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Where is my Larry???

Where is my Larry???

March 9, 2007

A little over a year ago, I replaced my Dell laptop with a new and better! Dell laptop, because one of my children, who shall remain nameless, dropped the old laptop on a tile floor and the repair was going to cost over $400.

It had something to do with the place where the power cord plugs into the computer not connecting properly, or something like that. I don’t know. I feel like I am in a Charlie Brown cartoon and one of the grown ups is talking whenever technical things are discussed. It was almost 2 years old and the warranty had expired. It seemed like a good idea at the time, upgrade to a new and better! laptop rather than throw money at something older.

My old laptop had been good to me. Never gave me any real problems. At least none that I couldn’t resolve. So why not get another Dell?

My first encounter with techs from Dell was here. I resolved this issue by buying a new router. Even though all the other computers in the house were able to connect wirelessly but mine, I was told it was a router issue not a problem with my computer.

Okay then. Early in November I purchased two additional Dell laptops for my two oldest sons as Christmas presents. A move I would come to question as my own laptop woes grew.

Then there was this.

And then this

Then the battery died after nine months, which seems like an exceedingly short battery life. ANd hey, what do you know NOT covered by warranty.

And then

Then we gave it an IT guy to look at because I felt sure it must have caught the computer version of syphillis, or the clap. Oh yeah and turning it on and off while counting to 30 did nothing to resolve the problem.

I told everyone why they shouldn’t buy a Dell. And I was accused of hating Indian people, which is ludicrous. I just want good and efficient help, which in this case requires a good working knowledge of the nuances of the English language.

And so here I am today. I have the cds in hand to reformat my computer, or whatever the correct terminology is that will erase every single thing off of it so I can begin anew. I have little confidence that this will actually resolve the problem. And just create more.

The last night I was reading Belinda’s blog. She has the identical Dell laptop that I have. And guess what? She has had trouble with hers also. But she had a Dell person, named Larry, contact her and resolve the issue. Which of course leaves me asking, WHERE IS MY LARRY???

Also, leaves me wondering if he has plunger ears.

Posted by Chris @ 1:37 pm  

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  1. Playdate Susan says:

    Everyone needs a cucumber of steel.

    What??? It’s not dirty, it’s Veggie Tales!

  2. Brigitte says:

    I think Larry’s going to be talking to a lot of us soon, he doesn’t know what he’s in for!

  3. Jennifer says:

    Gotta love LarryBoy…hope the latest fix is a real one!

  4. Julia says:

    We purchased our first Dell four years ago and one year later touchpad died, right after our warranty expired, two years ago we needed another laptop, and again we bought Dell, same story thirteen months later touchpad went out. Batteries on these laptops are very bad they do not last long at all… My hubby is a software engineer so he was able to deal with technical problems without enlisting help of Dell customer service, which for the most part is useless. After the warranty expired, we also had to replace power cords on both laptops during the first year of use… our next laptop will NOT be Dell, that’s for sure…

  5. Amy says:

    My Dell has been around almost 2 years and so far–no problems whatsoever–which is amazing considering I use it constantly. Mine is a XPS. My husband’s Dell, on the other hand, is a true lemon. Fortunately his in under tech service at work, so we don’t have to deal with it. I hope Larry finds you or you find Larry soon…

  6. rachel says:

    Aaaaack on reformatting. bleh. I hope your larry comes to the rescue soon. I’ve BEEN tech support, and the job sucks. It is worse when you are speaking to someone whose first language is not the same as your first language, no matter what the languages are.

    My only problem ever with my MacBook is the power cable melting. but they’ve given me new ones with no hassle at all. Not that you should all go buy MacBooks, but I’m just saying it might not be a horrible idea to scootch a little farther from Dell…

  7. cce says:

    It must be Friday…so much love in the air. Went on over to Belinda’s blog to check out Her Larry and felt all was right with the world. It would seem that this Larry person has saved her Dell and will save yours too. Now, I’m just asking, but Larry, do you fix toilets? Because mine is not working so well and the mother in law is arriving for the weekend in few hours. If there’s a Larry out there in the Northshore area that’s handy with a plunger. Please, I’m begging you.

  8. Rick from Dell says:

    My name is Rick, I’m part of the same internet outreach team as Larry and want to see what I can do to assist with your computer problems. First of all, Larry is not a superhero cucumber. In fact, he would probably be closer to Bob the tomato*. But back on the topic of your computer problems. From what you have documented, you have had numerous issues with this system and no one has been able to ascertain the root cause of your woes. If you could email me your service tag or any case number that you may have been given from our technicians, I will look at the notes on this end and see what all has been tried, and see if I can finally set you free of having to use your son’s computer. I also see that you emailed Lionel, he works with us as well but he is currently busy so I told him that since I was already going to contact you that I would keep him updated and let him know when we get you back up and running.

    Just email me at Customer_Advocate@dell.com and put my name (Rick) in the subject line and I will do everything in my power to help you out.

    *Larry is aware I said that about him.

