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Procrastination Station

Procrastination Station

April 7, 2007

I am a procrastinator.

I have known that Rob’s family is coming over for Easter dinner since Monday. (Back story, Rob’s sister usually hosts Easter, but she is a nurse and just found out she is scheduled to work.)

I have planned the menu, but not shopped for anything.

I have planned to clean the house to the standard that Rob’s family requires in order to not disown us, but not actually done it.

I have planned to finish all the laundry and have it all put away, but you know how that goes.

I am a really good planner.

My reasoning is that I don’t want to have to re-do anything. But I end up saving it all for the very last minute. When will I learn.

So today I will fight the masses of other procrastinators at my local grocery store for all the ingredients I need for this,

The Menu:

–Spiral Ham
–Roasted potatoes
–Glazed carrots
–Dinner rolls
Death of our savior cookies
–some sort of yet to be determined appetizers
–some sort of yet to be determined desserts

Rob’s mom will bring one of her cream soup, cornflake concoctions. But I consider that more of a decoration than a food item.

And then there is the other stuff:

–Fresh flowers for the table
–Replace candy that I ate which was supposed to go in baskets
–Plastic eggs, what happens to these every year? Do the children eat them?
–Figure out what the hell I am going to wear that is both Easter like and appropriate for 30 degree weather
–Also the outfit must attempt to conform to my daughter’s Black Tie standards
–Figure out what the boys are going to wear
–Fold and put away laundry
–Clean all bathrooms, whenever I only deep clean the ones I think guests are likely to use they go and use the other ones
–About a million other things that are too boring to detail, which I know seems impossible after this list, but it is true.

Sadly this year I will not be baking the traditional braided Easter bread, that I have affectionately renamed Death Bread, since the ingredients EGGS! WHEAT! MILK! will kill me now.

And don’t think it is lost on me that I am sitting here writing about all the things I need to do instead of actually doing them.

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  1. Antique Mommy says:

    I used to do those Martha Stewart-style gatherings too complete with table favors, but now I only agree to host things I can I have in the evening so I can keep the lights low which hides most of the dirt. And now table favors mean real napkins.

  2. Novaks8 says:

    I know what you mean.

    We have two egg hunts today, church tomorrow and then dinner here.

    My house is a wreck.

  3. coloradomommy says:

    HA! LOVE the trying to dress for Spring when it is, clearly and sadly, still winter outside. The poor frozen Easter Bunny.

    I’ll be at Target with all the other procrastinators too. The girls’ baskets will be stuffed with whatever is left. And, ew, we need to go to Costco at some point too. Sigh.

  4. Fiddledeedee (It Coulda Been Worse) says:

    This is just a wild guess, but Rob’s mom doesn’t read your blog. I really wish that my side of the family didn’t read mine. I would have oh so much more blog fodder. The stories I could tell.

    I’m with you on the procrastination issue. I forgot to get eggs for the boiling pot. So, now I have to decide between dying eggs, or cooking breakfast. And I have to shop for an Easter dress for me. Today. Saturday before Easter. I’m scr….um, in trouble.

    Love your blog. You make me spew coffee from my nose.

  5. Meritt says:

    OH CRAP.

    Been so busy I’ve ‘forgotten’ that really, tomorrow is Easter. I’m actually one of those Martha-on-a-budget people, but to tell you the truth, I haven’t even planned a menu.

    My Mother told me in an email that she is having Easter dinner at her home and we can come. But, uh, I get along with my mother like you get along with yours. LOL. Still… since I’ve not planned a meal, not done shopping, AND have a French Foreign Exchange student here for Easter this year as well, I’m thinking it might be worth the 6 hour drive and 3-4 hours of being around my family so I don’t have to grocery shop today.


    (I’m also bringin Exchange Student to the ‘BIG’ mall for shopping all day too, taking him out to lunch …. and it’s my birthday too.) Grocery shopping isn’t high on my list.

    Crap. I have 36 eggs we were supposed to dye too and we never got around to it.

    A C K!

  6. shannon says:

    I’ve gotten to the point where i only hardboil the eggs for the 2 and 4 yo! The 6 and 8 yo - i give em raw eggs and tellthem to *be gentle* Lol

    My easter menu so far consists of Ham and……….. ummm.

  7. Wendy says:

    Right there with ya sista. However, my solution was to make pasta. It is easy and feeds the massess. You know kinda like Jesus feeding the masses with fish and bread. The pasta never seems to run out.

    Cant help ya with the other stuff, because I have to do it, too. And yeah, I have to run to the store myself, because it seems everyone bought every last bit of Easter grass, yesterday. UGH!!!

    Happy Easter. I will be passing out Sunday night.

  8. Kelly says:

    Man, do I relate (as I sit in my apartment that needs a good spring cleaning)!

  9. meredith says:

    For an appetizer I am making asparagus stuffed harboiled eggs, so I don’t think that will help you out any. Good luck with the preparations and I hope you all have a nice weekend.

