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April 19, 2007

I never ask people to donate money for causes. Usually it is because there are so many good and worthy things to donate your money to, who am I to decide that one is better or more important or more worthy of your attention.

But this time I am asking. For someone I don’t even know.


When my sister in law was diagnosed with cancer ( a completely different kind of cancer, btw) and going through all of her treatments– chemo, radiation, and two bone marrow transplants– she said to me on the phone one day that she would never put herself through all of this except for her children. She was told that only 5% of people who make it through treatment survive past three years. And I had said that people play the lottery all the time with much worse odds.

Of course she would be in that 5%.

She died 16 months after her diagnosis.

Her funeral was the last time I went to church.


Over 5000 of you come here everyday. I type out nonsense, stories about my kids, annoying people at the grocery store, even bad poetry. And I know what I am going to ask will turn some of you off. Perhaps you won’t come back because of it. But that is fine.

Heather has just been diagnosed with a brain tumor. She is a young mother to three children, one of whom has chronic health problems. And her doctor just told her that twenty years is a long time to live.

I look at my children and think 20 years is a long time? I think that this doctor couldn’t possibly have children of his own or he would know that 20 years is a drop in the bucket.

Heather and her husband are getting second and third opinions. They are not rich people.

And I have been reading her blog the past few days and she is so confident in her faith. Her belief in a God who has plans for her. I am in awe of that sort of faith.

What do I believe?

I believe in the inherent goodness of people. I believe that people want to make a difference.

I want to believe in that God of Heather’s, I do.

And so I am asking you to click that link and donate some money.

What about $1. You can afford a dollar.

What about $5? Give up your Starbucks coffee for one day and think of Heather… pray if you do that, or send good thoughts her way.

What about $10? Give up lunch out one day and brown bag it.

Get your children involved.

Ask your kids to search around the house and car for loose change. You might think it won’t make a difference. But it will. Teach your children the spirit of giving. Show them how giving will make them feel good.

Just give something.

And if you donate come back and leave me a comment. You will be entered in a drawing for some neat prizes. But I will write about those in another post later on today.

Edited to add: If you already donated to Heather that is fine too. Leave a comment and you will be entered in the drawing. And for those of you who have said oh I don’t want a prize. Yes you do! The prizes are not transferable to cash. I am not spending my money buying prizes or anything. People are donating things.

(As of Friday, April 27, 2007 comments are closed. Raffle tomorrow!)

Posted by Chris @ 9:43 am  

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  1. Tamatha says:

    My family donated yesterday.

    I think your drawing is a brilliant idea-but if I should happen to win, I don’t need anything. Send the proceeds on to Heather, or give it to someone who might need it…

    Unless it’s a gift card for books or alcohol-

    No, I take it back. We don’t need anything. Knock on wood, my family is healthy, and there’s nothing else I really need or want.


  2. tabby says:

    thanks for letting us know about her. i donated a bit, and will pray for her health. i don’t need a prize either, but i did want to let you know that because of your link, someone new learned about her.

  3. Beth F. says:

    I donated yesterday…and your post is a great reminder as to why I did.

    Thank you for posting this.

  4. Kristen says:

    thanks for the link. Just one more person who never would have known without it…

  5. Jennifer says:

    Thanks for posting about this for all your readers. I put a link on my blog a few days ago to tell people about Heather. I do not have that much Blog traffic but thought every little bit helps. I tried to make a donation yesterday and my computer was acting up….so thanks for reminding me. I was able to finally send in my donation a few min ago.

    I read your blog everyday and I love your writing and your humor!!

  6. Sensible One says:

    Thank you for posting this. The song on her site made me cry, and I can’t wait for my children to come home from school today so I can hug them - just a little longer than ususal. I’m donating too, but I don’t need to be in any drawing. If I win, send the prize (or what it would have cost) to Heather.

    What would happen if we ALL put links to Heather on our sites?

  7. Christine says:

    I stopped to help out. I’ll also add a post to my own blog.

  8. nancy says:

    I made a donation today, thank you for posting this. I have no faith, myself, for many varied reasons… but I will keep best wishes for Heather and her family in my heart. no prize, please. Just keep writing and sharing with us, it is a wonderful gift.

  9. boomama says:

    Bless you, sweet bloggy stranger-friend.

    I cannot thank you enough.

  10. Mimi says:

    Chris, because of you, I found out about someone in need. I just went and made a donation and it’s my hope that many more of your readers will make a donation. I will keep Heather in my thoughts and prayers.

  11. Merry says:


    And i’ll blog about it too; i don’t have the readership that you do (5000??????? OMG), but i get a fair few people and if a few of them did the same, it will help :)

  12. Robin Hanson says:

    Thanks for sharing Heather’s story…her family will be in my thoughts.

  13. Julie says:

    I think this is fantastic. I donated a bit.

    I’m also going to email you with a prize to add to your prize tally. Just as soon as I decide what it is.

  14. Susan says:

    I have to wait until my paycheck is deposited, but by the end of this weekend, I will certainly donate. There’s no better feeling in life than trying to help someone when things are tough.

    And, I’m with the others who said no prize is needed. I’m just so grateful you posted this link. Thank God for the internet, you know?

  15. maria says:

    My SIL has stage 4 breast cancer and 3 little ones. They told her she wouldn’t make it to see the twins go to Kindergarten but it’s looking she will - at 41 that shouldn’t sound like the victory that it is. I will read about Heather and do what I can. Thank you for sharing…

    It’s interesting that you say your SIL’s funeral was the last time you went to church. I have some sort of faith and go to a Catholic church (as I was raised) b/c it’s comforting. But having a child w/a serious health condition and knowing so many people w/serious illnesses like cancer - it really makes me question the whole praying for people thing. I know some how some where it helps someone - but I really get upset at the implication that my kid will do better than someone else’s if more people pray for him - or really the opposite - someone doesn’t do well - does that mean not enough prayed for him… sorry - I guess the point I’m making is you always here that this stuff drives people TO religion - but I certainly understand how it could drive people AWAY…

  16. the speckledpup says:

    I never ever do this. But today. You inspired me.
    I’m curious, and you can blow me off if you want, why did you never go back to church? because of your sister-in-law’s death? Im just so church-rooted, I guess I don’t get it.
    No judgement, only wanting to understand.

  17. Kelly says:

    Thanks, Chris. So many of us are SO blessed to have a healthy family. Thanks for reminding me.

  18. Katie says:

    Done. I can’t imagine going through everything she has and now this on top of it.

  19. Amy says:

    Isn’t she the most remarkable person? I am in awe of her strength and her faith.

    So thanks for spreading the word, donation done . You’re a good soul you are.


  20. Yet another Jennifer says:

    My family donated today!
    I don’t know you, or Boomama, or Heather but am happy to help and am touched by the fact that there are so many perfect (perfect being the optimal word) strangers that will come out of the woodwork to help a fellow mommy!
    It makes me feel less alone deep down!

    I wish women ran the world! Wouldn’t that rock?

    Bless us all, every one!

  21. Cheryl M. says:

    Donation made minutes ago, Chris. Paypal makes giving so very easy! No prize needed…reading your blog daily is enough of a treat!! Have a wonderful day! And prayers to Almighty God for a total miraculous recovery for dear Heather.

  22. Julie says:

    Thanks for the link. With all of the terrible things on the news today, it’s so beautiful to see someone who has such hope and who believes in a higher power. I donated.

  23. Teri says:

    I donated.

    Thank you so much for doing this :)

  24. divrchk says:

    I have been reading Heather’s story. I am floored by her strenght gained through her faith. I am a different religion from her, but it is inspiring still the same. I have donated a little to help with her travel costs.

  25. Mary O says:

    I just donated too. Thanks for bringing more attention to Heather. She seems like a really special person.

  26. Pastormac's Ann says:

    Thanks for doing this post Chris! My mom died of cancer at 65 and even that seemed like too short a life. She still had so much to do and enjoy, not the least of which was to watch her grandchildren grow up. They’ll never really know what an amazing person she was.

    Heather is an amazing person.

    I donated.

  27. mbbored says:

    Thank you for this opportunity to give. When I was 5, my father was diagnosed with cancer. For the 3 long years of his battle, and in all the years since his death, my family was given so much. Strangers helped with medical bills, bought groceries, set up college accounts and took my siblings and I in for months at a time when my parents travelled across the country for experimental treatments. The Christmas Eve before he died, a man my parents didn’t recognize showed up in a Santa suit with bags of gifts for all of us. Turns out he was a man who worked in the same company as my father, didn’t even know him personally, and he and his wife felt the need to give Christmas us. So now I give and give, because I can’t say thank you enough.

  28. Qalballah says:

    Linking this too

  29. Cris says:

    I donated, too, and am now pouring through her archives. Thank you for sharing this!

