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The Day After- the finale

The Day After- the finale

April 9, 2007

Sanity has been restored to my house.

Sanity Restored

I have vacuumed and washed the floors.


Tossed out all the candy I could find. And I have not eaten any of it today. But I really REALLY want to go dig it out of the trash and eat it.

No, you may not touch the throw pillows

Organized the toys and put them all away.

Toys are for looking, not playing

And answering all your burning questions:

1) No I did not run out and buy my daughter bubbles. I am mean and quite possibly lazy. But she hasn’t mentioned them once. I think she was satisfied with all her candy and assorted toys that she did get.

2) We did have Easter grass in the baskets. But I got rid of it all by 9:00 am yesterday morning.

3) The wall color is Barley by Benjamin Moore, their Pottery Barn collection. I really like it alot too.

4) Yes I do own half of IKEA in this one room of my house.

5) Yes I have a sickness. It is called clutter makes me absolutely mental. But you know what is even more frightening? I am nowhere near as anal as my husband. And it annoys me.

Posted by Chris @ 8:50 pm  

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  1. Scout's Honor says:

    I wish I had your sickness. Wrappers are everywhere–and some of them are from me. Add some shedding dog-bunnies. Muddy footfrint from kidlets and dogs. Laundry everywhere. Easter grass everywhere. And yes, love and mania everywhere. Yep, it’s spring break.

  2. Anna says:

    Seeing that spotless expanse has inspired me…how on earth do you do that with seven kids? I am going right home after work tonight to throw away all the clutter! Your family room/living room is beautiful…

  3. Deputy's Wife says:

    Is it wrong that I get excited about pictures of your home? I mean, it’s nice that you have the kids in the photos too. Really. But, I can’t help it! I love your house. Thanks for the paint color, because I just wrote it down as a color option for my living room.

    All of my boys are in bed. Since 8pm. Too much sugar and little sleep make for vewy vewy crazy boys. I almost renamed my three year old Sugar McCracky. I swear to God his pupils have been dilated all day.

  4. Lisa says:

    Hey, now that you’re allll done there….you wanna come and spruce up MY house? :>) Please? I’ll pay you? In…whatever currency speaks to you most!

  5. Keith says:

    The same husband that drops his jacket willy-nilly all over the house? Shocking.

  6. Courtney says:

    Oh Chris! I most definitely need lessons. I don’t know how you possible keep your house so neat! I only have 2 kids and it’s a disaster. I blame it on working, and that by the time I spend a little time with my kids in the evening, I’m too pooped for anything else. Yeah, that’s it!

  7. Mary O says:

    Your house is beautiful. Love the couch, too!

  8. Clutterville says:

    I am almost in tears at how lovely and streamlined your home is.

    Echoing another commenter, I only have two children and my house is a craptastic mess. I am the anal type too but my husband IS NOT. After 7 years of marriage and two children coming in the past two years I can’t keep up with it anymore, I don’t even have work as an excuse. I get positively overwhelmed and just want to rock in a corner with my arms around my knees, seriously, medication is needed. The times I have made some headway my hubs comes home again and strews more of his crap about again. Our son’s are going to follow suit because getting the two year old to pick up his stuff is quite a pain; songs, cajoling, stern words, etc. so I’m sure it’s bound to get worse.

    Wow, that was a downer, sorry. I’m going to have to give Ikea a look-see online, there is no store here.

  9. Carolynn says:

    I love a tidy house too, so does my Hubby so he is good at helping to tidy up and dp housework. Wea don’t have any kids so I guess that makes a bit of a difference, but we have too dogs who’s hobby it is to see how many dust bunnies they can manufacture.

    Chris why did you throw the candy away???


  10. Anne says:

    I didn’t even buy easter grass, I shudder at the mess it makes as soon as you take it out of the package lol

  11. Rachel says:

    your house is gorgeous. truly.

    and, um, we’ll come visit you, ok? I know our house is more appealing with the beach and all that, but the clutter might give you an aneurysm. :)

    I’m also not able to throw candy away. But my kids don’t gorge, they eat a little here and there. self-imposed moderation - it completely confuses me.

  12. Meg says:

    I am so jealous of your purty house!!!

  13. Maddy says:

    How do you keep your house so tidy?? You must really be able to put that “everything in its place” rule into action.

    Teach me, oh mistress of (non)clutter!

    I only have two kids and my house doesn’t look that good.

  14. Holli Smith says:

    I’m so glad that I’m not the only one w/ that anal illness. Of course I might be cured if I had 7 kids. I don’t know how you do it!
    I LOVE that room and I LOVE what you did w/ the space behind the couch. LOVELY!

