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Egg-cellent dinner

Egg-cellent dinner

March 19, 2007

Tonight Miles decided to make us eggs for dinner.

I am not sure what makes me laugh more, the seriousness with which he cracks the eggs, the way he stacks the shells, or my 7 yr old at the end of the video incredulously asking, “you allowed him to do this?” The commentary in the background by my other children kills me.

Also, be sure to notice my completely annoying voice and ineffectual parenting skills. How many more times can I say no more eggs and then not only allow it to continue, but tape it and laugh.

Posted by Chris @ 12:43 am  

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  1. Anna says:

    Adorable! I love the way he continues to *gently* crack the egg even after it’s oozing out the bottom and down the bowl.

    And you have to love… “Crack another one!” Partners in crime, I tell ya.

  2. Julie says:

    My mind boggles at the number of eggs in that bowl.

    I grew up 2nd oldest (oldest girl) in a house of 6 kids plus 3 kids we babysat full time and so I helped cook dinner every night for 9 kids and 2 adults. It shouldn’t shock me that you, your daughter, and 6 boys would easily eat 1.5 dozen eggs as I know that was a standard breakfast at our home, but my brain, it still boggles.

    I made my husband watch Miles’s stacking technique and we agreed we want him on our team for Jenga.

  3. Julie says:

    (By the way, the designation of “you, your daughter, and 6 boys” was because the prospect of feeding 6 growing active boys paralyzes me. It can’t be done! Can it? But that is all fodder for your other blog. Which I also love. Ok, enough of me.)

    So, out of curiousity, what did all those eggs make? Scramble? Quiche? Vats of eggdrop soup? Can you tell I’m hungry?

  4. The Lazy Organizer says:

    Oh ya, that’s a Mother of the Year award right there!

  5. bluepaintred says:

    ok but how did you get the egg shell bits out? tell me that secret and I will tape MY two year old cracking eggs!

  6. lammyann says:

    ROFL—I especially loved the giggles and snorts near the end….
    My kind of laughter!

  7. Shelly says:

    You are a great mom to let him make eggs! My boys love to help out…

    A priceless memory. So glad you have it recorded.

  8. Laura K. says:

    You totally made my day. Perfect thing to see this early in the morning! I’m still #1 Miles fan 4 EVA :-P He’s too cute, I bet it’s hard to say no to him! Your voice is sooooo cute too!

  9. robiewankenobie says:

    i love that you “allowed him to do that”

  10. meredith says:

    That’s hilarious! His one handed technique is almost perfect and I love his sister’s comments in the background.

  11. Jennifer says:

    That was so funny! He got really good at it near the end. Better than I am anyway. I LOVED your daughter’s commentary. She was so totally imitating you.

  12. Brigitte says:

    Gee, my daughter’s a month older and I hardly ever let her “help” me in the kitchen, you are such a brave woman!

  13. Sara says:

    So glad you “allowed” him to do that. The control freak in me was sitting on my hands while I was watching. I’m so very glad my 2y.o. is still sleeping and thus will not get any ideas. I do admire his technique and the seriousness with which he undertook the task, however.

  14. Kim says:

    who could not enjoy this??? He is the master of eggs… too funny!!! what memories…

  15. Heather says:

    I had to laugh out loud at your daughter, she is beyond cute. “Open it all the way, AND DONT LET GO!” hahaha!

  16. Meg says:

    I laughed out loud at this multiple times - and ditto Heather (comment above mine) - when I heard “Open it all the way, AND DON’T LET GO!” I starting hiccupping with laughter…

  17. Nicki says:

    The best part, by far is the seriousness he displayed while trying to crack the eggs. Move over Chef Ramsey, here comes Chef Miles!!

  18. zookeeper says:

    Wow- I can’t crack an egg with one hand! WTG Miles! I loved the way he piled up his egg shells on top of each other. Too cute! And you just KNOW that the “you allowed him to do that” commenters are thinking “hmmm….if I look cute enough, what will mom allow me to do….” with that little bwaaahaaahaaa in their voice.

