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2007 February

snow watch: to the left, to the left, all the snow is tossed to the left

February 14, 2007

Time: 3:50

Don’t be blinded by the light that seems to be radiating from the chest of my six year old. That is the reflector in case we let him play in the middle of the road in the dark one day. Which we just might, never say never.

getting ready to shovel from here to eternity

The problem with having a six year old help you shovel is that their idea of help and your idea of help are vastly different.

His idea of helping was climbing on top of the snowbanks as I shoveled them and sliding down. In the process knocking the snow back down on to the driveway.

My 12 yr old is sick. But on the bright side it meant that I got to wear his warm snow pants and ski gloves. Such a fashionista out there aren’t I.

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snow watch: keeping the sugar high high

Time: 2:20

On a scale from 1-10 how wrong would it be for me to tell the children that the chocolate cupcakes I made are really burnt bran muffins. That way they won’t even go near them and I’ll have them all for myself.

1 being not at all wrong, infact it would be wrong to do otherwise.

10 being you horrible awful mother how dare you even suggest such a thing; I bet you drink in front of those innocents too.

Discuss amongst yourselves.

I am putting on my winter outerwear and attempting to shovel the end part of the driveway. If live blogging does not resume it is because I am frozen and dead and my children have not noticed.

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snow watch 2007: ignoring the children as an art form

Time: 1:30

Son: Do you want to play a game with us and our stuffed animals, Mom?

Me: Can I play while I type?

Is that a kimonon dragon on your head?

Yes, yes I can.

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snow watch 2007: liverblogging

Time: 12:50

When I told Mir I was live blogging the STORM OF THE YEAR, I mistakenly typed liverblogging.

She suggested I use the title: When typos go wrong.*

snow day television

But maybe not so wrong.

A few more hours of this and I will be pulling out the fava beans and nice chianti. Do the Teletubbies have livers? SssssSssss (or however one would type that noise)

* I stand corrected, what she actually said, that was funny,was LIVERBLOGGING: Now with MORE ORGAN MEAT.

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snow watch 2007: it’s just like a mini mall

Time: 11:50

Just when I thought I was going to run out of things to live blog about during the STORM OF THE YEAR, also known around these parts as the ONLY storm of the year, because how many times can write snow, cold, shovel…

Valentine’s day is about love. And what better way to show someone you love them than to share this video.

Because nothing says, “I love you” like an earworm. It’s the gift that keeps on giving all day long. I dare you not to laugh. In fact I double dog dare you.

So thank you Mir. Who got the link from I,Asshole.

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snow watch 2007:baby, it’s cold outside

Time: 11:15

Took pictures of the kids in the snow.

How I enjoy the snow

From inside the house.

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Interrupting my live blogging of snow watch 2007

The Hotel Chelsea blog answers back.

And just to clarify, I understand that people live in this building and might want to cook dinner once in awhile. But when I stay at a hotel I don’t want to smell it. When did artist and bohemian come to equal dirty?

Also, what about the old toilet in the hallway?

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snow watch 2007: who had the bright idea to give the children candy so early in the morning

Time: 10:17 am

Wind is whipping freezing rain around.

I need to go outside and get more wood pellets for the stove. But that would require me moving more than a foot away from the fire and also require me to go outside.

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snow watch 2007: now with sweetarts

Time: 8:17 am

Several inches of snow have fallen. And now we are being pelted with freezing rain. And wind.

And there is no sun. I think Karen is hogging it all for herself.

I am so excited to go outside and shovel. Even more excited than I was for my annual “well woman” exam, if that is possible.

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snow watch 2007: surviving better than the Donner party

February 13, 2007

Time: 10:17 pm

Inches of snow accumulation: 0

Probability that this snow emergency was a desperate ruse concocted by the bread and milk manufacturers: very high

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