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2007 February

once the tallest building in NYC

February 5, 2007

Hotel Chelsea

Now a funky old hotel that is just a slight step up from sleeping on a heating grate outside on the sidewalk. I might be exaggerating, but only slightly.

Also, the place where Sid stabbed Nancy.

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Empire State Building

empire state building

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the Heart Truth

February 2, 2007

In 2000, the mother of a very good friend of mine died from congestive heart failure. I’d like to say that it was sudden. But it wasn’t. Unexpected, yes. Preventable, yes.

She had been sick for a few weeks with, what we came to learn later, were the typical symptoms of congestive heart failure. However, since she was a woman, her symptoms were ignored. She was sent home from the doctor who told her she had a cold. Sent home from the hospital and told she had bronchitis. Sent home from the hospital a second time and given antibiotics. Not once did anyone check her heart. She died that night.

A couple of weeks ago I was asked if I’d like to attend the Red Dress Collection Fashion Show in NYC. The Red Dress is a symbol for heart disease awareness and heart health for women. You can read about their campaign here.


Sort of shocking, isn’t it? I can honestly say that I don’t give a moment of my time fretting about the possibility of dying from heart disease. I really don’t. Now breast cancer? I think about that all the time. Along with every other cancer I have ever heard of, leprosy, asian bird flu, or drowning when my car goes off of a bridge and I am trapped inside.

So, this is obviously a worthy cause. And I was excited to go. I haven’t been into the city for YEARS, which is sad since I only live a short train ride away. And I have never been to a fashion show. And honestly, I think my self esteem has been a little to high these days and I can stand to see some tall, skinny, beautiful people to remind me that I am a housewife, with a muffin top and sagging boobs. I kid. My self esteem has never been high.

But then? I found out that there was going to be a party at night! With celebrities! I have no idea what celebrities and I probably won’t know who they are even if they told me their names. But I will take pictures anyway like some kind of crazed shut in.

And because it is all about me, I have no idea what I am wearing. All my clothes scream suburban housewife. I feel like I am one small step away from white reeboks and high waisted jeans.

Since it is National Wear Red Day and I am going to be at this event, I felt I should wear red. But after buying and returning, and buying some more that I plan to return, I have discovered that I don’t like to wear red. I do not own one red item of clothing. I never realized that before this week. So today I bought a red necklace. It will have to do.

And before I hand my son back over his computer. My husband made us reservations at some “cool” historic hotel. Yes those are ironic quotes. To say I am slightly concerned is an understatement. I mean, I live in a “cool” historic house, when I go away I like it to be somewhere nice.

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