  30. Linds says:

    I donated yesterday and posted about it too. You are a star to post this! I am honoured to be a part of something so amazing. PS I read your blog every day too!

  31. Lesli says:

    I donated, too. I’ll be keeping her and her family in my thoughts.

  32. CathyC says:

    Done! And I do believe in Heather’s God–I believe that today He worked through you!
    Have a happy day, Chris!!!

  33. Jean says:

    Thanks for sharing this Chris.

    I had a brain tumor 7 years ago and did win the lottery. My tumor was benign and operable. I hope and pray Heather gets her miracle.

    Didn’t you imply your last “prize” was a toddler-in-a-box? What’s next a surly preteen?

  34. stephanie says:

    hi chris,
    i took your post to heart. i am a graduate student but there is always something to donate. i donated $18, which is good luck in the jewish faith. every little but helps and i hope heather gets all the help she can get.

    thanks for making all of us aware of this.

    stephanie tanner

  35. JO says:

    Check out the brain cancer treatment at St. Louis University Hospital in St. Louis

  36. Melissa says:

    I donated the equivalent of a couple of weeks of Starbucks. She’s in my prayers. If she needs more, let us all know.

  37. Fiddledeedee (It Coulda Been Worse) says:

    Heather is such an awesome and inspiring gal. I just adore her. Her story has been so heavy on my heart. Because of her, I’ve been hugging my kids more, praying more, and living more. Sometimes I just need a “wake up call.” This week I’ve had two. Heather and the Virginia Tech shootings. During these times, I don’t know what I would do without faith. A faith that there is a Creator bigger than all of us and our circumstances. A hope that there is life after this short time on earth. And a promise that all we have to do is believe and follow.

    Chris, I’m so glad that you posted about this. I posted last Sunday. And we are donating to Heather and her family.

  38. Misty says:

    Hi Chris, Although I never post comments, I read your blog all the time. (I did email you once about the Santa Clause at the mall and the spongebob cup next to the chair though and figured we had been at the same mall!) I just wanted to let you know, I also donated to Heather’s cause just a minute ago. I will be going for some brain mri’s soon for some problems I’ve been having as well and wonder what that will lead to. I will keep Heather and her family in my prayers and hope for the best! Keep up the good work on your blogging. I love to come here and get a chuckle and then even for the serious things as this!

  39. Heather says:

    I donated today. Thanks for bringing it to light.

  40. peggy says:

    My heart goes out to her and her family. I have lost a mother, dad, sister, FIL and MIL to cancer. I donated and I pray everything works out. Thanks for sharing and letting us help a blog neighbor.

  41. Sarah says:

    Thanks for the link. We donated today.

  42. Mar says:

    My prayers are with Heather and everyone who is helping her during this difficult time. I’m a graduate student, so money is tight, but I did what I could.

  43. Mary W says:

    I donated and don’t need a prize. Heather is an awsome person! And so are you! Church goer or not.

  44. AngelaS says:

    I donated but don’t need a prize either. I believe in Heather’s God and believing that more will come to know Him too thru the beauty of the internet.

  45. foodmomiac says:

    done. thanks chris!

  46. amy says:

    I stop by here daily and I’m grateful you posted about this. I went over straight away to donate. I can live without fast food for a day or two, and it’ll hopefully help her out.

  47. Carrie says:

    I gave what little I could yesterday. I only wish I could do more!

  48. Yvonne says:

    donated what small amount I still had in my Paypal account

  49. Stacy says:

    I donated yesterday morning. I am so thrilled to see what a response there’s been. Thanks for putting this on your site.

  50. Suzanne S. says:

    Hi Chris,
    I am a daily reader of your blog. Thank you for pointing me in the direction my heart needed to go today. My prayers go out to Heahter’s whole family. I hope that my contribution plus many many more will help. We are all but one moment away from the unknown. Family and friends known and unknown are what help us through this journey.Faith is what fills in the gaps and pushes us on. Faith in God and Faith in each other.

  51. Heather says:

    I donated today. I have been reading her story since her diagnoses and my heart has been breaking with every word I read. My prayers are up for her.

  52. Kellie says:

    I stumbled across her blog a week ago and read 90% of it. I will be donating to her…I wish I could give her an entire week’s paycheck or a year’s salary….sadly, I can’t.

    Why? Why would some be turned off and not return to your site? Yes, I’m THAT stupid and am asking.

  53. Janet says:

    i’m delurking (first time ever) to thank you for directing me to heather’s site and to boomama’s so i could help in my small way. my thoughts and prayers are with heather and her family.

  54. Keryn says:

    Another mommy blog mentioned this (Mormon Mommy Wars), but I got interrupted and didn’t click through to see what it was (darn kids!). So I’m extra glad you posted about it, too. I can’t do much, but I can a little…and hopefully it will help. I can’t imagine being in that situation. The only thing that scares me more than losing my kids or my husband is not being here for them through their lives…I’m praying for Heather and her family.

  55. Paige says:

    Isn’t this great that we can help (even if it’s in a small way) Heather and her family. I don’t know her, I don’t know you for that matter, but through these blogs and the “friendship” we feel through them, we are able to help. Thanks for spreading the word.

  56. Lylah says:

    Delurking to say thank you for making it easier for us to help others!

  57. Sadie says:

    “You’ve sent a secure payment of $2.79 USD to Heather G***** through PayPal. You’ll receive an email receipt shortly.”

    I was going to try that new mocha drink at BK, but I’d much rather do this.
    Sending prayers to Heather and her family, and for you and yours too Chris.

  58. BooMama » Well says:

    [...] If you’ve been a part of Heather’s love offering and would like to be eligible for some great prizes, then head over to this post of Chris’ and leave a comment - and that’s all you have to do. [...]

  59. Michelle says:

    Thanks for hosting this prize giveaway - what a neat thing to do. I donated yesterday.

  60. oshee says:

    I donated too. It is a heart wrenching story. So many struggles for that family and now this. I feel blessed to simply have my health right now.

  61. Carolyn says:

    BooMama sent me this direction. I have been blessed to help with Kelli and now Heather. Not a whole lot, but a little bit helps. If everyone does just a little bit, it turns into a whole lot! Just take a look at the numbers and see….I am so glad to be a part of this. WE should be the ones saying thank you…thank you for sharing your stories with us.

  62. Military Mommy says:

    I donated yesterday morning. Still.In.Awe about the unbelievable things God can do when we join together. Thanks for the prize giveaway. I just found your website a few days ago and am excited to go through your archives.


  63. Beth/Mom2TwoVikings says:

    I contributed as well. Thank you for this. You’re sweet to acknowledge something Christ calls us to do as second nature! *wink*

  64. Rachel says:

    I donated some of the random money that accumulates in Paypal. Happy to donate jewelry to the cause.

    I know how much support I’ve gotten with my (completely different, non-cancer) illness and pain, and hope to help others like I have been helped.

  65. Southern Girl says:

    I donated, and that’s prize enough. (But, if you wanted to throw chocolate at me or something, it’s not like I’d throw it back.)

    I’m so thrilled with all the people doing their part to love on Heather.

  66. Diane says:

    I believe in Heather’s God, and you my new-blogging-friend/stranger….are a mirror of his compassionate love! Honestly, the bloggers that I have run across while praying for and donating to Heather…..is simply awe-inspiring. Very few of us actually “know” Heather…still, blogging friends and strangers alike have rallied to her support. This is truly a God-thing.

    And to top it off….Heather continues to minister to us via her blog. It is my prayer that what the enemy means for harm……God will (continue) to use for His glory!

    I donated yesterday morning really early and was thrilled each time I clicked over to BooMama’s to watch the totals rise!

    Thank you for your part in this as well! I am so sorry for the loss of your dear SIL: there can be no doubt….your generosity and goodness of spirit is a reflection of the legacy that she left in your life.

    Blessing to you….our new friend!

  67. Adventures In Babywearing says:

    I think this is wonderful! Amazing, really! I would love to win a prize, too!! I did donate and post about Heather already, too.


  68. booknhome says:

    I donated and linked. Came here from BooMama after checking out the amazing progress. You are right, prizes are fun. So here I am.

  69. Can you give? Do you like prizes? - A Gaggle of Girls - Springing at the beach with girls says:

    [...] Chris has posted a wonderful entry today about giving. Yesterday, I wrote about making a donation to help a family in need. I don’t know Heather, but she is friends with several of my good friends. No one should have to deal with the medical problems that face her family. [...]

  70. Lundie says:

    Found you through BooMama - Thank you for spreading the word even further! So amazingly thoughtful for not even knowing her! Blessings!

  71. melzie says:

    Here I am ::waving hand in the air:: pick me pick me ;) I am honored to have taken part in the love offering! xoxo melzie

  72. Linda says:

    Praying for Heather. May god multiply the gifts and love and concern behind the gifts.