  19. Jen says:

    Cute cute cute. My 3 year old was fascinated by this video… She’s a big fan of cracking eggs too!

  20. nabbalicious says:

    He cracks eggs better than I do!

  21. N. says:

    I am so impressed that you let him do that! I loved how he smushed the shells down on top of each other. I’m guessing that when he turns 11, you’ll let him cut the cake into whatever size pieces he wants. ;-) It is amazing how much mellower we are with the youngest. Because they are so freaking cute!

  22. Cheryl M. says:

    Simply eggcellent piece of video footage there!!! :)

  23. Chris says:

    That was priceless, thanks for sharing. Childhood memories are made with videos like that. What a patient Mom, that was really sweet!

  24. Lilly says:

    Miles did a great job. In a short time he mastered the one hand cracking technique. He’s a smart cookie! And you’re a fun mom.

  25. Kerry says:

    The control freak in ME was breaking out in hives watching a 2 year old with an 18 pack of eggs!

    How much ended up on the counter? Despite his technique it looked like all the egg made it into the bowl. I’m impressed.

  26. Sarah says:

    He did that really well! I’m going to let my 3 yr old have a go at breakfast tomorrow now.

    And I would have told my son “No more eggs” and he would have said “One more!” and I would have definitely said “Ok”. I like to call it “flexible” parenting!

  27. Sarah says:

    And also, it’s pretty cheap entertainment!

  28. jen says:

    too cute! the best part was your daughter’s snort when she laughed! it reminds me of… well, ME! LOL

  29. Annie says:

    My four year old daughter’s comment while watching the video, “Why is his mom not mad at him!?” After it was over she pleaded, “Again! Again!” Perhaps you could sell that one to Teletubbies. You are a cool mom, Chris

  30. JanB says:

    That was great! Where else can you find a toy for under two bucks that you can eat after it’s broken???

    Way to go, what a great video!

  31. Joy H says:

    LOVE IT…..you are awesome (and so is Miles).

    It looks like he did a great job and you really didn’t get many shells in there! The giggles from you 3yo are priceless. B/c of you, I’m going to let my little guy help make his bday cake today (he’s 3).

  32. Ashley says:

    “…Ip it apart, Ip it apart…” I think that was my favorite part!

  33. Velma says:

    I always end up punching my thumb through my eggs, so it’s official: a toddler can cook better than I can.

  34. peepnroosmom says:

    Loved It! Way to go Miles. I thought your little girl’s giggles and snorts in the background were the best.

  35. rachel says:

    he is so cute! He does much better than some folks around here, too.

    Love your 3yo’s giggling and help. This was definitely work the $1.50 in eggs!

  36. Lane says:

    Cutest thing I’ve seen all day! Thanks for reminding me to let my kids enjoy stuff like that more.

  37. kate says:

    I had never realized you could stack eggs like that. That’s incredible.

  38. Anne says:

    Master Chef coming soon to a restaurant near you. I have to say I am totally jealous cause I can’t crack an egg with one hand and the little guy can ack

  39. Salsaqueen says:

    Miles did a better job at making breakfast than I did yesterday morning. I broke one egg and it ended up running down the front of the oven on it’s way to the kitchen floor. Then I broke 2 yolks while trying to flip them for over easy eggs. I shoulda stayed in bed! Or called Miles. Will he be free next Sunday? It’s much warmer in FL than CT!!

  40. Alissa says:

    you’re the best mom ever.

  41. Danielle says:

    I’d love to say that I wouldn’t let my kids do something like that because I’m so anal but it’s hard to make them stop when they are so cute!

    Now my oldest wouldn’t have been able to do it because it would feel gross, my youngest wouldn’t be able to do it because she would throw it but my Middle child would love to come over and help Miles cook.

  42. Allanna says:

    Chris, your voice is so NOT annoying.

    And this was adorable. Your children just rock.

    (I, too, want to know what Chef Miles whipped up with all those eggies.)
    (And now I have that weird “I love you, egg!” song stuck in my head.)