  15. deborah says:

    please please please bring your dyson to my home. I used to clean like you. once upon a time, I was very clean and organized, then, I tuned into a sick person, who just doesn’t care as much. I want to be that woman again, but she ran away.

  16. Katie says:

    Aw, you beat me. The Easter grass was gone at 10:04am here. (Clutter makes me mental too.)

  17. Jen says:

    We don’t toss the candy, we put it in a plastic bag, at the top of the pantry, and bring it out to recycle for all kinds of holidays - we do eat the good chocolate kinds though. All the starburts, skittles, laffy taffy, and sweet-tarts are put away for Halloween, Xmas, Valentines, or Easter.

    Yes, we recycle our candy. Sadly, it is the only thing we actually recycle.

  18. Susan says:

    Damn you, Chris. I’m home sick today, needing to rest, and now all I want to do is clean after seeing your pictures. (Which is usually how I spend my sick days, but I swore to myself I wouldn’t this time.)

  19. jennie says:

    After reading the posts and comments from the past couple of days I realize I am obviously the meanest mum in the world… my kids get one piece of candy after breakfast, and one piece after supper. They are only 2 and 4 though. I cannot imagine how i would deal with the sugar high that would accompany the eating of any more candy than that.

  20. Sonja says:

    Haha. I’m your living room twin (at least furniture-wise).

  21. jm says:

    They make EDIBLE Easter grass now, which is so cool I can hardly even speak without doing a little dance.

    Your house is lovely.

  22. Bekah says:

    Funny that you mention the paint color– my husband and I have repainted our bedroom twice in the past month trying to find the perfect color. He wanted something yellow, but I wanted something more neutral. We ended up with a color called ‘camel’ that is just a bit too dark.
    I sent him the link to your website this morning to check out the color in your living room since I think it’s what we’re going for. He pointed out that it looks an awful lot like the color one shade lighter than ‘camel’ that he thought we should go with but I insisted on going one shade darker.

    I’m willing to admit my mistakes. And volunteer to do the painting next time around…

  23. LaShawn says:

    IKEA is the bestest place on Earth as far as I am concerned.

    I do love the wall color.

  24. LLD says:

    You forgot the painting on the wall - it’s very intriguing - where is that from?

    Love Ikea and Pottery Barn!

  25. elizabeth says:

    I can’t tolerate clutter on a long term basis. It really scares me - for the health of kids, to see some of the slovenly homes people keep. I guess I am anal - but I will raise my kids in a clean house. NEVER at the expense of them (as someone in my parental unit did) - seeming to make them (kids) think that I believe my home is more important than they are - it isn’t.

    I think you have found a balance - I love shiny, clean spaces.

    They can live in a pig sty in a dorm room until they get sick of it :-)

  26. lorriane says:

    Yes lovely room…but a little, teensy, itsy-bitsy suggestion - no offense meant but your “art” is mounted a little too high. You could lower it or easily put a rectangular and another square picture below the existing arrangement. Most people hang their art too high. I worked in an art framing store as a teen and how high (or low) to hang the pictures was the most asked question.

  27. carrien says:

    What a pretty room. And I am in awe, my two can destroy a space that size in a matter of seconds. That you have any pretty clean rooms amazes me. How long did it last after the pictures were taken?

  28. Ani says:

    Can I borrow your anal husband? Cause mine is not, and I am, and with two small boys, the clutter is making me climb the walls.


  29. Tonja says:

    How beautiful!! I’m anal, so I must point out the green at the top of the wall… is that the pic or is it still green from before?
    Anyhoo… it’s still a very beautiful room.
    IKEA here I come!

  30. twoboysmom says:

    Haha! My first thought was “I wonder what that paint color is?” I’ve been looking for a new color for our family room.

    I thought I was the only mean mommy! I also throw the candy away!

    Love your blog.

  31. Carola says:

    I can’t believe how organized your house is…I have one 1-yr old daughter, a small apartment, a cleaning lady comes twice a week, and still, it doesn’t look close to what I see in your pictures…beautiful! …and when I was feeling very bad about my not-spotless house I found some comfort in reading this very interesting article about how “bad is good”, that says that an ultra-hygienic environment may be one of the reasons for some common diseases, like asthma, allergies, and…depression! I know this is lame (shame on me), but I have an excuse now, I don’t want to have depression again. :)

  32. Becky says:

    Are your couches from IKEA? I have the same entertainment center in my loft and I love it.

  33. Liz Stevens says:

    I don’t think that your art is hung too high………

  34. Karen says:

    So when can you start on my place?? :)