    So….where should I send my dollar for your daughter? That’s awesome. She wins in my book.

  34. peepnroosmom says:

    I am laughing so hard right now. Way to go, girlie. You live with too many boys!
    That reminds me of when Roo was a tiny baby. I was changing his diaper in front of a little girl who was about 3. She has 4 brothers. After I got his new diaper on she looked right at me and said “did you remember to wipe his tallywhacker?” I thought I would drop him I was laughing so hard.

  35. Angela says:

    I’m gasping for air I’m laughing SO hard here. I haven’t laughed this hard since two hours ago when my 4 yo dd yelled “dammit baby!” at her 2 yo sister.

  36. Keri says:

    Your daughter TOTALLY should have won.

    On another note, I have a homemade play-doh recipe that I love. Let me know if you want me to pass it on.

  37. Jamie says:

    My mom would’ve made a trip to the bank to get your daughter a $20 for that one (I probably would’ve too, if it didn’t mean loading up all 4 kiddos first). She is a hoot!

  38. Meritt says:

    The penis wasn’t worth a buck!? What kind of SIL do you have anyway???????

  39. Tammy says:

    OK - All of a sudden, I can understand your Mother-in-law. I read your post yesterday and thought about how long it’s been since we’ve had playdough in this house. I purchased a pack of 24 colors at Target yesterday. 24!!!! Who knew playdough even made that many colors??!!! I thought about how thrilled my girls would be when they came home from school and found my new purchase set up on the kitchen table. No one cared. My girls are 5,7 and 9. The 5 year old and a neighbor played with it for all of 3 minutes. I started thinking that maybe your MIL was brilliant. I would bribe them to play with our new creative toy. Then I realized I didn’t have a dollar. If they don’t act a little more excited, they may have playdough for dinner! :)

  40. fancythis says:

    I think I love your daughter. That is priceless. No boy will ever be able to intimidate her. Quite the opposite in fact, she’d probably intimidate the crap out of any boy who crossed her path….

  41. Suki says:

    Oh my dear lord, that is too funny- kindof makes the whole stupid “contest” worth it! I would have loved to have seen your MIL’s face!

  42. Heth says:

    Thanks for the smile. What else would you expect from a girl surrounded by brothers? Her expression in that photo is priceless.

  43. qtpies7 says:

    haha! At least it wasn’t a “poopis”! LOl http://qtpies7.blogspot.com/2007/02/trinity-funnies.html
    Kids do the funniest things sometimes! And other times…… well, its just a good thing they are so cute!

  44. jennifer g. says:

    The last time my mother-in-law watched the kids at our house, she took it upon herself to start peeling the old wall paper off of our dining room walls. Now, I don’t love that wallpaper, but we didn’t have any immediate plans to start redoing that room, and it looked just fine. At this point, we don’t have any choice because the kids thoroughly enjoyed “helping,” and now I can’t keep anyone away from it. Family–can’t live with ‘em, can’t kill ‘em!

  45. liz says:

    Your MIL must be a real piece of work. Hooray for your daughter!