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In case you are wondering, between 8 and 12, really means 2

In case you are wondering, between 8 and 12, really means 2

February 21, 2007

When you order new furniture and the delivery company gives you a time window of when it will be delivered, it really means that they will never show up during those hours but rather that you should just sit around your house, making sure not to even contemplate going anywhere, checking obsessively out the window for the delivery van lest you miss them knocking, wringing your hands, and having post purchase anxiety.

Once you have accomplished those things, they will arrive. Well behind schedule.

And they will literally run through your house with the furniture. And after they set it up, they will gather up all the garbage and run back out of the house, leaving a trail of it behind them. And you will wonder how, with all this running, they could be so late.

And you will discover that they just tossed all the couch cushions in a pile instead of putting them neatly on the couch, which doesn’t seem very “white glove delivery” to you.

And you will tip them anyway, because who really wants to be a furniture delivery person.

Posted by Chris @ 3:55 pm  

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  1. kate says:

    Atleast it came today!

    I hate delivery people! they are never ever on time!

  2. MamaGeph says:

    Perhaps you could run up to them, wad up the tip and throw it at them and run away. Then the tip could match the high-quality service.

  3. kalisah says:

    you TIP furniture delivery people?? Really??

  4. Chookooloonks says:

    pictures, please! :o)

  5. Chris says:

    I would love to give you pictures… but the woind must have shifted and my computer IS NOT WORKING AGAIN. YES I AM SHOUTING!!!

  6. briana says:

    At least it arrived, eh?
    I bet it is lovely. And maybe you deserve a little post-delivery rest atop that lovely couch!

  7. Mama Duck says:

    LOL I don’t think I’d be tipping them after that either. Wowie! What a pain….

  8. Rachel says:

    Sent from Owlhaven - loved your posts!

  9. Lani from The Wooden Porch says:

    You really are wonder woman if you can post a comment on your blog when your computer isn’t working. When mine doesn’t work, I can’t get online at all.

    (Feel free to slap me.)

    I’m impressed you tip delivery guys! We’re getting new couches soon too. I can’t wait!

  10. fairly odd mother says:

    For some reason, deliveries come here earlier than promised! Nothing like strolling around in my PJ’s, uncombed hair and sleep in my eyes and then hearing the ‘ding dong’ of the doorbell! Argh!!

  11. Grim Reality Girl says:

    My mom used to wait for my delivery people and reapairs for me while I was at work. It was the best gift a girl could get. The little things in life….

    I hate waiting for delivery people. I am now grateful that I am not getting any deliveries :-)

  12. Meritt says:

    Just so you know…. I don’t think you are supposed to actually tip the furniture delivery guys.

  13. chris says:

    I am using one of my son’s computers.

    And reall? you aren’t supposed to tip a delivery person? Is there some sort of rule book somewhere?

    My own personal rule of thumb is any job that I think would suck deserves a tip.

  14. Polly says:

    I always try to be the first delivery of the day. Even if I have to schedule a later day. I so hate just waiting around for the delivery truck, cable man um, person, or whomever to arrive. Drives me crazy that they are always late. But when you ask to be the first appointment of the day, they are usually early. So they arrive early, move fast once they get there, how on Earth are these people always late???

    You are far more kind than I. I have never tipped a delivery person.

  15. Wendy says:

    You want to talk about delivery people being late. We agreed to a Sat afternoon delivery of our lovely Pottery Barn sofa. It never came on Sat or Sun or Mon. We were without furniture until Tuesday. Worst yet, Sat was our date night. We had to cancel because we didnt know when they would show up. That sucked. Although, PB was nice enough, or maybe we bugged them enough, that they gave us a $1000 gift card. Wheeee!!

  16. Playdate Susan says:

    Yes, that’s great about your sofa, but FIX THE DAMN COMPUTER ALREADY. Because no one is around to entertain me during the day and I miss you.

    Sheesh. Think about me for once, will ya?

  17. Elizabeth says:

    Also, 12 to 4 means that while I am madly dashing to get my son from kindergarten and get back before 12, they will come 10 minutes early and leave a note on the door: “Sorry you missed your appointment.” And I will call their boss, and I will ream him another, and they will come back after all of their other deliveries, at about 6:30, and give me my stuff already. And they will not be tipped. See, you are a MUCH nicer person than some of us.

  18. debby says:

    My appliance repair today was supposed to be between 8-5. Could we make that window any wider perhaps? Say, between now and when hell freezes over? Anyway, hell must not have frozen over yet cuz the guy didn’t come today. I wasn’t gonna tip him anyway.

  19. Kendra says:

    OK I was unaware people even tipped delivery people except the pizza guy. But the furniture delivery guy? No. How much should you tip them? 15% like at a restaurant? Naw. Hopefully they don’t expect it because I’ve short handed quite a few in my days.

  20. Holli Smith says:

    I would never have thought to tip the guys that delivered and put my furniture together… Uh..

  21. Brigitte says:

    I feel lucky our latest guys showed up right in the middle of their two-hour time window (but we didn’t tip them, it never occurred to me).
    Usually it’s guys who show up late for a five-hour window, but once I had a guy show up an hour EARLY then leave a note saying I’d have to reschedule a delivery, because I dared to not be home at that time! I certainly sympathize with Wendy, above, it’s like being under house arrest until they show.

  22. Lori says:

    Beautiful! Did you get it from Overstock.com? Do you allow the children on it yet?

  23. Carola says:

    At least they came during the day…I bought a new refrigerator, and they said they were coming Tuesday after 4pm. I took everything out from the old refrigerator in order to turn it off and be able to move it and take ot out of my apartment to make room for the new one. Well, they came on Friday…so I had to through all the food away because of course it was all bad after three days without cold.