  73. Marlana says:

    Thank you for doing this for Heather. I hope all our donations make it a little easier for Heather and her family.

  74. TammiK says:

    I never liked Starbucks, anyway! Heather can have my cup…and kee the change.

  75. Mary C says:

    I donated, too! Thank you!

  76. Mel says:

    Your story ’bout your sil just brought tears to my eyes…anyway, just wanted to say “I was there donating” and hope many great things happen for Heather, and for you too! for doing this!

  77. Stephanie says:

    Wow - thanks. It’s wonderful to be a part of this. I am so sorry for the loss of your sister. I will pray that you come to know this God who already loves you so much. xo

  78. cecelia says:

    I was moved by the story of your sil.i donated.you will be in my praters also.

  79. Bonnie @ Grandparents Corner says:

    God is truly watching out for Heather through awesome people like you Chris. I have Heather’s button on my site and donated yesterday. Keeping Heather, Emma, and her family in my thoughts and prayers.

  80. Sandy says:

    I donated. As before, amazing to be a part of it.

  81. MyDuckies says:

    We did to. If the MOMs don’t fight for and help each other- who else will?!

    Thanks for passing on the message-

  82. Brandie says:

    I’m so sorry about your SIL. I’m sure that was a hard time for everyone. I’m glad you are doing this for Heather. And for believing in the goodness of people.
    Isn’t it amazing how much was raised all together? I seriously get chills when I read the total!

  83. Robin says:

    I donated yesterday- how I wish I could give more. But I am praying and you can know that God is listening. What is answer will be, I don’t know. But I do know we can trust Him - even when it doesn’t feel like it.

  84. Becki says:

    I donated yesterday and I jsut feel so blessed to have been a part of this effort. Thank you for holding a drawing too - what a neat idea!

    Big hugs to all of you ladies - together we are touching lives and showing the world what can be done through God’s love!!!

  85. Crisanne says:

    I donated…thanks for making so many people aware of her situation.

  86. Comfy Denim says:

    Donated yesterday and I’m believing!

  87. Heather (Especially Heather) says:

    Ive come here a few times today, each time not really knowing how to respond. Chris, thank you for your kindness, for your compassion but most of all for your heart.

    My God loves you so very much. I pray that through my journey, you see Him in a real and tangible way. I can read the pain in your post, it made me want to reach out and wrap my arms around you tightly.

    So, pretend. As crazy as is sounds, this complete stranger just gave you a hug :)

    Be Blessed,

  88. April says:

    I just donated. Thank you for the link. I will be passing it along all day today. I would never have known her or her story if it weren’t for the link so thank you. God bless her and her family.


  89. kittyhox says:

    Thank you for doing this for Heather, and for the opportunity to give. I pray that she’ll be able to tell her grandchildren about the doctor’s remarks about “20 years” and about this outpouring of love from strangers.

    It’s wonderful to know that so many people are willing to give to someone they don’t even know, because they care. I’m sure that is a great comfort to Heather.

  90. lifeasamama says:

    i donated… nobody needs fear of money problems on top of what she’s going through right now…

  91. Holly says:

    I’m sorry for the loss of your sister-in-law.

    But what you are doing to drum up more interest for Heather’s story is pretty great.

    We donated a day late (according to the whole donation drive). But I was happy to send anything their way because my life just seems so much easier in comparison to a chronically ill child and a brain tumor for myself.

    God Bless them.

  92. laughing mommy says:

    I donated yesterday and did a post directing people to hopefully donate as well.

    I’ve been feeling bad that I could give more than I did until I read your post… you are right… even enough to buy them a meal while they are on their trip to the Mayo clinic… I’m sure they would appreciate that much.

  93. NspiredByFaith says:

    I dontated today too. I pray for God to touch Heather and her family, as I know only He can. And I pray for Him to touch you, and the many many others who have reached out to touch Heather.

  94. Nancy-The Unlikely Homesteader says:

    Oh wow,I’m so sorry to hear about your sister-in-law. Thanks for pitching in to help out Heather and her family though this difficult time. I’m so glad that there are people like you & Boomama that step up to the plate and organize these things while I’m just sitting around stupefied.

    I did donate though. And I’m just glad that you all gave me the opportunity!

  95. Sallie says:

    Chris — God is there. He is waiting for you. You must decide for yourself. God bless,


  96. julie says:


    Thanks for doing this for Heather. I am sure her socks are being blessed right off of her feet.

    You are a very good person (with a very good sense of humor).

  97. Carey says:

    I donated yesterday. God sure is moving some mountains, its incredible!

    Im sorry for your loss, you and your family are in my prayers today.

  98. Sharon says:

    How can you have a heart and not give. I gave, because one day me or mine may need help. And I believe what you do for others will be done for you.

  99. MommaBlogger says:

    I am still in amazement over the amount that was raised for Heather. I felt so inadequate giving as little as I did, but it sure did multiply!

  100. Jessica says:

    I donated yesterday. I had never heard of Heather until last week. It is amazing how God can bring people together.

  101. LeAnne says:

    I donated yesterday. It’s amazing how God is working!

  102. Diane W says:

    Chris - this is my 1st time commenting here but I *LOVE* your blog and read it daily. (((I’m SO very sorry to hear about your sister-in-law! That’s heartbreaking.))) I wanted you to know that I just donated to Heather and linked to your blog in my blog post about Heather. I hope it inspires more people to donate.
    Blessings ~ Diane

  103. Charity Verlander says:

    We donated yesterday. God is at work!

  104. Amy T says:

    Thanks Chris! I have been amazed, but often am when God moves like this. you’d think I’d expect it by now! I was honored to help Heather and am thrilled at the total so far. You go girls!!!! (and guys too)

  105. Cori says:

    Donated yesterday, I can’t believe it’s up over $11,000, actually I can believe it! Thanks for helping to support a wonderful cause by running this contest.

  106. Ruth says:

    We donated yesterday. Thank you for your link and note!

  107. suzanne says:

    I donated, but I don’t really feel like I’ve done much by giving money. But I will pray to a God who owns all the money & resources there are to give, and is generous to use them when it comes to meeting needs of people looking to HIM for provision. I pray for Heather and her family. I pray for God to use this situation for HIS glory and for HIs people to love and encourage one another.
    For with God, NOTHING is impossible!

  108. Amy says:

    Thanks Chris for doing this. Heather is a true blessing to me and I was so glad to be able to donate to such a worthy person. You can believe in her God. He’s awesome!! Just look at those $$$!!! Yeh God!!!

  109. Bonnie @ Grandparents Corner says:

    Chris, I’m so sorry about the loss of your sister. I know what it feels like to lose family. Since the year 2000 I’ve lost my mom, my 29 yr old daughter, two aunts, a cousin, my father and my mother-in-law. My daughter’s passing in 2003 hit us hard, but God picked me up out of my despair and loved me through my grief. Without Him, I don’t think I could have gotten through it. My daughter left behind 8 yr old twin girls when she passed away due to Juvenile Diabetes complications. There is a post about her on 4/7/07 if you have time at some point. Thanks again for sharing for Heather! ~ Bonnie

  110. Shelley H. says:

    God led me to Heather’s website months ago and I’m so grateful he did because I am now SEEING SERVICE in HIS name! I feel so grateful for what He has given me and am happy to donate to such a worthy cause. Thanks for further promoting HIS work with your giveaway. God bless ~ Shelley H.

  111. Jennifer R. in MS says:

    I donated yesterday… thanks so much for giving this even more publicity over here at your place. God bless.

  112. Michelle says:

    Thank you for helping to pass the word along. I look forward to seeing what God will do in Heather’s life.

  113. Heather P. says:

    I donated yesterday. May God bless Heather and her family!
    No blog of my own, I just love to eavesdrop on all of you…

  114. Shera @ A Frog In My Soup says:

    I am blessed to be able to help this family in a small way! Heather is an inspiration!

  115. Tina says:

    We donated today–Thank you so much for posting about this.

  116. kirsten says:

    My thoughts and prayers are with Heather and your family, too, Chris. I hope my prayers and the small amount of money I donated help get the ass of this tumor KICKED.

    Why am I always the one saying “ass”???


  117. Jodi W. says:

    I’ve already got my prize. My oldest son was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma at the age of 19. Today he is 6 years in remission with a beautiful almost 3 year old and another little girl due in a couple of weeks. I pray that God blesses Heather and her family as he has blessed us. We not only have life, it is a life of abundance for we have learned to trust God absolutely even and especially when life is at its darkest.

  118. Jane says:

    I was glad to be able to help Heather in a small way by making a donation. I am sure it will mean a great deal to her to have so many people thinking of her. You are very thoughtful to have posted about her here.
    I was very sorry to hear about your sister in law, and feel the same way as you about God.