  43. jody2ms says:

    While watching I was all, like, “Where are the paper towels!??!!!!!! Will someone get that woman some paper towels and some Lysol wipes!!”.

    I pledge to let my daughter help in the kitchen, make a mess, and have fun while I remain as calm as you.

    Adorable video!

  44. Victoria says:

    too flippin’ cute :)

  45. kris says:

    he’ll be bringing you breakfast in bed any day now. ( my first comment after enjoying reading here every.single.day.) that’s one very handsome boy! and he makes me feel very small after dumping a bowl full of eggs on the floor the other day

  46. Kelly says:

    ADORABLE!!! Funny that the girl in the family talks the most…imagine that! I have all nieces, so it’s non-stop talking. What is it that she calls Miles…”Mini”?

    “Crack anudder one!!!”

  47. JENinMICH says:

    Is he the cutest thing I’ve ever seen or what? Those cheeks and eyelashes. Was it killing the other kids that he got to crack them all. What a hoot!

  48. Brandi says:

    What skill! I still can’t crack eggs one-handed and I’m pushing 30.

  49. Beverly says:

    What a super egg cracker! I was very impressed!

    But mostly I enjoyed the little voice in the background, pleading with Miles to crack another egg!

  50. Michelle says:

    I am so impressed! He cracks eggs so well! What a little love!

  51. Andrea Q says:

    Do 18 eggs really only cost $1.50 back east? The white ones are $2.49 a dozen here in Las Vegas!

  52. Maddy says:

    Way to go, Miles!

  53. Ashley says:

    That was too cute!!

  54. Blythe says:

    Man, I think he cracks eggs better than I do! I’m gunna have to try that technique. Gotta love the stacking of the shells, that was great! He is SUCH a cutie pie.

  55. Polly says:

    I read once that in the “olden days”, whenever that was, that most French chefs were the youngest of the family. My youngest son too loves to “help” me in the kitchen. Maybe there’s something to that idea of the French?
    Hope you’re feeling better.

  56. sandra says:

    Can I send my kids over to your house? I’m with the commenter who was sitting on her hands. Not that I like it that way. Yeesh. I have got to loosen up.

    control freak and feeling it out loud.

  57. kathy says:

    eggs are 1 peso each here and GREAT entertainment. And what is it with kids who never remember how much leeway they got when they were much younger? My 12yo absolutely refuses to believe he EVER acted like the 5yo does now. Sheesh! :)

  58. liz says:

    He really got that one-handed professional technique down! What a great helper.

    Too bad you couldn’t eat them.

  59. Suzi says:

    Okay, I homeschooled five all the way through high school, so this scene isn’t all that different from those days. The really GREAT thing is that I have eight grandchildren now, and you know what they say: Your chickens always come home to roost… er… lay eggs!

  60. Melanie says:

    That’s adorable! And the one-handed cracking? Masterful. That’s hard to accomplish even as an adult. Maybe you have a future master chef on your hands - maybe the next Emeril? That guy makes loads of money cracking eggs.

  61. carrien says:

    LOL and glad it was in your kitchen.

  62. Elizabeth says:

    Your daughter’s comments were cracking me up! “Open it ALL da way, and don’t let go!”

    And I know adults who can’t crack eggs one-handed, Miles has the talent!

  63. tori says:

    Will you be my new best friend? I only have four kids, but my voice annoys me on video tape (yours is adorable though, not annoying at all) and I do the same types of ineffectual parenting things because they are fun. That’s enough for us to be best friends, right?

  64. goodsandwich says:

    I love how much you enjoy your children. It’s just delightful.

  65. cheeriobutt says:

    I laughed and laughed at this video! That was well worth the dozen and a half eggs spent. Just think how priceless this will be later on! I’d give him a whole’nother batch just so i can watch him crack some more! he’s soo cute! No wonder you can’t really stay serious enough to say no. So precious.
    You’ve given me new ideas of things I want to capture with my kiddos! Thanks!