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Bad Haiku Tuesday

Bad Haiku Tuesday

April 17, 2007

Monday rain was bad
It is over. You rejoice.
Along comes Tuesday snow.


leave your haiku in the comments.
The one that I like best, by whatever arbitrary standards I have at the time I read them, will win a prize.

Posted by Chris @ 11:18 am  

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  1. Mir says:

    Rain still falling here;
    sump pump works ominously.
    Pray power stays on.

  2. bluepaintred says:

    Sun, Please come out now
    Childrens lives are in danger
    Let them play outside!

  3. Jeana says:

    Vodka Martini
    Smirnoff Coolers, Hard Liquor
    Margarita, Wine

  4. Sara says:

    Laundry, vacuuming,
    snotty noses and coughing.
    But Thank God! NO SNOW!

  5. Laziza says:

    Lovely Chris deserves
    Many drinks for these dark days
    But wheat-free of course!

  6. Crisanne says:

    Screaming baby screams
    On me she sleeps the night thru
    Will it ever end???

  7. Kelly says:

    Wear pedometer.
    Drink water, don’t eat bread…sweets.
    Why? For bikini.

  8. Annika says:

    Sometimes I think I
    will just stop blogging and save
    myself the trouble

  9. kate says:

    slush, sleet, snow, gropple
    puking baby, dumb husband
    april sucks. need booze.

  10. oshee says:

    Son dumps cereal
    All over living room floor
    I need your vacuum!

  11. Joan says:

    Yesterday it rained
    Today it is still raining
    Tomorrow more rain

    (Titled “Never Ending April Showers”)

  12. Melissa says:

    Rain again, what’s new
    Patience thin, natives restless
    Thank god for TiVo

  13. Jen says:

    Rain, rain, please fuck off.
    Children need to be outside,
    playing in the sun.

  14. Sarah G. says:

    Wind blows hard all day
    Rain fills the stream and the lawn
    pollen fills water and air

  15. wookie says:

    Put away thick coat
    Temperature drops 10 degrees
    I hate Canada

  16. Holli Smith says:

    I vote for Jeana’s!!!
    So very funny!

  17. Queen Bee says:

    quiet in the kitchen
    what is the matter
    two young boys are peeing in the sink
    laughing atop the counter

  18. Jenn Perryman says:

    Stepkids here this week
    Three more to feed, bathe and clothe
    Please work, birth control!

  19. Julie says:

    First day without rain
    Can we go outside at last?
    ‘Fraid Not. Pink-Eye. Crap.

  20. MamatoBrownheads says:

    yellow daffodil
    amidst snow, mud, wind and rain

  21. MamatoBrownheads says:

    here’s the last line-toddler fingers helping here today….

    come sun, warm us

  22. Scout's Honor says:

    Seattle City
    Too many hipster Mamas
    Rain on their hip treads

    Sun come out for me
    bedraggled mommy of three
    dreamin’ of hell’s warmth

  23. Courtney says:

    Work sucks.
    Why must I come?
    Need money.

  24. Julie says:

    Rare but true, a rhyming haiku:

    Yes, Girls like things pink.
    But eyes are too much, ya think?
    I needs me a drink.

  25. poppy fields says:

    My planted flowers
    Will require sun and water
    I only need wine.

  26. Eve says:

    Today was bad luck
    Got pulled over by the cops
    My license was expired.

    Kids ask “Mom what’s wrong?”
    “Why is that cop mad at you?”
    “Will I make it to school?”

    Kids were late for school.
    Mom almost got arrested.
    And expensive ticket!

  27. Angie says:

    welcome to my April
    droopy daffodils steeped in snow
    only replace Tuesday with Wednesday

  28. Christine says:

    Kids pissing me off.
    At least I had sex last night.
    Coffee and Zoloft.

  29. Spinoff says:

    Rain reflects heart tears
    As parents grieve Hokie child
    Hug your babies close

  30. Jess says:

    Head pounding
    Maxalt swallowed
    Still working

  31. Meg says:

    Oho! I already wrote a haiku this morning (it’s my standard thing on my MySpace):

    “A Haiku on a Sign From the Universe or Maybe Just the Pixies That Not Everything Is Wrong”

    When your daughter asks,

    “More ‘Broken Face’?” in the car,

    you’re doing all right.

  32. peepnroosmom says:

    Groceries this morning.
    Cherry Limade for lunch. Yum.
    Gotta love Sonic!

  33. Azul says:

    Soccer in sunshine is fun
    Until Boy and Mom collide
    Now Mom is Ouch-y

  34. Holly says:

    Mother nature shows her wrath
    It seems there is no end in sight
    Those May flowers better be damn pretty
    And that’s all I have to say about that :-)

  35. CathyC says:

    My nose is stuffed.
    I cannot breathe.
    A prize of tissues would be nice.

  36. Rachel says:

    I like Jeana’s too - but I’m trying my hand…

    Rain stop hating me
    Will now lock kids in closet
    survival outside

  37. maggie says:

    Cloudy, overcast,
    Grey, cold, damp drizzling rain.
    This is a spring day?

  38. Lar says:

    The heavens pour rain.
    I hear this upon the wind:
    Move to Florida.

  39. Amy says:

    Sixty hour work weeks,
    Have finally come to an end,
    Too bad I had to pay the tax man,
    And have no money to spend.

  40. Jen says:

    Nothing else to do
    I’ll write another haiku
    Have a prize from you?