  119. bee says:

    I donated yesterday as well. It’s amazing the click of one button made me feel so full inside.

    Heather’s story is really renewing my faith.

  120. Kate says:

    I donated. I hope she comes through this.

  121. Dana says:

    Heather is an inspiration and I too donated today!

  122. Katherine G says:

    Donated too! Thank you.

  123. Marie L says:

    As a sister in Christ - I had to give to Heather and her family. It is our prayer that God use her in a big big way - she has blessed me so much and I don’t even know her. She inspires me to dig deeper and deeper into the Word. May God bless you Heather.

  124. Kelly Fisher says:

    I donated to Heather’s fund…but, want to donate a prize for you to give away! Can you contact me at kelly.fisher@hfbc.org? I am the copyright holder and designer of the BELIEVE GOD bracelet. I am sending one to Heather…and would like to donate one for you to give away - along with the other prizes! Thanks for doing this…I know it means the world to Heather to know that we love and care about her!

  125. Holly Smith says:

    It was heavy on my heart yesterday to give, so I called my sweet husband at work and said, “Can I give some money to a mom of 3 named Heather, who has a brain tumor? I don’t know her, but she loves the Lord.” He said, without hesitation, “Sure!” So with prayers for complete healing and asking a blessing on each one who gave, I thank you for spreading the Word!
    Love in Him,
    Holly Smith

  126. Teresa says:

    It was such a blessing to give what I could to help Heather, I can’t imagine a prize on top of that! You are really a generous person. Thanks for doing this.

    May God bless you and your family.

  127. Heather says:

    I am impressed with your post - with your honesty - with your willingness to still have faith. May God Bless You.

    We donated yesterday, and I’ve been just giddy, watching the total rise ;-)

  128. peach says:

    What a lovely post. I gave as well and was thrilled to be even a small part of what God is doing for this dear family.

    Thanks for hosting!

  129. Cheri says:

    I donated yesterday and I was so happy to be part of such a wonderful showing of support for Heather!

  130. Shannon @ Rocks in my Dryer says:

    So glad to hear that you’re on the bandwagon! I participated too!

  131. robin says:

    Donated yesterday. It was lovely to post this.

  132. Lyric says:

    It was a privilege to be part of this effort. Heather is an amazing woman!

  133. Tracey/Real Estate Girl says:

    I donated yesterday. If I happen to win, I would want the item to be sent to Heather and her family.

    You are amazing to organize this!

  134. life with henry and greta says:

    thanks for doing this. it was so fun to donate.

  135. Penny says:

    I donated yesterday as well.

  136. Sister says:

    Your post pulled me out in the open…I’m officially delurking to let you know I donated yesterday. :)

  137. Theresa ♥ says:

    What a wonderful blessing. I donated for Heather and her family yesterday and while part of me is amazed at the generosity the other part of me says - Go God! He’s so great!!!!

  138. diane says:

    Thank you for reminding me how lucky I am. A donation and best wishes to Heather and family

  139. Wanda says:

    I’ve lost all but one of my family to different cancers. The help and support from so many of their friends was priceless. I stumbled across your blog in this last year. And it’s become a welcome part of my day to read what’s new. You make me laugh. But not today. Thank you for sharing Heather’s story. And isn’t it wonderful that things like the internet and paypal make it possible for us to help with the click of a mouse. I wish I could give more. Keep us posted.

  140. Holly says:

    Donated on honor of Heather and my Grandmother, Lindy, who died of cancer 4 years ago next week. Prayers for both of them.

  141. chickadee says:

    I donated. my first time here and i really like it. i’ll be back to read more.

  142. Antique Mommy says:

    I had fully intended to donate and then somehow or another “my life” got in the way and I forgot. Until today. Your post reminded me and your words made me stop - in the middle of your post - to go do it. So. I did. Thanks for the nudge.

  143. Annette says:

    I have been thinking about your post all day. Praying about what response to give, if any. Suffering is so, so, hard to understand. I have lost 9 children. 5 early miscarriages. A twin daughter that died at birth. I have two children that died with the cord around their necks at 18 and 14 weeks gestation and a son that died at 16 weeks. Each time it has been terrible, terrible pain and suffering. Thankfully, each time I was brought closer and closer to Christ. Bottom line is the suffering was happening and it was easier to suffer with Him than without Him.

    I have one recommendation to all that struggle with the “mystery” of suffering. It is a book that helped me tremendouosly by Father Jim Willig called “Lessons from the School of Suffering”. (available through Amazon) It recounts his struggle on a physical, human and spiritual level with cancer, which eventually takes his life.

    God doesn’t expect us to understand. But when we turn away from Him, we miss out on the peace that only He can give and He wants us to desperately have.

    If anyone ever needs to come to St. Louis for one of our awesome medical facilities, please contact me. adkeipp@sbcglobal.net

    Our hearts and our home are always open.

    BTW, God has blessed us with 6 children on earth, 2 of which are adopted from Russia.

    We are tremendously blessed

  144. Laura says:

    I was honored to be able to donate what I could. I am blown away by the response. Wow!!


  145. Tal86 says:

    God is truly in the miracle business! He is so amazing! I had read about Heather on a Christian friend of mine’s blog a couple of days ago. She lives in the south in a different state from me. And then I come here today and see your blog about Heather. My friend doesn’t know you and you more than likely haven’t even seen her blog. It’s like the six degrees of Kevin Bacon. God just weaves a tapestry with our lives touching and crossing in beautiful patterns.

    My family and I gave to Heather and are praying for a healing miracle from God for her life.

  146. coffeemamma says:

    Donated- not much, but every little bit helps. Our youngest is a survivor, so we know. Oh, how we know…

  147. katiebod says:


    I lost my Mom/best friend to cancer so I didn’t think twice about donating. I firmly believe the right treatment is out there…and it’s wonderful networks like this that make getting TO that treatment possible.

    God bless,

  148. Lucie says:


    Thank you so much for doing this. This is why we are human and loving and caring. I have sent a little something, consider it quid pro quo for making me laugh, making me cry and making me care.

    I think that considering the sickness of this week, it is wonderful to do something for myself that is so uplifting.

  149. Laurel Wreath says:

    I was blow away by the response. I to gave, and my amount seemed so small, but when you see it all added together it is like Jesus feeding the 5000. Praise God!

  150. CaliforniaGrammy says:

    Thanks, Chris for the opportunity to share in this cause. We’ve given what we could and pray for Heather’s strength to get through this. It’s amazing the dollars BooMama has helped raise from, I imagine, all over the world.

  151. Aloha says:

    I know what you mean about being in awe of Heather’s faith. I too have often questioned God’s will and plan when I have seen cancer ravage my husband’s family. His father died when he was 13, his mother when he was 23. His grandfather, grandmothers on both sides, his aunt and now his last remaining aunt has been diagnosed with terminal cancer. Is it fair? No. Is it his plan? Maybe, must be??!? This disease has devastated my family.

    In any case, my heart goes out to Heather at this time. My family has donated to her in the hopes that it will help in some small way. And exactly what you said, the inherent goodness of people and their willingness to help a person in need, is truly an amazing, amazing gift.

  152. Frances says:

    Didn’t dontate so I could “win” something; that just makes the pot sweeter - winning something is the best thing in the world :)

  153. Emily says:

    My family donated yesterday, and we are praying for Heather. I hope that perhaps, through all of this, you might come closer to the God she (and I) love and understand that He loves you, too.

  154. Mary Anne says:

    After reading your post I followed the link to Heather’s. Man did it ever resonate. My husband is a heart surgeon and transplant is his specialty. He spent 4 years in a neurosurgery residency before changing specialties. He see and I hear about many sad cases every year. Heather has really had more had her share and I applaud everyone who has come forward to help. We’ll be giving a donation tonight.(Please don’t add me to a prize list)
    I have to say reading her journey both with her daughter’s illness and now hers and witnessing her remarkable faith has really affected me. I’m not a terribly spiritual person and I am truly moved!
    You underestimate that higher power Chris. You witness for him daily in the wonderful loving family you and your husband have created.

  155. Julie Caldwell says:

    My sister has a blog and I am new to this. I reached Heather through her. I am a preachers daughter as well. I am in prayer for her family. My desire is to only be half of the Christian she is. I pray that if I am ever faced with something like this I can only be slightly as positive and prayful as she is. She is truly a blessing and a mother to strive to be like. I hope she knows she has people all over the US praying for her tonight. The blogging community is truly a unique family. You guys are GREAT.

  156. Lisa says:

    I too have been so touched by Heather. I wish I had the faith that she does. I donated yesterday,

  157. Lauren says:

    Count me in.