  9. Chris says:

    Yah, we had Dell computers too. Oh, and all kinds of problems as well….not a big fan of Dell at the moment. It is the whole service issue. Couldn’t find anyone who speaks my language, Um, that would be English. Good Luck! I sure hope that “Rick” can help you get up and running. ;)

  10. Mary W says:

    Now I have to go make mad love to my alwaus faithful, smiley startup faced MAC.

    I love my Mac.

  11. Kini says:

    I’m so sorry. My husband has a Dell laptop for work (you know, paid for by work). He did not have many problems with the machine itself, but has had oodles of issue with the Microsoft Windows part of it. (He’s writes software.) He spilled wine on the keyboard (uh, oops…yeah, that was at home), had it repair, but it has had LOTS of hardware issues now.

    Me? I have used a Mac Mini for over two years now and have added a MacBook Pro a few months ago. LOVE ‘EM! You should try them. *if* you have a problem, the tech guys are AWESOME. It was very daunting to switch to the Mac having so much windows software, but it is a conversion I am fully glad I made. (Oh, and yes, we do have several pcs in the house still). Good Luck, hope you find Larry!

  12. Tal says:

    Wow! See the awesome power of the internets work right in front of your eyes! Rick sounds like a pretty upstanding guy, in my opinion. Any man who can fix computers and joke about vegetables has got to be all right, right?

    All the best in resolving your computer woes.

  13. qtpies7 says:

    I bought a Gateway 8 years ago and loved it. The customer service was great, the breakdowns were few and far between and I could fix them with the help of a friendly phone guy! but my husband insisted that a Dell was wayyyy better. So, while I was on vacation this summer, instead of making my old computer faster, he bought me a brand new Dell. I have had so much trouble with it. Not the trouble you’ve had, but I hate it. And the hard drive is probably going out because it keeps getting louder and louder, and sometimes I get the blue screen of death. But then that stopped for no explainable reason. Weird. If my old computer was even remotely reasonable about the internet speed, I would not be touching this Dell.

  14. Mir says:

    I like Rick. He knows his veggies.

    Of course, now I’m hearing the “What we have learned” song in my head with new lyrics:

    We’ve heard a bunch about Dell CS today,
    Rick has a lot to say,
    about your (note)book!
    You see, we know that Dell’s sales are for everyone,
    And if Rick gets your laptop fixed,
    We’ll all take a look.

  15. Belinda says:

    Oh, Rick…the eyes of the internet are upon you. BIG-TIME. I started a stink, but I’m not sorry, because it netted us a lot of satisfaction and now some first-class Veggie-Tales jokes.

    And I’m sure that My Larry had an appropriately acerbic zinger of a retort to your “Bob” comparison. He was probably just too nice to say it out loud. That’s just how he rolls.

    And Chris, I had NO idea just how many times you’d documented your computer woes! Once Rick gets through all those links, I bet he’ll be able to fix you up. Your power problem sounds just like ours, and guess what Dell’s “regular” tech support had most recently diagnosed? That’s right: NEW MOTHERBOARD. Luckily that’s when Larry, my own personal Wyatt Earp (or Doc Holliday, maybe, because I’d rather imagine in my head that he read my post and then heroically proclaimed, “I’M YOUR HUCKLEBERRY!”) rode in and saved us from Eternal Unresolved Repair Syndrome.

  16. Belinda says:

    Also, the title of your post makes me think of that old song, “Where Have All The Cowboys Gone?” “Where is my Laaaarrrreeeee, Where is my Tech Suppooooorrrrt…Where are my happy endings, Why won’t my computer wooo-oo-oork?”

  17. Jeana says:

    The world needs a hero…

  18. Fairly Odd Mother says:

    Wow, you now have your own ‘Larry’! I hope Rick is your man.

  19. peepnroosmom says:

    Your comments have cracked me up tonight. I honestly, really snorted about Belinda’s comment. My husband asked what could be that funny on a computer that I had to snort. Ya’ll crack me up.

  20. Maliavale says:

    You know what I wanna know? Not where is my Larry, but where is my Lloyd Dobler. Come on, John Cusack!

    Excuse me. I am drunk. Hello.

  21. Hillary in KS says:

    You know, a couple years ago we had similar problems with Dell. After several attempts at trying to solve the problems, my dh finally asked the accented guy for a phone number where he could speak to a manager, or complain about the issue.

    The guy gave Marc a number, and Marc called and left a voice mail complaining about the issues and the lack of helpfulness by ANY Dell rep he’d spoken to.

    2 days later a lovely, helpful, native-English pseaker called us and took care of everything.

    Maybe try asking for a manager or a number to complain to?

  22. Luck O' the Irish says:

    I’ve heard to stay away from Dell laptops. Their desktops are great. Their laptops basically SUCK. Of course at my job, they gave me a Dell laptop. And whaddya know…I’m on my 3rd one in two years with the company. Bad batteries. Squidgy hard drives. Oh and recently, the keys started falling off my keyboard.

  23. Maddy says:

    Go Ricki, Go Ricki!!

  24. kate says:

    Did Rick help ya? You will have to keep us updated Chris!