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this is slowly turning into a food blog

this is slowly turning into a food blog

April 3, 2007

Today I made bread. Not just any bread…. special gluten free bread. That I lovingly shaped into rolls.


Posted by Chris @ 9:59 pm  

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  1. Anna says:

    I laughed so hard I let out a snort…and the “camera man” cracking up is maybe my favorite bit!
    :-) Anna

  2. julie says:

    I am peeing my pants. You poor thing. There has to be something better than that for you to eat! Thanks for the laugh.

  3. Julie says:

    First of all, if you haven’t been told yet today, you are sooo pretty!

    Second, I totally laughed out loud at your rocks, I mean rolls.

  4. InterstellarLass says:

    Oh no. Poor you. They look pretty. Maybe you could rent them out for a food shoot?

  5. whoorl says:

    As I’m nearing the end of Weight Watchers Day 2, I will gladly eat every single one of those. (stomach growling)

  6. Karly says:

    Bwaaahaaahaaa! Poor girl. Keep trying. Your bound to find a recipe that works. Until then, enjoy your rocks.

  7. Cheryl M. says:

    Precious! Hopefully they taste as cute as they look….and if they’re not edible, perhaps they could be added into the rock wall on your property. Good luck in this new food venture of yours, Chris.

  8. Velma says:

    Thank God you didn’t shape it into a loaf! Drop that on your foot and you’d be in a walking cast!

  9. Monica says:

    Welcome to my world! I highly recommend Ezekiel bread. It’s good with peanut butter or avocado on it and you do get used to it, eventually.

  10. Deputy's Wife says:

    I needed that laugh! You looked like you could have your own cooking show. Until the rolls ker-plunked on the floor!

    Now there is an idea… perfect this gluten cooking and you could have your own cooking show on Food Network… Living Gluten Free… From the Trenches!

  11. Sheryl says:

    You never know though, a dozen door stops could come in handy!

  12. nrp says:

    So… what did your son think when he tried one? He seemed so eager…

  13. Susan says:

    The up side is you could eat one at the beginning of the day and probably have no room for anything else the entire day. Of course you probably couldn’t MOVE, either.

  14. Trivial Mom says:

    The gluten-free rolls that my mom has made for my Celiac’s dad turn out one of two ways: they are either rock hard, or cake-y(and she’s a baking genius!). Keep working on it, you’ll get the hang of it eventually. And pound cake would definetly beat rocks, IMO. Good Luck!

  15. meredith says:


  16. Jennifer says:

    Funny! You are so pretty on camera!

  17. rachel says:

    ugh. well, my first attempts went to the dogs and seagulls. there is a learning curve!

    my best bread is almost as good as gluten bread, but it took a while to learn. at least you could have fun with it!

    you look lovely on camera!

  18. Jeana says:

    My favorite part is the “Now can we try and eat one?” right after the roll opened up a crater in your floor. What did he think after he tasted it?

  19. Jennifer says:

    You could always use them to threaten the kids (”clean up your room or I’ll peg you with a roll”). It’s only your first attemp and I’m sure you’ll find something edible soon. BTW, you are adorable!

  20. peepnroosmom says:

    Ha Ha Ha Ha! Those turned out to be rocks.
    Did your kids try to eat them?
    And you do look lovely on camera :)

  21. DW says:

    Oh my gosh! That is so cute!
    I love the kids running in towards the end.

  22. wookie says:

    In my experience, bread is actually the hardest. Cookies are pretty easy, and I’ve made some decent bars. But bread I haven’t ever made successfully. It is the one thing that my (celiac) MIL continually buys for herself. I’ve made decent biscuits though.

    I finally found my copy of “Gluten Free Gourmet” and it has two flour mix substitutes that you can make ahead of time and just substitute 1-1 in your recipies. It also explains why one uses xanthan gum, and there is apparently an egg replacement (something about how the protien activates something in the cooking process that you can’t leave out).

    It has about 200 pages of recipies as well… do you have an amazon wishlist?

  23. Lisa says:

    Me bad. I showed this to my kids so they would appreciate the fine coffee cake I made them this morning, in which I forgot to add the oil. Pehaps you could varnish them and use them as table art?

  24. Ashley says:

    LOL how funny..

  25. Personal Chef to 2 says:

    You poor girl. I can’t imagine your frustration over all of this. But on the bright side, it’s making for great blogging material!

  26. Personal Chef to 2 says:

    Insert “some” in that last sentence above. I really should proofread before I post … Must get some caffeine!

  27. Melanie says:

    Eeeewww…. but maybe you could shellac them and set them out as a decoration, like the fake grapes they have in the cheese section of the grocery store.

  28. Sara says:

    Brick rolls…yep. That’s bad. But color me impressed at how all of your children stayed off camera until said rolls were dropped. Mine would have been mugging for the camera the minute the little light went on.

  29. tori says:

    To me the funniest part is your child asking if he could now eat one. Kids will try anything, won’t they?

    You are beautiful!

  30. jm says:

    (Nthing the “holy smokes, Chris! I wish I looked as good on camera as you do!)

    You could TOTALLY give these folks a run for their money :) You have an entire film crew right on-site!


  31. Lillesol says:

    Try reading http://glutenfreegirl.blogspot.com/ for ideas on eating gluten-free. It’s a great blog. I read it often & am not even allergic to gluten!