  158. Melissa says:

    Thank you for sharing her story…her faith is amazing. Donation done, with tears in my eyes.

  159. Blessed Assurances says:

    I gave but I would of given without the giveaways. Thank you for thinking of this.

  160. Nichole says:

    Thank you for organizing this! Donation done yesterday!

  161. amanda says:

    Thanks so much for your heartfelt post.

    I want you to know Heather’s God, too. And He does, too. He loves you as much as he loves Heather.

    Thanks again!

  162. Melene says:

    Heather AND her daughter Emma are such an inspriation to me-I had to give something.
    Thanks for doing this. The power of the internet never ceases to amaze me-this time through you and BooMama.

  163. M says:

    My teenaged daughter had cancer…she just passed 2 years off treatment…that’s how I came to this blog…on a link from Kristie’s blog, whose 4 year old daughter had the same cancer as mine. I’ve got a donation going out as my mission is now to help others with cancer.

  164. Jenny says:

    Thank you for your honesty. It would do the Christian community well if we were as honest. The truth is, I am believing God. I want my family to say that I was one who believed God, no matter the outcome of this whole situation or of my life. He has a plan for those who would confess Him as Lord and Saviour, and those plans are for good and not for evil. To someone who doesn’t believe in my God, this would sound so hypocritical, but it isn’t.
    Thanks for being used of Him. I donated yesterday, and it increases my faith in Him that He would multiply our small offerings into something big. He really does take care of His own.

  165. andrea says:

    It was a blessing to give to Heather! Thanks for setting this up and bringing in that much more help for her family.

  166. Michelle says:

    I’ve never had the pleasure of reading your blog — and I’m amazed at the generosity of people … you have a large group of faithful readers — thank you for what you have done for Heather! I believe the Lord is using bloggers to answer prayers for her monetary needs …

  167. leendaluu says:

    I was kind of feeling alone–I haven’t been to church in forever and don’t consider myself a believer in God, but I do believe in the power of people to come together for good and to make a difference, especially in numbers. It goes to show that ‘your drop in the bucket’, as my donation was, is still pretty powerful—when combined with everyone else’s drops, it’s a flood of biblical proportions….

  168. Paula says:

    Hubby and I donated too. What a blessing and work of God!!!

  169. Lisa K says:

    It is amazing what He can do with just a little!

  170. Angel Mama ( Pearls of Wisdom) says:

    Thank you so much for what you are doing for Heather. This is wonderful of you.I am sorry about your loss. I gave for Heather yesterday but wanted to stop by and say thank you .

  171. Laura says:

    I know exactly how you feel - I have a hard time asking people to donate, but Heather is definitely worth it. Well-written!

  172. Sarah says:

    I donated (because of Heather and because of your SIL.)
    It’s a wonderful thing you’re doing.
    Bless you.

  173. Courtney says:

    I just made my contribution. I think cancer has found it’s way into all of our lives. Those who haven’t had someone they know and love suffer from it are truly blessed.

  174. Di says:

    I donated. I wish I had faith like her. Maybe someday I will.

  175. ThoughtfulMom says:

    We donated a bit to Heather yesterday. Her testimony to God’s goodness is amazing.

  176. Sincerely Anna says:

    I just found your blog two days ago and read about Heather today. I donated…had to…she’s an inspiration and every little bit helps. Thanks for doing this for her.

  177. Trish says:

    Thanks for the link, we’re in.

  178. Mommy Dearest says:

    My kids and I donated yesterday. What a wonderful thing for so many people to come together and do something like this.

  179. Pass the Torch says:

    Pretty amazing, isn’t it? I linked to her yesterday, and donated. Thanks for spreading the word.

  180. tonya - there is a season says:

    I am so thankful to have been able to be a part of this “lovin’ for Heather and her family”!

  181. Heidi says:

    Her faith is extremely inspiring!!! I too linked yesterday - so awesome that the blog world comes together for others!!!!

  182. Jenn says:

    She can have ALL my starbucks money for the month.

    I don’t need to entered in the drawing.

  183. Janne says:

    I am so absolutely astounded by the outpouring of love that I have seen for Heather!

    We donated a mere dollar — and it is so exciting to see how the Lord has multiplied all of those little dollars.

    I am sorry to hear about your sister in law. :(

  184. elismsue says:

    In memory of my Dad.

    Thanks Kris!

  185. Deputy's Wife says:

    This is one of the most truly wonderful things I have seen since I started blogging! All of these people coming together for an inspiring individual.

    I posted about this a few days ago. I am so happy you chose to also. You are a highly regarded site, with the traffic flow to show for it. You are truly wonderful Chris!

  186. leatitia says:

    I donated Heather my small contribution, in honor of my grand-father and my aunt (both died from cancer) and to give hope to my friend that has an undefined ‘mass’ in the center of her brain.

  187. toni says:

    Heather’s faith is making its mark on my heart. The love offering to help her at this critical time has also made a mark. We were thankful to be able to give.

  188. cheryl says:

    I donated today. Thank You for the reminder. I cant believe its over 14,000 that is amazing. God is good.

  189. Andrea says:

    Thank you, Chris, for helping in this way so that many others could help too. I am amazed at the total and hope to see it rocket even higher!

    Mostly I am hoping for a diagnosis for Heather that states “Benign and operable” for Heather also. All of our best wishes Heather!

  190. Amy (F5) says:

    I followed BooMama’s link to your blog tonight, and am so glad I did. You’re now bookmarked and will be receiving regular visits from me!

    Thank you so much for organizing this giveaway. I donated yesterday and am amazed at how much love and support is being directed Heather’s way from the blogosphere.

  191. Jenn says:

    I have been reading about Heather for a while now, I donated yesterday, and joined in and offered a prize in the prize drawing that Beth at “I should be folding Laundry” did - it feels so good to help…and I am so grateful to be able to!

  192. Liz (Looney Mom) says:

    How awesome. We give because we want to (as I did) but how awesome that there are giveaways and prizes. Count me in. And Thanks!

  193. Tara Barthel says:

    We gave yesterday and I’m promoting the donations (and your drawing) on my blog too.

    – Tara B.

  194. Suzanne (JoyfulChaos) says:

    i donated. i don’t want to be in the drawing, i just wanted you to know that i’ve linked you, boomama, and heather on my site. and that i’m praying for all of you. what amazing hearts!

  195. myrna says:

    Great of you to do this. I know from personal experience how much it means to have the extra financial support when going through critical illness and long hospital stays, etc. There are so many unexpected expenses–in addition to the medical ones. How amazing that this community of bloggers has been able to do so much. You,boomama, and anyone else involved in the organization of this effort are angels!

  196. Tammie says:

    I just donated. We help people in other countries, fight war and spend billions of dollars on “things”. It’s nice to help someone here at home.
    My prayers go out to Heather and her family. And thank you Chris, for taking this on.

  197. melody says:

    Donated yesterday and have been following Heather. I “got to know” her when she invited me as a moderator at MOG. Her faith is wondrous and the love gifts are amazing.

  198. Chris says:

    Heather’s faith in the face of this is inspiring. I donated today and have been praying for her.

  199. Paula says:

    Thank you Chris. I donated today. The power of a blogging community will never cease to amaze me.

  200. Crissy says:

    Standing in the gap for Heather.

  201. Summer Husband says:

    I donated because of your link. Heather is amazing.

    I also have a hard time with praying for people through illness. My firstborn son died an hour after he was born. There is always this nagging thought - “Why should prayer heal someone else when it didn’t heal Caleb?” But a friend of mine had a really good insight. Her (then) 6 month old son was diagnosed with brain cancer. A year later his recovery has literally been miraculous. People now look at Thomas and say that their prayers were answered. On her blog, Sarah responded:

    “I think it’s too soon for me to talk about this, maybe. I guess I’m just thinking about people who are not as lucky as we are. I don’t think it’s because God is ignoring them. I don’t think that if Thomas’s tumor comes back that it is because God has not answered prayers.

    I guess what I’m saying is that I still think grace is real, and present, and one of our miracles is that it has been available to us in the middle of cancer, and not just now at [what seems like] the end.”



  202. Denise says:

    I’m in. My poor kids. It seems this week I’ve been holding them tighter and tighter.

  203. Chrissi says:

    Our hearts and prayers are with Heather and her family.

    Thought it wasn’t much , we did donate today. But ever 20, 50 even 1 $ makes a difference.

    Chris - I read your page often and I love that you too have opened your heart.

    Big BIG hugs to you

  204. Brigitte says:

    We had a friend who found a lump during a self-examination and was diagnosed with breast cancer at 32. She always fought it very aggressively, even insisting on a double mastectomy when the doctors didn’t feel that drastic step was quite necessary. She did everything, but still died at 33, leaving her 4 year old daughter behind.

