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still talking about shoes

still talking about shoes

March 10, 2007

A couple of weeks ago my oldest son complained to me that his feet were hurting.

“Hurting how?” asked I.

“I don’t know.” answered he.

“Are your shoes too small?” I asked.

“I don’t think so.” he answered.

“Are your snow boots too small?” I asked.

“I don’t think so.” he answered.

“Well, that’s odd” I said.

He shrugged.

I shrugged.

And I promptly forgot all about it.


Fast forward to last week.

“My feet are still hurting.” he said.

“What?” I asked.

“My feet. They are still hurting.” he said.


“I don’t know.”

“I feel like we have been through this already.” I said.

“Yeah.” he answered.

He shrugged.

I shrugged.

And being the good mother I am, I ignored him.


Fast forward to yesterday morning.

“My feet are really hurting this morning.” he said.

“Okay, we need to get to the bottom of this. Are your sneakers too small?” I asked.

“No.” he answered, “I don’t thinks so.”

“Well we were hiking yesterday and you were wearing your sneakers. Did your feet hurt then?” I asked.

“A little.” he answered.

“Okay, how about you put on your sneakers and let me check them.” I said.

He got his sneakers on.

I felt the tips of his sneakers. His toes were all scrunched up like we were practicing Chinese foot binding. And, given how fast my boys grow out of their sneakers, is a practice I might just put into effect.

First thing this morning I brought him to the store for new sneakers. He need them two full sizes larger than the ones he had been wearing. TWO FULL SIZES. I had to suppress the urge to shout, “Are you stupid?”

Just to make sure we don’t have a repeat of this scenario, I bought all the boys new sneakers.

And my daughter four pair of new shoes, though I have no doubt in my mind at all that she would let me know the moment she felt the slightest twinge of discomfort.

If I am not buying shoes for myself, I am buying them for other people.

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  1. Anna says:

    10 pairs of shoes?! OMG! I only have one son…and I am such a bargain hunter, that everytime I find a pair that might fit his feet *at some time in the future* I feel like I have to get them…that kid has more shoes than I do…

    Hope that salesperson was working on commission! :-)

  2. Kim says:

    Holy crap! I cringe when I have to buy 3 pair of shoes but 10! Wow!

  3. briana says:

    Please tell us you got a good deal somewhere in there. Like buy three and get one free. :) Glad his feet won’t be hurting anymore.

  4. owlhaven says:

    It is truly amazing how oblivious boys can be!

    (But I’m so glad I’m not the only ‘bad’ mom who also sometimes misses hints…)


  5. Liz in Australia says:

    We took our girls shoe-shopping on Friday night. Amazingly, we found ones which we liked, AND the 9yo liked, and which fit properly, and which probably won’t be grown out of within the next month or two, and they didn’t cost the earth… If only that happened every time!

  6. Maddy says:

    LOL nothing like missing those little subtle hints boys like to give … I once took “my head hurts” to mean “I need a drink”, turned out he was getting the flue OOPS :)

  7. Novaks8 says:

    My daughters got new shoes yesterday as well.

    Cute leather keds with beads and charms.

  8. judi casey says:

    i am envious- the only one of my kids who will tolerate shopping of any kind, has left for college. my 16 yr.old daughter thinks that shoes are not comfortable until they are so worn out that her toes poke right on through the sneaker (no other shoes grace her feet except swim sandals). it is torture for a mom who loves to shop.

  9. meritt says:

    It’s a male thing.

    I’ve had that conversation so many times. Even when you specify; “Are your toes at the end of the shoe?” “No, I don’t think so.”

    And sure enough, their toes are curled up like little beans!

    BOYS! LOL.

  10. Nicki says:

    The other day while in the mall I remember to just have their feet checked. I was incredibly greatful when I found that their feet had not grown….lately. Of course at the rate the tear the shoes apart, I will have to buy new ones soon….but let’s just put it off a little while longer…please.

  11. Kini says:

    Wow! 10 pairs are a lot at once! My eldest daughter got a couple of pairs of new shoes since her feet grew a lot… My youngest insists her shoes are way too small (they are so not) just because she wanted new shoes too (I think she has a huge shoe obsession…I mean, she matches her shoes to her outfit, and notices OTHER peoples shoes all the time). I caved Friday and got her two cute pairs of dressy shoes (one for Easter, one because I am a softie and caved…and it gave her new dressy shoes that she could wear before Easter).