  32. Susan says:

    I have seriously watched that probably six times and I laugh EVERY SINGLE TIME. At Miles LEAPING up and RUNNING over to see what’s going on.

  33. Michelle says:

    Maybe you could sell them to a dentist? They sound like they’d bring in all kinds of dental business. On a side note, you are just so cute!!

  34. Kai says:

    You poor thing! Hopefully you find a better recipe soon!

    The kids running in at the end totally cracks me up too. Thanks for the laugh!

  35. Lisa says:

    I, like everyone else, got the biggest kick out of the kids dashing in from the background like you’d just tossed chocolate coins on the floor! Priceless!
    And, I ditto the “You’re beautiful!” statements.
    So original, aren’t I?
    Good luck with the continued cooking endeavors!

  36. Brigitte says:

    I try to avoid making the “I love Chris” statements, because everyone else covers them so well, but I think if I saw you and your kids out, I’d just assume you were the eldest sister . . .

    That “thud” of the dough was too much!

  37. Ashley says:

    I know you have been given oodles of advice…but here are my 2 cents. Spelt brerad is gluten free and actually quite tasty.

    Spelt Brerad

    8 cups spelt flour
    1/2 cup sesame seeds
    1/2 teaspoon salt, or to taste
    1 tablespoon blackstrap molasses
    2 teaspoons baking soda
    4 1/4 cups milk
    Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F (175 degrees C). Grease two 9×5 inch loaf pans.
    In a large bowl, mix together the spelt flour, sesame seeds, salt, molasses, baking soda and milk until well blended. Divide the batter evenly between the prepared pans.
    Bake for 1 hour and 10 minutes in the preheated oven, or until golden. Placing a tin of the same size over the top of the loaf while baking gives it a lovely crust.

  38. shannon says:

    i know someone who has her family gluten fee and she has mastered the art of breadmaking ( though apparently it’s still heavy!) i can hook you up with erh if you want!

  39. Paige says:

    As one who has also done the gluten free route, I can say that my bread (or any gluten free bread that I have tried) will NEVER be as good as regular bread. Never.

  40. Meg - badhomeschoolmom says:

    When I saw this I laughed so hard my kids came running in the room asking what I was laughing at, kind of like your kids all came running into the room when they heard you drop em! HA HA! Now, spelt isnt so bad, expensive, but not TOO terrible! It’s better than those horrible epipens I suppose!

  41. cristen says:

    ditto the trying not to be so “i love chris,” since it’s already been said so many times, BUT it’s so great to get to see you! that was so very funny. and you are great on film; almost as good as on paper/screen.

  42. Laura K. says:

    You are almost as cute as Miles.. almost.

  43. daring one says:

    How cute are you? Are you gonna mail me some? Non-perishable, right?

  44. Ruth H says:

    My husband loved it!! You really made a hit with him. I just died laughing, especially with the “now can we try some?” kid. I tried some gluten free tapioca bread from the Sun Harvest store. It was terrible. It was grainy. The birds must have liked it, it disappeared.

  45. kate says:

    oh chris that is hysterical. Did you let them try one?

  46. kate says:

    try ashley’s recipe I have a similar one but I am allergic to milk and soy so I have to either use goat’s milk (blech) or Water! Go for the water. I have never made it but my mother has. I will see what I can dig up for you from her as she had to make everything from scratch because my siblings and I were allergic to everything except maybe air and yeah that was about it.

  47. Marianne says:

    Ok… it should be illegal to have that much adorableness in one household.

    Too funny!

  48. Mary W says:

    Attach them to the broom and instant barbells. Gluten free dumbells.

  49. min says:

    How can you have 7 kids? You look so young!!! As for the gluten free stuff, my daughter is allergic to wheat, eggs, peanuts, cheese, barley and who knows what else. I’m hoping she’ll outgrow it soon because I’m not about to make any gluten free bread. Gluten free pasta tastes like cardboard if you ever tried it.

    I love how your son ran toward the fallen bread.

  50. Jenn says:

    Oh, how I feel for you. But that video was toooo funny!

    But I must say, you were made to be on camera!

  51. kippi says:

    so funny! your kids are great.

    btw, spelt is wheat (and has gluten in it) so that recipe above is a no no. also ezekial bread has gluten in it.

    if you have a Whold Foods Market nearby, they have gluten free bread from their bakery, although I don’t know if it is egg free.

  52. jody2ms says:


    Damn, thems some hefty rolls!!!

  53. Meg says:


  54. nabbalicious says:

    HAHA! Oh, that killed me!

  55. Lar says:

    You can buy gluten-free mix for a bread machine, I forget the brand that I tried but it was actually soft and tasted like whole-wheat bread.

    Best of luck; we had to go gluten-free for my daughter for a while, so I really feel for you.

  56. Frauke says:

    I laughed out so loud my entire office must think I’m even more weird than they already knew I was. Great: “Now can we try to eat one??” I wonder how that went.

  57. Gail Martin says:

    Do you have a Wegman’s near you? Everyone is chomping at the bit waiting for the new one to open here and I have heard that they have gluton free stuff. I had a friend who was allergic to wheat flour. She ate rice cakes. Personally, I think they are like eating styrofoam; but you do what you have to do.

  58. T in HD says:

    WAH! It seems there is a video clip to go with this entry but all I get is an empty box with a little red x in the corner. I can’t open your blog with my old browser anymore and this one doesn’t appear to do video clips. I am SO hacked off. :-( I want to see the video!!!!!!