    I don’t want that to happen to Heather or her family. I hope all our small donations can help.

  205. Kelli says:

    I donated yesterday and plan to again

  206. Christi says:

    We’ve donated as well, and are continuing to spread the word to anyone who’ll listen.

    Thanks for what you’re doing!

  207. Elizabeth says:

    We continue to pray for Heather and her family. Thank you for playing a part.

  208. Jennifer says:

    I donated two days ago. I appreciate you spreading the word on your high traffic site. I am so thrilled that we have all been able to help. Thank you.

  209. Lolly says:

    What a blessing to a part of a group of generous people. Our world is not the same as it was 10 years ago, and things like this reveal that there are still Godly caring people around. You are in my prayers Heather.

  210. maggie says:

    Thanks for sharing the link. I’m in.

  211. Shel says:

    I’m so happy to be a part of this cause! If it weren’t for your blog, I wouldn’t have even known about Heather. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to give for a special cause today;-)

  212. Monica says:

    I didn’t know about Heather so thanks for the post. I made a donation today.

    I love your blog!

  213. Tuesday says:

    I donated what I could. I wish it was more.

    My father died of cancer when he was 52 and left me, my sister and my little brother and sister. I know what it is liek to lose a parent. I don’t want my kids to know.

  214. Amy says:

    I have just spent the last few hours pouring over Heather’s blog, reading and weeping for her. We made a donation and will be checking back in on her often. Like you said, it is neat in a week such as this to have a reason to believe in the goodness of people–strangers no less.

  215. Ama says:

    I’m in. Thank you for the link.

  216. Leah says:

    Left a donation for Heather today. She and her family are in my prayers.

  217. Alli says:

    I donated a small bit of money and a whole bunch of prayers. I can’t believe how all this came together with people just doing what they could for someone they don’t even know.

  218. Sarah says:

    For the record, I did not give in order to receive any compensation. But, I am always up for anything free! What a wonderful woman she is!

  219. Lisa says:

    I donated as well this morning. It wasn’t much but it all adds up in the end. Heather and her family are in my prayers!

  220. Liza says:

    I have not donated money yet so don’t put me in the drawing. I just want to comment how blessed and touched I am that you are doing this. I have been praying a lot for Heather and has been posting about her since I heard about her tumor. I had been announcing Boomama’s fund raising for her and I will do the same on this. I love it when you said “I want to believe in that God of Heather’s, I do.” I think Heather would be so happy to hear that :) I know she would.

  221. Irene says:

    Who knows where we REALLY are with regard to God? We are all trying to make sense of it all, in our own ways which sometimes coincide, but with various nuances. Bless you and Heather and all of those good people around (I ma here from Boomama’s).There is hope, then, in this crazy world.
    What do I have to offer to your draw? A year’s advice on anything Greek including recipes and travelling.
    Be well.

  222. Toblerone says:

    Yep, I’ve been following up with Heather and BooMama and all that for a bit now. And I just subscribed to your blog about a week ago, so I found it coincidental you are now on board, too! Thanks for that.

    God is indeed good. All the time.

  223. Jessie says:

    I’m with Sarah…I didn’t donate for reward or for praise. But I would never turn down free stuff!

  224. Karen says:

    You are hilarious! Thanks for organizing this all. Sent some love for Heather…

  225. Jonathan says:

    Hi Chris - anything for you! I love reading your blog.

  226. Shalee says:

    God has blown my socks off with the response that everyone has shown. PayPal, prayers and posting everywhere… there’s a play in there somewhere, I just know it…

    I donated, again - not for praise or reward, unless you count the great feeling I had, knowing that I was a vessel whom God used and the happiness felt from doing something right in a world gone wrong. Add my name to the tactile awards too, if you would be so kind. (I have a feeling that really does describe you well - kind.)

  227. Lynne says:

    Shalee’s right. There’s a story or a song in this whole experience. I can’t get over how everyone rallies so fast. It gives us hope that the good people still outnumber the evil by a big margin.

  228. Brandy says:

    20 years…. not long enough. For sure. Glad that I was able to do at least a little something. My prayers are for Heather and her family.

  229. Robyn says:

    What an incredible outpouring of generosity for Heather, it is so wonderful to see so many people come together and give whatever they can, whether it is money, prayer or passing along her story so others may be touched by it and moved to offer their gifts as well. That is beautiful to be a part of, and I gladly donated. Bloggers have heart, that is for sure! Thank you Chris and BooMama, two blogs which I read everyday– keep up the great work.

  230. brit says:

    I’ve been a casual reader of your blog for along time. But I read about Heather somewhere else this week. And then I read Heather’s blog. And then I donated money because with all the crap in the world, this week. I wanted to be a part of something good and because you are right, twenty years, when you have kids is not a long time. I want to see my children’s children too.

    I know the money I donated, won’t change things….but maybe it will make things better for now. Great post. Thank you for summing this up beautifully….

  231. Danielle says:

    I donated on the 18th, and might send some more before it’s all over.

  232. Amy says:

    I donated last evening after spending an hour reading her blog. That family has been through a lot and I’ll pray for them.

    Thanks for bringing for your post about Heather.

  233. Laura says:

    I donated and I’m hoping the little bit will help a lot! Thanks for doing this.

  234. Addie says:

    I donated!

    Thanks Chris for doing this! I know that Boomama and Heather are both completely overwhelmed by your generosity here!

  235. nrp says:

    Like so many others, I’m in.

  236. Kim says:

    What a joy to be a teeny tiny part of this outpouring of love for Heather.

  237. Cheryl says:

    What a blessing this has been. I’m glad I was able to participate. Thank you.

  238. Jan says:

    I’m one of those people who donated to Heather, although I don’t know her except through this internet community. I had already made up my mind to do what I could with a donation, but after this week’s sad events it made me feel doubly grateful that I could help somebody, somewhere, someway…God bless Heather, her family, and the VaTech community.

  239. Michelle says:

    I donated. I’m trying to read her blog but it’s just so overwhelming. I can’t even imagine how it must be to live it. It is wonderful to see the total donations and know that every little bit does add up.

  240. The Wooden Porch says:

    I am going to donate. Thanks for calling attention to Heather.

  241. Shelley says:

    Every little bit helps. Just knowing that every little drop in the bucket will eventually make a full bucket gives me such hope and joy! Thanks for your post.

  242. Barbara says:

    I’ve only been in bloggityville for a few months now, but I have been so inspired by the amazing women out there I’ve never met who can bring me to tears and make me laugh until my sides hurt. I am blessed to be a part of this and will pray for Heather and her family every day.

  243. The Wooden Porch says:

    Ok, I followed through with my promise and donated to Heather! Isn’t she just an amazing woman??

  244. deanna says:

    I donated…just a bit, things are tight but every little bit helps right? Faith is an amazing thing and it stokes my own to see people come together and help a perfect stranger.

  245. nani says:

    Miracles happen, let’s hope for one here.

  246. Ani says:

    Interesting post Chris. I had actually gone away from the church, but returned after I lost a pregnancy. We didn’t know how to explain to my first born that his “baby” was not on the way after all.

    And since then we return, not because I believe in the ritual of it, but because the members of my church are my family away from family. We live far from our hometowns, and we are brought together by a common faith. I’m not much for “religion” but I am all for spirituality.

    In any case…I’m in to support a fellow mom in need.

  247. Gwen says:

    A wonderful lady in my neighborhood just died this week of cancer. I had the intentions for a long time to go and visit her, but I never did. I donated to Heather in honor of this lady and all the others I know (and don’t know) who are having their faith tried by cancer and other illnesses. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to learn of others’ trials and to reach out.

  248. Susan says:

    Thank you for letting me know about Heather and her amazing story and for providing the link to an opportunity to help. I wish her and her family all the best. They will be in my prayers.

  249. JennaG says:

    It is my honor to give to this precious woman and her family!

  250. Karen says:

    I just donated. I’m a poor grad student deeply in debt and I thought that my small donation can’t really make a difference but then when I read how many people come across your site I realized that all those people together can make a big difference. I will be praying for her as well.

  251. Kellie says:

    I donated to Heather and am praying hard for her and those little ones. Because of your blog, you have brought Heather’s situation to the attention of so many people who might otherwise have not known. Thank you for your kindness and hard work.

  252. jessica says:

    I donated yesterday and I just checked the amt a few minutes ago! Oh.My.Goodness! The Lord is Awesome, isn’t He! Thanks for getting the word out!

  253. Michelle says:

    I donated happily. And felt guilty that I’ve been complaining of little things when I read about all her family is facing.

  254. cristen says:

    I’m going to donate now. I totally understand your difficulty with faith/religion and sympathize.

