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Just a few of the donations before I go to bed…

Just a few of the donations before I go to bed…

April 21, 2007

I am going to leave the comments on the post for Heather open through next week. Several people have emailed me that they were not able to donate yet, but were planning on it. Also people had emailed asking if they could donate something for the raffle. Absolutely. If you have something you would like to share, please email me.

And now to quickly and hopefully tactfully get something off my chest, If you don’t want to participate in the raffle for whatever reason then just don’t leave a comment. As much as I am sure Heather appreciates that you would like the items sent to her I don’t think that a) she would really want ALL of it, (unless she really does want all of it in which case we can make that happen too I am sure) and b) It shouldn’t be viewed as a reward for donating, rather as a token of thanks from strangers untied for a common cause.

I like to think of the raffle as donations of love. People who have come together as a community to share kindness. I know if I were to win one of the items, which obviously I can not, but if I were to win every time I looked at that item it would remind me of the goodness of strangers. It would remind me that small things can add up to great colossal unimaginably large things. It would remind me that in this vast world we as individuals can make a difference. And most of all I would be reminded of Heather.

And so it is in that spirit I hope the raffle is perceived.

Moving on…

I am completely in awe of all these talented crafty people.

Quite a few people are still busy working on their donations and don’t have a photograph to share yet, but when they do I will be posting them also.

Keryn does not have a blog. I know shocking isn’t it? That there are still people who exist that don’t detail their lives on the internet. Keryn is donating a matching mother/daughter bracelet set AND another bracelet. These bracelets are simply stunning.

matching mother-daughter bracelets

The beautiful Karen, of chookooloonks has donated one of her photographs, matted and framed. All you have to do is hammer a nail into your wall and hang it up. Don’t even tell me you don’t have somewhere to hang something this gorgeous.

framed photo

Katie, from Ramblings of a SAHM, is so incredibly talented that it kills me. She makes her daughters’ matching Easter dresses, knits all FIVE of her children matching sweaters, quilts, sews, scrapbooks and probably cooks the partridge in the pear tree. Katie has donated this red felted pocketbook, or purse, or handbag… whatever term you use in the part of the country you live in. I call it a pocketbook and I also drink soda.


Look at these blankets! Don’t they just look so soft and cuddly? Lisa, who does have a blog, Three Beans… and a sprout makes these baby blankets. The winner can choose either the pink or the blue one. So cute they almost make me want to have another baby. Oh how I am laughing. Seriously they do make me wish I had a friend having a baby.

Here is the description of the blankets she emailed me.

1. Cute, custom made ’snugli’ blanket made with a girly Paris theme print measures approximately 26″ x 33″. It is made with super soft flannel and backed with luxurious minky fabric in light pink. ‘Snugli’ Blanket has a beautiful scalloped edge that makes it unique and is top stitched for durability. It’s size makes it great for the stroller, car seat, nap time, or even for dragging around by a toddler. Fabric is pre-washed to reduce shrinkage. Machine wash cold and dry on low heat.

2. Cute, custom made ’snugli’ blanket made with an out-of-this-world alien print measures approximately 26.5″ x 29.5″. It is made with super soft flannel and backed with luxurious minky fabric in bright blue. It’s size makes it perfect for the stroller, car seat, nap time, or even for dragging around by a toddler. Fabric is pre-washed to reduce shrinkage and top stitched for durability. Machine wash cold and dry on low heat.


Alli, from Adventures in Imperfection, makes these adorable aprons. Seriously I think maybe if I had a cute apron I would enjoy cooking more. because I am all about the accessories. Not only is Alli donating a handmade apron, but she will let the winner decide what colors/fabrics to have it made in. Don’t want you to clash with your kitchen while you are cooking!



Cool mom picks is offering up a “taking care of mama” gift pack
including an oyikes diaper bag (www.oyikes.com), a pair of yogini style YogaSmart Pants (www.yoginistyle.com) and a basket of pampering goodies from Zen Momma
(www.zenmomma.com) worth $200. Have you been to their site? You should if you are looking for any sort of hip, affordable, and unique baby/ kid/ mom items.

Karen, from Troll baby and Swank Web Design, is donating a free web design for anyone using the wordpress platform or blogger. Wow!

Mir, from Woulda Coulda Shoulda is donating one of her products from her cafe press store. The lucky winner can pick whatever item they want. T-shirt, mug… refrigerator magent, perhaps?

Kathryn, from Daring Young Mom, has donated a shirt from her cafe press store also. I have her pink Daring Young Mom shirt, though I am neither daring or young I wear it ironically.

And there are more. But it is late and I must sleep. Because do you know what season it is?

No not spring, silly. Baseball, the other season.