  10. Carolynn says:

    Well, how lucky can I be, I’m working for Easter so don’t have to get involved in any of that stuff. Mind you the house could do with a top to tail but that can wait till next week. I also need to catch up with the washing and ironing. Hubby will vaccum throughout tomorrow if I ask nicely then that only leaves the dusting and cleaning. Monday is going to be easy, we will have a BBQ and make a small salad to go with it as no-one ever eats much of that. Hopefully the local supermarket is open tomorrow am so I can get another BBQ pack to make up what we need, the rest is in the pantry.

  11. Kini says:

    I totally feel your pain! I am so glad that we are not going anywhere nor is anyone coming here for Easter…

    That said, a giant number of family and relations are invading our premises next weekend for my daughter’s birthday “gala”. So, my list of things to do and get is fairly similar to yours.

    Let us know how it turns out!

  12. peepnroosmom says:

    I need to clean in a bad sort of way. But I am I doing it? No. I am sitting here reading your blog!

  13. Allanna says:

    EEeeeps!! That’s right! I have family over today!

    Crap! I’ve got to get busy at this! Thanks SO much for reminding me!

    (Yes, I have perfected the art of procrastination, too.)

    And I’m sorry about your allergies. I’m wishing you a miracle to make them completely disappear. (But you do still get chocolate. Thank goodness!)

  14. Debbie says:

    Loved your menu, including the scratched off item, (good grief people, “get a life” and a sense of humor too). ;) Our Easter plans include—-no guests, no big fancy dinner (a first in about a decade), thus our bathrooms will remain dirty and I may stay in my pajamas all day. Thanks for the laughs, now get busy!

  15. Holly says:

    I say skip everything else and tell them you thought it would be a good idea to get the full appreciation of what Easter is about and make the cookies(not the funny recipe though) with them then they will leave and you won’t have to be so stressed. Although after they leave all you will have to eat for Easter is cookies. Also they may disown you. Okay not my best plan.

  16. Woman with Kids says:

    But… wait… doesn’t writing about it count? I mean, that shows you’re thinking about it, you haven’t forgotten it… Geez, that’s gotta count for something!

  17. Liz in Australia says:

    So glad we don’t do a big Easter celebration! We half-poisoned our girls with chocolate this morning and that’s about it. On the downside, it means there’s no incentive to do anything about the appalling state of the house. Darn.

  18. Rachel says:

    that’s my strategy here, too. But my mom’s hosting Easter, so I can be lazy without massive repercussions. I just need to bathe myself & the children before noon tomorrow. I think I can manage that. ;)

    I’m so sad for you that you found out about the crappy food stuff right before a major holiday. that sucks.

    I’ve taken to buying new treats for my husband so he’ll report back that they suck, which then makes me feel better.

  19. connie says:

    I went to Target today myself. Won’t be making that mistake again next year!

    As for us, WE are grilling hot dogs tomorrow. Mom doesn’t like my daughter’s husband, has decided not to cook, therefore we are FREEEEEEEEE!

  20. Niki says:

    Thank goodness I’m not hosting this year, however, we just arrived back in town today, and tomorrow is dinner at my parents’ house - I’m supposed to bring a ham (for 15 people!) and au gratins. I neglected to shop before I left town, thinking (stupidly) I could do it today. Finally got around to it about 5:00 - and grocery store #1 had NO hams. None. Unless you count those little 1/2 pound things I would have needed 20 of! This sent me into a huge panic thinking I wouldn’t find one. Fortunately store #2 had lots.

    I also have not bought any Easter candy for either of my kids. Today when they got home from their trip, I informed them of this and told them I could either race out today and find some, or I could take them to Target on Monday and give them each $20 to buy half-price candy or whatever then wanted. 16 yo was all for it - 11 yo wanted me to go buy candy anyway. I told her no. I’m definitely not in the Mom hall of fame this year!

  21. Fairly Odd Mother says:

    I hope you got it all done. I’m a huge procrastinator too and was running around today looking for a special type of tofu I need for my daughter’s (milk-free) dessert (don’t worry; it’s really good). Of course, the three stores I ran to did not have it, so now it is 9:30pm and I have no idea what the child will have for dessert on Easter. The stores were insanely packed with other crazy people like me.

  22. amy says:

    I got exhausted when I just thought about your having to put away and do the laundry and dress all those boys. Oh wow — I know you will get it all done, but I really am not exactly sure how you will do it (hoping for good blog reading on Monday) - if you survive that is!

  23. Eve says:

    Okay so my mom, after having 7 kids herself, is totally over making Easter dinner and put it on me to host it this year. Lately I’ve been hosting every holiday and birthday party at my house. I’m sitting here avoiding the mess that a Saturday can bring as well as not shopping for candy that I’ve eaten or making stuff ahead of time for tomorrow. I really don’t want to clean any bathrooms either. SO I have a plan. I will take the kids and myslef to church tomorrow morning and leave a nice long list for my husband. I think your husband should definately clean the bathrooms. It is his family after all! :)

  24. Owlhaven says:

    I am exhausted puddle tonight from doing all sorts of the same crazy things getting ready for hubby’s family to come to my house. I swear, it is such a pain. They’re lovely people–it’s not really their fault. I just can’t make myself give up the idea of perfection, or at least moderate neatness…..

    Mary (wish it was over already)

  25. Darren McLikeshimself says:

    Wow. This all sounds really good. I had a lunchmeat sandwich and Baked Lays.