  255. KathyB says:

    It is so easy to get wrapped up in the small things in life. I am often humbled by other peoples strength and so I donated to this unknown Heather in hopes that my few dollars would help.

  256. Kim says:

    Can’t afford much, but I donated a little! It hits my heart to think of my own three children if I were in her shoes.

  257. liz says:

    i’m proud to say that i donated too! her story is really powerful.

  258. Single Jen says:

    I seriously cried at work while reading this. It’s wonderful that so many people are giving to her family! I couldn’t afford much, but I donated a little. I can have regular coffee instead of Starbucks for awhile!

  259. Polly says:

    The gifts sound great. But I echo everyone here that it is a complete honor to be able to help Heather out. Every little bit does help. Now there’s one less thing, money, she has to think about for a while.

  260. Veronica says:

    Adding in a donation because every little bit helps. Praying for complete healing for Heather as well as the spread of true Faith for us all.

  261. Gina says:

    I love reading your blog everyday- this post compelled me to do something and donate. Heather is in my prayers. Bless you for doing this!

  262. Bryanne Mayhew says:

    I sent in my donation. To celebrate those of my family who have survived and in memory of those who haven’t.

  263. annie says:

    When my daughter Izzy was in the hospital for months, people (mostly from church, family, & friends) made it possible for my husband to take that time off work and be with me. I was blessed beyond belief. That was more than money, it made a huge difference! I am honored to pay it forward whenever possible. Heather is a sweet soul and I believe she’s gonna get through this.
    ♥ Annie
    My Life as Annie!

  264. Candy says:

    I just donated. I hope it helps.

  265. Heather says:

    Heather and her family will be in my prayers. I donated. Wish I could donate more.

  266. Aileen says:

    I donated to Heather. Because I believe in mothers, in love, and in doing good. I pray she makes a full recovery.


  267. Erin says:

    De-lurking to say that I just donated. I am yet another college student and this was the best thing that I have done with my money in months; I am so happy to have contributed. It makes me extremely proud to see so many people pulling for Heather and supporting her and her family. She has so much strength and I am going to be praying for her for a very long time.

    I was re-directed here by KatieFleck’s site and I want to thank both of you for making myself, and all of us, aware. We can really make a difference.

    I am going to be hugging my loved ones a little closer tonight.

  268. Deb says:

    I donated. I lost my husband to a brain tumor. It’s a cause close to my heart.

  269. rai says:

    Delurking to say I donated. What a sad story.

  270. paige says:

    I just donated. A friend of the family has just been diagnosed with a recurrence of brain cancer, so supporting Heather is important to me, even though she doesn’t know me and I just “met” her through her blog.

    Thank you for posting about this and helping to get her story out.

  271. MamaGeph says:

    I donated a bit.

    How amazing is it that all these people from all over the place can get together to help a fellow mama? Wow. I love it!

  272. MamaGeph says:

    I donated a bit.

    How amazing is it that all these people from all over the place can get together to help a fellow mama? Wow.

  273. MamaGeph says:

    Ack! I have an echo!

  274. Michelle says:

    I have just donated, and was afraid I had missed the opportunity to join in the healing of another mom. I can not imagine the very real possibility of leaving my girls so young. I feel Heather’s pain and am in awe of her strength.

  275. ginny says:

    I am keeping her in my prayers. I don’t have a website but just enjoy reading so many others.

  276. Andria says:

    I just donated and posted as well. I’m sure every little bit helps, I wish there was more that could be done for them.

    Thank you Chris for helping to get the word out, I appreciate the opportunity to help where I can.

  277. Andrea says:

    Thanks for the opportunity to help, Chris. We may not know each other, but we’re a powerful little community when we reach out to each other. XOXO

  278. goodsandwich says:

    Thank you for bringing this sweet family to our attention. I wasn’t able to give much, but it looks like everybody’s little bit is adding up — $16,000 already and that was hours ago! I have passed this along to people I know — and can I donate something to the prize pool? It would only be good if someone in my area won, but leave me a note on my “blog” if you can use any more prizes.

  279. Karen says:

    I just went and donated, and sent good energy her way.

    Thanks for organizing this,


  280. Melissa K says:

    I hesitated to add my comment just to be eligible for a prize, but you made me feel better with your last comments the you edited in there.

    What a wonderful way to feel like you make a small difference to someone. I hope many more continue to give and, even more importantly, take a few moments out of their time to say a prayer for Heather & her family.

  281. Nell says:

    I just donated and then looked at the total so far, wow!

    Thanks for not being afraid to frighten people off with this post. What good is the internet if people like you don’t use it to help others?

  282. Melissa says:

    Just donated!

    Praying for Heather and family

  283. Jeannette says:

    Delurking to say thanks for making it so easy to donate.

  284. April says:

    Our family donated. Thanks for letting us know about this. I hope Heather is encouraged by the love and bond of motherhood.

  285. Jaye says:

    I donated! I’m also freely donating my prayers as well. My SIL lost her battle with stomach cancer two years ago, leaving behind a two year-old son. Heather and her family are heavily on my mind and soul.

  286. Brandi says:

    I donated and passed this link on to my family who do not read blogs, perhaps you, Heather and BooMama will move them as much as you did me. :-)


  287. Liza says:

    I’m one of those who said don’t put me in the drwaing yet because I have not donated yet. Now, you may put me in :)
    Thanks again :)


  288. shannon says:

    Wow. that total is amazing. Im in.

  289. Tammy H. says:

    donated via boomamas blog on thursday. Heathers story is heartbreaking, yet she is so faithful. She is a light in this dark world.

  290. Jennifer says:

    It’s so cool to be part of this. I just donated and wouldn’t mind winning a prize…unless it’s a child. In that case, keep it!

  291. fidget says:

    I donated

    This has touched my family deeply. My husband lost his mother when he was only 4. She died quite suddenly from advanced breast cancer. I hope that she is able to find a competent doctor who understands that 20 years isnt nearly long enough…

  292. Linda says:

    It breaks my heart to hear of anyone with a brain tumor. I lost my best and dearest friend to a brain tumor. She was far to young to be taken from her husband and children. I donated because of her as the world is a little sadder place without her.

  293. Allanna says:

    I donated. I hope and pray that Heather will be able to get the best health-help possible.

    I also think that you rock, Chris, for using your power for good. It really sucks how much cancer has affected our lives (my Pop-pop, small-cell lung cancer. It’s been nearly six years and I still miss him). I hope that Heather’s story has a much, much happier ending.

    Blog on, Chris. Blog on.

  294. Mara says:

    Ok, done donated. I know I’m late but had to wait till payday yesterday.

    Thank you for bringing this situation to so many peoples’ attention, I hope this drive raises tons and tons of money for Heather and her family. I love your blog.

  295. Tonya says:

    I’m new to your blog, but I really felt convicted to help Heather out. Reading her story and her unshakeable faith is so grounding. It just makes me want to be that much of a better person!
    I donated and I’d be proud to help out in any other ways that I can.
    Thanks for the oppurtunity!

  296. Robbin says:

    We donated. All our prayers are going toward a good outcome from Heather’s trip to Mayo!

  297. Kristine says:

    I’m in. Thanks for highlighting her story. I’m so glad to be able to give a little and pray a lot.

  298. Annie says:

    I leave my donation for Heather in honor of her and my mother, Rebecca. She died of cancer 12 years ago yesterday. She was 52 and way too young to die. I can only imagine what Heather and her family must be going through. The internet can be a tidal wave of love and support…thank you for all of the positive energy.

  299. Jenn B. says:

    I linked over from BooMama and was touched by your honest and sincere post. I am so sorry for the loss of your sister. I was happy to donate to Heather’s fund earlier this week. Her strength and faith is really inspiring!

  300. What we’re donating - A Gaggle of Girls - Springing at the beach with girls says:

    [...] We took a break from another round of spring cleaning to create the donation to the raffle Chris is holding for Heather. [...]

  301. Jess says:

    I donated on Wednesday and posted a link over on my blog. I am sending lots of hugs and prayers to Heather and her family.

  302. Alison says:

    What an amazing outpouring of love. I am so glad to be a part of it by donating. My prayers are with Heather and her family.

  303. Angie says:

    Thanks for letting us know…I donated yesterday.

  304. Allknowingjen says:

    I donated today. Thanks for posting about Heather’s story, I doubt I would have heard about it if I hadn’t read it here.

  305. Sarah says:

    My Father in Law fought brain cancer for a year and a half. He passed away last fall. I’m donating for Heather today in his memory.

  306. becky says:

    I didn’t know about this until your post. Donation sent. My uncle died from colon cancer; two great-aunts, my mother-in-law, and sister-in-law all died from breast cancer. I pray that Heather is given some more time with her family.

  307. Kelly says:

    I donated. Enter me in the drawing.

    Cancer does suck. I like being able to DO something to make someone’s situation with this stuff better.

