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March 26, 2007

I had an incredible time at Blogher Business. I learned so much, about things I didn’t even know that were out there to learn about. I talked to so many incredibly smart women who are smarter and more savy than I could ever hope to be.

There were many times when I looked around and felt very mom-like. I’m not saying that in a bad way, just as a matter of fact. Like I was looking at the path not traveled. Like I was a poser. “What are you doing out of the house during the day wearing grown-up clothes and nice shoes? Get back in your house with your kids where you belong!”

Other people have already summed it all up, so why reinvent the wheel. I’ll just link to them and say “DITTO!” and “DITTO!!

And these are people whose blogs I will from this point on be stalking mercilessly.

Kristin, who brought her 5 week old baby. I tried to sneak him home in my bag of schwag. It was so awesome to meet her since we never got to meet in San Jose and the shirts she made for me from her t-shirt business went home with someone else. An event which neither of us completely understand.

Jen who is Kristin’s sister and the most calm and peaceful person I have met in a long long time. I wanted to stick her in my bag too.

Isabel, who kept grabbing my arm and saying, “Seven, really? Seven?” and Liz made sure we went out to eat at a great restaurant when they realized Mir and I were planning on grabbing something from the deli next door to the hotel and eating in our room. And though I had to revive Mir when the bill came, it was well worth it.

Megan, Beth, and Rita had the unique fun of having dinner out a restaurant with me while I tried in vain to conceal my panic attack over the the thought of eating food not prepared by me. They reassured me that the chef would not want to kill me.

The whole food thing was stressful, though Mir made sure that I was fed and watered, even when I didn’t want to inconvenience anyone, and promised to stab me with my Epi-pen should it come to that.

Our last night in NYC we went out to a restaurant where I had the pleasure of being served the smallest steak ever. Seriously, when it came to the table I couldn’t stop laughing. Elisa, being a vegan, could eat nothing at the restaurant except for a salad. Luckily, I could have the steak with my salad.

There are so many other things I could write about. And other people I met who I should link to. But my children are busy stuffing their faces with the gold foil covered chocolate coins that I brought back to buy their love, and really I should supervise it. After spending all that time with “Fun Daddy” I thought I had better do something, lest I lose them forever.

Although my daughter was happy since I think I successfully bought her every cute outfit in her size that I came across in NYC. Along with two more pair of shoes. I just whisper occasionally to her, “Daddy doesn’t like shoes.” No, I have no scruples.

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  1. Sara says:

    “Daddy doesn’t like shoes.” Must remember this one…

  2. bluepaintred says:

    daddy doesnt like shoes LOL. in my house, my husband and boys all have way more shoes then I do.

    im a minority

  3. daring one says:

    I’ so glad such a great time was had by all, lost cars in the parking lot or no. I’m starting to like you again now. I will like you more if you tell me all the cool stuff you learned.

  4. Jurgen Nation says:

    Aw, I am so glad you had such a great time. I can’t wait to see you this summer. :) xoxo

  5. dorothy says:

    I hope you get your allergies figured out soon. I could see the sheer unadulterated panic in your eyes when there might have been butter on that chicken. I was surprised at how protective I felt of someone I just met! See you in Chicago!

  6. Mom101 says:

    I’m so glad you survived food trauma in NYC. I would have felt terrible had you eating something nefarious at my reco!

    Don’t think for a minute you are a poser, by the way. The “her” in “blogher” is no doubt referring to you.

  7. Susan says:

    This is absolutely terrible, but my 7yo daughter has learned to QUIETLY take new shoes and outfits from me while mouthing something like, “Thank you so much, Mommy” and immediately heading to her room to stash the evidence.

  8. Chris says:

    You are so hilarious. I got very nervous sitting between you and Mir at lunch because I knew she was on “Epi-pen Patrol” and I had no idea whether Mir would just shove me out of the way to stick you in the leg or if she would just pass it down for me to do.

    How many years has it been since you have had an uninterrupted lunch without children and yet you STILL held my baby so I could enjoy that lovely mozzarella and roasted pepper sandwich? You are a queen among women. And those black boots you were wearing kicked ASS!!!

  9. Kristen says:

    How tired are you when you spell your OWN name wrong???

  10. Danielle says:

    I wish that I could have been there with all of you. I’m so jealous!!!! So freak’n jealous.

    Just to get back at you I’m going to eat something yummy with eggs in it. HAAAAA!!!!

  11. Beth B. says:

    You were very calm during dinner and always kept your wonderful smile. Maybe the advanced level of calmness is from having 7 kids? That must be my problem, I only have three boys - if I had 3 more boys and a girl then I could reach the advanced level of calmness. I wonder if that comes with a belt? I think I have been sitting through too many karate lessons…

  12. Kean says:

    I’m on my way to NYC next week with my 5 kids for spring break. Alone. Without DH. Which is good, since his abnormal fears about cities (especially NYC) are so huge, that our ability to have fun with him along would be slim. I am consumed with fear that one of my kids will get this horrible vomiting/fever thing that’s been going around here and lasts for DAYS while we are in the city,thus ensuring that we all sit in a very expensive room and look out the window for 3 days. Anyway,I digress….

    My beautiful teenage daughter wants to buy her prom dress there. I know she’s a different size than your little one, but do you have any great tips on where the discount stores are for shopping? She loves all things NYC and wants nothing better than to shop there, but the budget is oh so limited. So where does the average jane shop who wants the really hot deals, not just the experience of shopping 5th Avenue (Bwah ha ha?)? Tips anyone?

  13. Brigitte says:

    Glad to know you survived, turnstiles, potential epi-stabs and all! (I’d hate to picture your little skeleton hanging off the turnstile and being ignored by all the busy passers-by every day)