    Again, Wow. I bought 4 pairs this week. But, 10? Wow.

  12. Yvonne says:

    I say line up the shoes and give us a peek! (I am a shoe aholic, myself!)

  13. Kristie says:

    I have to say, I’m impressed that his shoes held together long enough for him to outgrow them by two sizes. My kids have a tendency to rip the toes out, or the soles fall apart, or the laces shred to nothing-ness before they grow out of them. Of course, it probably doesn’t help that I buy the cheapest shoes possible …. “because they’re just going to outgrow them, right?”

    All three got Heelys for Christmas and my oldest daughters literally, LITERALLY, have a hole in the heel where she’s tilted her foot to skate so much, but she keeps right on wearing them, hole and all.

    I have no idea why people think my kids are orphans. (sigh)

  14. Wendy says:

    I am so happy to hear that:
    1. There is another mother that ignores her children when they complain about something and the answer is not immediate. My only question, should I be waiting until my children are older?

    2. There is another mother that buys too many shoes for her kids. I have, at least, learned to buy the basics at Stride Rite and then the rest at Target or Payless.

    I thought it would be easier to pass up the clothes and shoes once I had a boy. Oh no, it is now my mission to find interesting clothes for my little male child. It is hard, because the boy clothes out there are not as varied as girls’, at least for babies. Unless you want to go the offensive route (http://www.tshirthell.com/babyhell.shtml). Oh we laugh, but we dont dare put them on our child.

    I think I will direct my husband to you after my shopping spree this morning. You have out me in a buying mood.

  15. Debbie H says:

    Done the same with my guys as well, very embarrasing to find that they were crammed into shoes 2 sizes too small. And one of my boys, the 10yr old is already into an 8 men’s shoe–extra wide..yikes.

  16. Woman with Kids says:

    Had to buy boy shoes today myself. Except I practice the “one for you, one for me” method of shoe purchases. Works out nicely…

  17. maria says:

    Okay- I I don’t feel so bad. My 2 boys go through life with one pair of sneakers and now recently maybe a pair of “dress” shoes and various pairs of sandals or boots - but never really have more than 1 or 2 pair that fit them at any one time. My daughter on the other hand - I just can’t resist buying her cute shoes and my husband’s just as bad…

  18. Fairly Odd Mother says:

    Wow, that is a whole lotta shoes! And I think my 3 pairs every month or two hurts!

  19. peepnroosmom says:

    10 pairs! Wow!
    We went shoe shopping for the oldest. He is in that weird size that is too big for kid shoes, but just a little small for men’s shoes. You can’t find his size anywhere. I would rather be beat over the head repeatedly than go buy him shoes. And IF we find some that fit, they are not “cool” enough. Or they cost $110.00. Or they are ugly. Ahhhhh!

  20. Elizabeth says:

    Oh, you’re not alone-I remember taking Nathan to the shoe store because he said his shoes felt tight. The shoes were a Youth size seven, and he measured a Youth size TEN! Three sizes!

  21. Jennifer says:

    Once my son had a toe hanging out of a small hole in his sock ALL DAY-since they were stretchy socks, his toe swelled and turned a nasty shade of purple. Of course that night he came to me complaining that his toe hurt but he wasn’t sure why! Hmmm, I say oblivious is a nice word for it. He never fails to inform us all when his stomach hurts with hunger pangs!

  22. amy says:

    Well just consider my poor sister whose 13 year old son is now wearing a size…. yes you quessed it…. a size 13 shoe AND he is about 6 feet tall AND he is not yet really into his growth spurt (according to the physician).

  23. Marey says:

    WoW! When he gets to a size 15 will you tell me where you can get shoes other than on line? My son’s foot size follows his age…I am dreading him turning 16!

  24. Amy from VA says:

    I agree with Yvonne! Can’t you devise some sort of educational project that entails sorting, lining up, and photographing the shoes by color…size…texture…SOMETHING…just so we can get a glimpse at the Yellow House booty…or sneakery for that matter?!

  25. kate says:

    I am glad you did not yell are you stupid at him, though I will never ever understand boys! Sounds like something my brothers would have done!