    And now for something a little different for folks reading down that long list:
    MIL,81, breast cancer=kicked its ass
    Uncle,82, colon cancer=kicked its ass

    Cancer treatment is coming so far so fast.

  308. Katja says:

    Thank you for doing this. I just donated, but please, do not include me in the drwaing. Shipping costs to Germany are just way to expensive. I am watching a good friend of my Mom’s dying right now and nobody and nothing can hlp her anymore, so I am reeally hoping we all can help Heather!

  309. Carola says:

    My husband and I donated two days ago (Friday), we will be praying for Heather. Thanks for doing this, Chris.

  310. Janet says:

    I donated just a little, My mom died of ovarian cancer.

  311. Angel says:

    With all the crap happening in the world and all the heartache we see on the news, it’s refreshing to see such love and compassion spreading forth like wildfire. Everyone pulling together for the good of another really, really warms my heart. Thank you for letting me be a small part of it.

  312. TJ says:

    I gave a few minutes after midnight the first night and am amazed at how generous everyone was.

  313. Bobbie says:

    Giving a few dollars was the easy part.

    I wanted to tell you that I am sorry your sister-in-law didn’t belong to the five percent you were hoping for her. I am glad you believe in Heather’s God. His plans are Higher than Our plans His ways, far above our ways.We may never understand, but He does. Paul says to die is great gain, but that is only for the one ushered into the presence of a Holy God. For the ones left behind, we gain very little and the loss can be overwhelming. Perhaps that is why we need each other so much. Perhaps that is why when we have the opportunity to be used by Jesus to do something amazing for a stranger, we jump in no questions asked.

    My prayer is for you and that the Lord Jesus will send the Comforter to hold you close.May joy fill your heart and life always. The church is a little emptier without you, not because you need it, but because it sounds like you have much to offer them.

    Because of Jesus, Bobbie

  314. Gretchen Hanna says:


    Thanks for your wonderful support for Heather. Thinking of you and your pain associated with the loss of your SIL. God loves you so much, and when you’re ready, He’ll be waiting. Take care. I’m new to your blog and really enjoy it.

  315. Mary Groves says:

    We donated today - thank you so much for letting me know about this website. I was having a really terrible week until Heather’s life put it all in perspective. Thank you

  316. Kathy says:

    Like you I’ve been following Heather’s progress for the past several weeks. Such strength sucks people in. Thanks for sending more people to her site. What an amazing use of the web.

    I think the prizes are fun. You’ve created a sisterhood of appreciation through your efforts.


  317. Katie says:

    I can’t imagine reading her site and not donating (I donated when you first put up the link and again tonight when my tax return made it into my bank account). If I had anything or made anything or was in any way crafty or wealthy I would dontate something to your drawings, but unless online Algebra tutoring is something that a lot of people would clamor about, I’m afraid I’ll have to say that all I can offer are thoughts and prayers.

    Thanks for leading this and for coordinating such a great movement. I feel honored to be a part of something so good and so important.


  318. Karen says:

    Thinking of heather & family.Can’t afford to donate but i’ll be thinking of them.

  319. Laura says:

    I just donated. Thanks for linking us to the site!

  320. Aimee says:

    We donated to For Heather last week, and I
    just followed the link over here from BooMama’s now. It looks like a great list of prizes.

  321. Karen says:

    I donated yesterday. Thanks for posting about this! We will be praying for her as well.

  322. Jen says:

    We donated last week as well and have put her on Grandma’s prayer chain. Grandma is disabled and spends most of her day working the prayer chain. She works miracles, so we’re all pulling for one more here! Thanks for organizing all of this.

  323. Connor's Mom says:

    We donated today. Thanks for letting us know about the opportunity to help in whatever way we can.

    And the raffle is a great idea! You have such creative friends!

  324. Katie says:

    Donated today - I was out of town on the 18th. I’m SO impressed with the total so far! God is so faithful!

  325. Mel says:

    I donated today. I’m happy to be part of this big, loving project. The world is smaller than we think.

  326. Liz says:

    I donated also. And have really enjoyed looking at all the wonderful items being donated. Thanks for doing this.

  327. Stacy says:

    My family donated and are praying for Heather and her family.

  328. Jennifer Lee says:

    I am proud to be a part of such a worthwhile cause. Thank you for showing us how to help.

  329. DW says:

    What a sad sad story. I didn’t read her blog but I donated just the same.


  330. CRM says:

    Thanks for the opportunity to help in a small way.

  331. Karen says:

    Thank you for doing this for Heather. I just donated what I could. :)

  332. Mir says:


  333. Mommy Brain says:

    What a great story. Thanks for sharing. I gave up my Friday night pizza and donated.

  334. KV says:

    I donated. Many prayers for Heather and her beautiful family. Thanks so much for getting her story out!

  335. Rachel says:

    I donated today. I had been too busy to stop by your blog for the last few days, so just read about all of this today. Thank you for bringing it to my attention. Pray for Heather and her family!

  336. kelly jeanie says:

    Done…praying for Heather!

  337. Jessica says:

    I made a donation. Now I’ll work on my prayers…

  338. bella says:

    Was finally able to get over there and donate… Heather and her family have been in my thoughts since you first posted this!

  339. Deborah D says:

    My little bit in too. Best wishes.

  340. Elizabeth says:

    I donated, but I wish I could do more. I’ll be keeping Heather and her family in my thoughts.

  341. TaunaLen says:

    I donated a small amount, and wished it could be more. Then I saw the running total, and WOW. I am in awe that God can take our little bits and end up with something so huge. I am in awe, and I’m not even on the recieving end. I know faith can move mountains, and I think this week love built a mountain of provision for Heather. I love how rich and extravagant our Father is.


  342. vanessa says:

    Thank you so much for doing this. I donated what I could. Its amazing to see what people pull together to do.
    Blessings to Heather and her family.

  343. Theresa says:

    I donated and posted a link to donate on my blog.

    How cool is that you’re having a drawing! If only we could draw a “You’re healed” card or something for Heather and her daughter.

    Thanks for sweet, sweet heart in all of this.

  344. Jenny says:

    I donated :)

  345. Personal Chef to 2 says:

    A friend of mine and your blog alerted me to Heather’s story on the same day. I did make a donation last week!

  346. Tracey- @Laced WIth Grace says:

    Donated last week….praying, for Heather- and for all of you organizing this great task;)

  347. Karen says:

    Thanks for sharing this story!
    I donated today. It is good to get outside my own little world and help someone else.

  348. Kendra says:

    Ok I’m in. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. I love helping people I don’t know. I mean I love helping people who need help.

  349. Cindy D says:

    I hope my donation helps to fund Heather’s battle… My heart and prayers go out to her and her family.

  350. ephelba says:

    I’ve sent a bit her way- hope it helps. Will you let us know her prognosis?

  351. YoungMommy says:

    I think it’s wonderful that you have stepped up to help someone in need… I sent Heather a donation and have blogged about her, as well.

  352. Midsummer Night says:

    I have added a bit as well. Her strength amazes me.

  353. Heather says:

    I donated five. It’s not a ton, but it’s what we can afford right now.

  354. Jen Jacobs says:

    Thanks for sponsoring this website Chris. As always, you are an inspiration!!!!

  355. middleamerican mom says:

    I’m so proud of all your readers! I just happily made a donation. I also love the graphic of the daisy and “For Heather” — it’s beautiful. If it’s not too late, I’d love to donate a set of handmade notecards.

  356. Victoria says:

    your post about Heather really touched me …. donation made, thank you for reminding me how amazing people can be!

  357. Abby Miller says:

    I haven’t read your website in a little over a week so I just read about Heather. I just donated - hopefully this will help her. My mother was just diagnosed with a brain tumor 2 months ago and it undergoing chemo. Hopefully Heather will get the same wonderful medical care! Many people are praying for her!

  358. Michele says:

    This is just amazing. She is just amazing.

  359. alaine says:

    praying for heather and knowing she will get awesome care and MAYO. . .

  360. Tonya says:

    I am so amazed at the amount of donations this has drawn in! Way to go!
    I donated and I’m praying for Heather to pull through this!!
    Thanks for your working on this!

  361. FishyGirl says:

    I donated and I prayed for Heather and her family, as well. This is amazing - bless you for doing this for her.

  362. Pay it Forward - A Gaggle of Girls - Springing at the beach with girls says:

    [...] I’m still hoping for the best for me. I’m sure Heather’s family is hoping for the best for her. I’m trying to thank all the people who have helped me. I’m also trying to pay it forward and help someone else. I hope everyone who has been supported by their friends and family will go make a donation, then go leave a comment so you can see if you could win something as a thank you gift for your donation. Maybe you’ll win our necklace/earring set! [...]