  41. nutmeg says:

    From my own archive of Haiku:

    why do I diet
    I like me my Miller Lite
    God damn belly fat

  42. shannon says:

    baseball in the spring
    each night wet, cold and windy
    all for my children

  43. Liz says:

    Rain and Snow do suck
    But the weather seems to fit
    Tears at VA Tech.

    (In memory of the victims of yesterdays shootings)

  44. Kerry says:

    Spring will never come
    Snow, ice, rain and floods instead
    Many drinks needed


    Children yelling loud
    Head pounding and ears bleeding.
    Calgon take me away.

  45. InterstellarLass says:

    My first haiku. Go easy on me.

    Wet spits down slowly
    Gardens sick with drought recoup
    Summer heat? Stand by

  46. Laura says:

    Three weeks - house is still
    for sale. Now the rain; basement
    floods. Send springtime sun!

    what a great exercise (if not a great entry)!

  47. Kasey says:

    This rain sucks but here’s my shot @ optimism.

    April showers make happiness
    When poured in the place
    Where illegal plants grow

  48. judi casey says:

    dreams of youth destroyed
    through anger twisted, untempered
    by laws of our land

  49. Mara says:

    I wrote this one a few weeks ago for my little sister:

    At work: Bob Marley
    A nice break from the Eagles
    Makes me think of you.

  50. ThursdayNext says:

    Three weeks ’til school’s out,
    I should finish my thesis.
    I’d rather read your blog.

  51. jody2ms says:

    Blender’s lonely
    What to do with snow?
    Margaritas! Where’s the lime?!

  52. crewesmom says:

    It’s in the training:
    Boy sings, “Oh God, It’s raining…”
    Likes his Depeche Mode.


  53. Christine says:

    OKAY! Don’t know who the Tyler-lurker person is that popped over and slammed my haiku via my own blog comments. I got the ‘ole, “And you call yourself a Christian.”

    So, is this better?


    Praying with children.
    Singing hymns all night long.
    Burning my make-up.

  54. Christine says:

    Sorry. That was horribly sarcastic.

    And I call myself a Christian ….

  55. tac says:

    Woke up late…
    My daughter got into all my stuff
    Forgot to set the coffee machine last night so i had none this morning

  56. Kristen says:

    Taxes due today.
    should have kept better records.
    I hope I like jail.

  57. Lilly says:

    So windy
    Pegged wash flew away
    dirty again

  58. Lisa says:

    Florida Sunshine calls!
    Only nine days to go
    School has CHICKEN POX!!!!

  59. Danielle says:

    Depression is mine
    I wallow in sorrow and
    look for a way out.

  60. babette says:

    April was gloomy
    Until sunrise on Friday:
    First grandson was born!

  61. callie says:

    My heart will ache today
    Although my child safe in bed
    A mother’s cry heard overhead.

  62. Mary W says:

    The book is finished
    The liturgies are complete
    Now I am so done

    It is raining now
    But there are no tornadoes
    Just a soaked backyeard

  63. CaliforniaGrammy says:

    Stagecoach Days are over
    Now it’s time to play
    Cruise ship here we come

  64. Ashley says:

    I want my boobs back
    Fourteen months seems oh so long
    To be lactating

  65. Rachel says:

    Rain and snow, go away.
    Come again some other day.
    Some day in December, please.

  66. Simply Me says:

    Watching the snow drizzling.
    I toyed with the idea of,
    Insanity! But why not?
    Maybe, one more girl.

  67. jay says:


    thousands of tiny
    life preservers that float but
    refuse to deflate

  68. kmr says:

    snoring in the basement.
    Where is my empty nest?

  69. Amy says:

    Make hay in the rain
    love grows stronger through practice
    but not in the snow

  70. cole says:

    Blond eyelashes curl up
    A pink cheek curves softly down
    Adoration lovely

  71. Tonja says:

    haikus have no order
    no rhyme no reason
    kind of like my life
    right now in this season

    (oh wait, it did rhyme)

  72. Rachel says:

    stuck on an island
    rain and water everywhere
    still never alone


    wind blows loud outside
    we hide under the covers
    reading warms us all

  73. Jen says:

    Child’s whines surround me
    Watch my patience drain from me.
    Calgon does not work.

  74. Marianne says:

    Spring out the window!
    Walking! Hiking! Baseball! YAY!
    Snow bitch-slaps my joy.

  75. bgirl says:

    Last verse too long, Chris.
    That’s the problem with Haiku.
    Have too much to say.

  76. Chris says:


    You are RIGHT! In my head I was saying the word ‘along’ with one syllable but clearly it has two.

    Oh now I must revise….

  77. Monica says:

    Move to Hawaii
    Paradise doesn’t come cheap
    You want WHAT?! for rent?!

    as I look at 3 bedroom houses with no AC that are priced at $2500 a month. I’ve lived there before but I don’t remember it hurting the pocket THIS bad.

  78. Chris (too) says:

    Cool but sunny here.
    Baby’s first trip to the zoo.
    What sound make giraffes?

  79. ossy says:

    Spring is upon us
    Rain and wind and cold please go
    Kids IN for spring break!

  80. Danielle says:

    Giraffes baa like sheep. I was just talking to a friend about this last week. I didn’t know that they made any sounds at all. I was dissapointed.

  81. Crissy says:

    I know the contest is over, but I wrote my very first haiku, so I had to post it:

    Long days, endless fits.
    Why can’t my two-year old fly

  82. anita dimmock says:

    I live in the sun
    and it is more fun
    but still it isn’t the
    same if we don’t get rain.