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Me and my son

Me and my son

April 18, 2007

At the doctor's office a.k.a. our new favorite hang -out

Ear infection.

Although he is a trooper and we entertained ourselves by speculating on how they would remove his infected ear. It involved talk of blood, gushing brains, and oozing puss. Which are the favorite topics of discussion for a 6 yr old boy. Because taking antibiotics seems so boring.

At one point he was looking at himself in the mirror, when he stopped making faces for a minute.

“Mom? You know the scar I have on my forehead?” he asked tracing his finger over it.

“Yes? What about it?”

“Will it ever go away? Or will it be there forever?” he asked.

I felt a little sad. And I began mentally berating myself for not remembering to put sunscreen on it as often as I should have that first summer.

“No, it won’t go away. You’ll have it forever.” I answered.

He let out a heavy disappointed sigh. “I wish it were way bigger and went all the way down my face across my eye. ” His finger drew a long crooked line down over his cheekbone, “That would be a cool scar.”

“Well, maybe when they take your ear off we can ask about scarification. Perhaps they could remove your nose too? Just think how cool that would be.”

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  1. jane says:

    oh, ear infection here too today… but maybe I can get mine amputated ;)

  2. AngelaS says:

    What can we have amputated to get rid of the rotavirus plaguing my house?

  3. Lena says:

    If you are on a cross country road trip and a child grips his head in agony and begins writhing around on the seat like a worm in hot ashes, it probably means that his eardrum has just spontaneously burst. Take the nearest exit with a blue “hospital” sign and wind up in ghetto hospital emergency room. Don’t worry; the armed guards will protect you.

    Naturally this will be the same kid with the car sick/bloody nose issues.

    See my blog for the REST of the story…:)

  4. peepnroosmom says:

    Funny what 6 year olds think is “cool.”

  5. Melanie says:

    Little boys are so cool.

  6. Michele says:

    As a woman in her late 30s with not a few scars on my face (what can I say? I was a tomboy in my childhood and a reckless driver in my teens) I can honestly say they are among my favorite features.
    They give me character. They tell my story. They make me me.

  7. Lilly says:

    Yep. It’s cool and a big relief that little boys are pleased with their scars. The boys I know like ‘em.

  8. Christina says:

    I cant remeber if you are still nursing…if you are, put a few drops in his ear. It should help clear it up.

  9. Susan says:

    Henry was just telling me the other day how mad he is that when he had the stitches in his head they were in the BACK, under his hair, where no one can see the scar. I told him that the NEXT time he falls off the diving board onto the pool deck, he needs to land on his face.

    THAT should take care of it.

  10. The Wooden Porch says:

    That is really cute! Or should I say “so very cool, dude”. I don’t know 6 year old boy speak yet.

  11. Mom101 says:

    Ha, that’s wonderful. My brother was the same way. Still has that scar, you can reassure your son.

  12. Ashley says:

    LOL… Boys..

  13. Holli Smith says:

    Aaahh, I love little boys! Sounds like something my 6yr old would say. Scars are war wounds don’t ya know?! LOL!

  14. Amy says:

    and this is why I love being the mommy of 2 boys. Getting to see the world through a boy’s perspective is priceless. From preferring amputation over antibiotics, to utter joy in the size of their own poop. Girls just don’t get excited over a big poop like boys do :) At least my daughter never has!

  15. Nicki says:

    So this is what I have to look forward to!! My son should have plenty since he seems to take after me. You know, walking into walls, tripping over your own feet….etc.

  16. Woman with Kids says:

    Perhaps you can use some make up to make the scar more fearsome for him? Boy 1 has scars both on his forehead and on the back of his head. He tells kids he had an arrow go through his skull. Lovely.

  17. Darren McLikeshimself says:

    “It involved talk of blood, gushing brains, and oozing puss. Which are the favorite topics of discussion for a 6 yr old boy.”

    And 31 year old ones.

  18. Summer says:

    LOL Boys are too funny. The more gross the subject the more they love it.

  19. My 27 year old son has a scar on his forehead says:

    VERY prominent. Obtained at 16 months old.

    In high school- the person who later became his best friend was the last one in the (small) school who asked him: Hey how did you get that scar on your face?

    It is part of his character. He IS a character.

    Scars happen.

    A family friend lost his arm before we met him, and has such wonderfully gruesome tales to tell of it… (The alligator in the swimming hole bit it off! The year we had such a bad winter, it was all the food they had… One day he reallllly made his wife angry….)

    But Chris never blames me (Mom) for the scar he has. It happened. We live with it -as our friend lives with the loss of his arm. Help your kid make up some awesome tales about his scar!


  20. Di says:

    My 11 year old purposely picked at a scab from a cut on her leg so she’d have a “cool” scar. ::cringe:: KIDS!!!

  21. t in hd says:

    LOL, I SO saw that one coming! What self-respecting 6 y.o. boy wouldn’t bemoan a scar that was *too small*? I’m just happy to know my 6 y.o. boy is as “normal” as the rest of them (and I do you use the term loosely).

  22. moodswingingmommy says:

    Thank you for sharing that! It makes me feel better about the big scar on my 3 yr old’s cheek. He got it during his first major accident at a friend’s house. How I cried that day, and off and on for the next 2 months!

    Thank you for visiting my blog!