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  1. The Wooden Porch says:

    Wow! You have some amazing donations there.

  2. Jurgen Nation says:

    I just sent you an e-mail regarding mine. xo

  3. carol says:

    Sorry to worry you but I am unable to pick up your other blog or how to link to the donation site. Although I have read about Heather’s health in another blog I am unable to link into your other blog to make a donation. Is it possible to donate from another country? The response you have had and the support for Heather just shows how many wonderful, caring people there are in the world and I know Heather will draw strength and hope from everyone’s support and prayers. Carol

  4. Aileen says:

    I wish I was as talented as all these women!! Such beautiful work.

  5. CathyC says:

    Seriously Chris, if you were right here, I would smother you with hugs, because you are just one of the great people in this world. Your family is lucky!
    And to all those women who made things : WOW! COOL!
    Have a great happy weekend!

  6. Heather says:

    This is SO amazing. All of the donations are wonderful. It really makes my heart happy to see people coming together like this. Also? That gift pack from Cool Mom picks? Is sort of making me want to donate again. I know it’s not about rewards, but anything that motivates me to help further is worth it, right? :) :) :)

  7. Yvonne says:

    What a generous world we live in!!!

  8. Deputy's Wife says:

    Some awesome items up for grabs! Thanks for doing this.

  9. Liza says:

    wonderful… wonderful donations … wonderful explantion of the raffle.. what a wonderful side of the blogosphere this side is :)

    count me in :)

    P.S. Thank you for doing this. I understand this is a lot of work coordinating all these on top of the baseball season. Blessings to you… this “thing” (the support to Heather all all the goes with it) are simply wonderful…

  10. Susan says:

    “strangers untied for a common cause” is my favorite typo ever.

    Because I can’t imagine a better cause to be untied for.

  11. Chris says:


    I should just let you proof read everything I type. As long as the spell check doesn’t pop up some glaring error I never proof read ;-)

  12. Playdate Susan says:

    Don’t proofread! I loved that one! Leave it!

    And I’m the one who mistakenly typed “bowel” for “bowl” remember?

  13. nrp says:

    I second that: “strangers untied…” is a terrific typo! One of the signs of a great proofreader is that she/he leaves things like that alone.

    Baseball? Already?

  14. Maddy says:

    Ahh yes the fifth season of the year.

    I had considered donating to this brilliant cause however here in Aus we get a rotten low rate of exchange from Aussie dollars to US dollars which would mean the donation would be eaten up by some unknown international dollar muncher. With this in mind, and wanting to still feel the love, I have decided to look around my own community and find a worthy cause to donate to. Thankyou for the wonderful inspiration.

  15. kathy says:

    Just catching up and I’d LOVE to donate some personally picked out Mexican talavera. The only problem is that the recipient would have to wait until we get out of Mexico in July. If you’re interested, please lmk and once we get up to Dolores Hidalgo, I’ll pick something pretty.

  16. Katie says:

    Amazing! I love the internets. hehe

    Don’t forget the sunscreen at baseball! Yesterday was the first game played in the sun (as opposed to snow and clouds and freezing temps) and I got burnt.

  17. BooMama » Various And Sundry says:

    [...] 3. Don’t forget that Chris at Notes from the Trenches will be having a prize drawing at the end of this week for all the people who donated to the For Heather love offering. If you click here, you’ll see instructions for how you can sign up (if you haven’t already). [...]

  18. Kelly Fisher says:

    I just sent you a picture of the bracelet I will be donating. It is the Believe God Bracelet - just like the one I sent to Heather the other day!
    Thanks for letting me be part of this!

  19. Bobbie says:

    I have been praying since I last read your post, and I want to donate a copy of my book, Encouragement Along the Way to your give away. A lot of your donors are homeschoolers, and they might enjoy this prize.

    Just send me the name of the winnere and I will mail them a copy. Or I can sedn it to you, either way is good for me.

    Because of Jesus, Bobbie

  20. becky says:

    chris, chris, chris. re: the blankets, you DO have a friend who’s expecting. ;) i keed, i keed. hee! so awesome that everyone’s pitching in. i wish i had something worthwhile to donate.

  21. stacey says:

    This is so awesome! I just came over from Boomama’s blog and saw everything that’s been donated. Not only are people giving of their money to help Heather now they’re giving more on top of it! How cool is that??

  22. anita dimmock says:

    Hi I think it is just fantastic that there are so many generous people around so I am offering a maternity tee as a donation. Please tell me where to sent it. Also for every mom to be That purchases two maternity tee I will give $2.00 ro this or any other cause they care to name.

  23. Janne says:

    The generosity of so many astounds me! Thanks for organizing this.