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Talented people

Talented people

April 23, 2007

I am going to leave the comments on the post for Heather open through next week. Several people have emailed me that they were not able to donate yet, but were planning on it. Also people had emailed asking if they could donate something for the raffle. Absolutely. If you have something you would like to share, please email me.

I am completely in awe of all these talented crafty people.

Quite a few people are still busy working on their donations and don’t have a photograph to share yet, but when they do I will be posting them also.

Keryn does not have a blog. I know shocking isn’t it? That there are still people who exist that don’t detail their lives on the internet. Keryn is donating a matching mother/daughter bracelet set AND another bracelet. These bracelets are simply stunning.

matching mother-daughter bracelets

The beautiful Karen, of chookooloonks has donated one of her photographs, matted and framed. All you have to do is hammer a nail into your wall and hang it up. Don’t even tell me you don’t have somewhere to hang something this gorgeous.

framed photo

Katie, from Ramblings of a SAHM, is so incredibly talented that it kills me. She makes her daughters’ matching Easter dresses, knits all FIVE of her children matching sweaters, quilts, sews, scrapbooks and probably cooks the partridge in the pear tree. Katie has donated this red felted pocketbook, or purse, or handbag… whatever term you use in the part of the country you live in. I call it a pocketbook and I also drink soda.


Look at these blankets! Don’t they just look so soft and cuddly? Lisa, who does have a blog, Three Beans… and a sprout makes these baby blankets. The winner can choose either the pink or the blue one. So cute they almost make me want to have another baby. Oh how I am laughing. Seriously they do make me wish I had a friend having a baby.

Here is the description of the blankets she emailed me.

1. Cute, custom made ’snugli’ blanket made with a girly Paris theme print measures approximately 26″ x 33″. It is made with super soft flannel and backed with luxurious minky fabric in light pink. ‘Snugli’ Blanket has a beautiful scalloped edge that makes it unique and is top stitched for durability. It’s size makes it great for the stroller, car seat, nap time, or even for dragging around by a toddler. Fabric is pre-washed to reduce shrinkage. Machine wash cold and dry on low heat.

2. Cute, custom made ’snugli’ blanket made with an out-of-this-world alien print measures approximately 26.5″ x 29.5″. It is made with super soft flannel and backed with luxurious minky fabric in bright blue. It’s size makes it perfect for the stroller, car seat, nap time, or even for dragging around by a toddler. Fabric is pre-washed to reduce shrinkage and top stitched for durability. Machine wash cold and dry on low heat.


Alli, from Adventures in Imperfection, makes these adorable aprons. Seriously I think maybe if I had a cute apron I would enjoy cooking more. because I am all about the accessories. Not only is Alli donating a handmade apron, but she will let the winner decide what colors/fabrics to have it made in. Don’t want you to clash with your kitchen while you are cooking!



Cool mom picks is offering up a “taking care of mama” gift pack
including an oyikes diaper bag (www.oyikes.com), a pair of yogini style YogaSmart Pants (www.yoginistyle.com) and a basket of pampering goodies from Zen Momma
(www.zenmomma.com) worth $200. Have you been to their site? You should if you are looking for any sort of hip, affordable, and unique baby/ kid/ mom items.

Karen, from Troll baby and Swank Web Design, is donating a free web design for anyone using the wordpress platform or blogger. Wow!

Mir, from Woulda Coulda Shoulda is donating one of her products from her cafe press store. The lucky winner can pick whatever item they want. T-shirt, mug… refrigerator magent, perhaps?

Kathryn, from Daring Young Mom, has donated a shirt from her cafe press store also. I have her pink Daring Young Mom shirt, though I am neither daring or young I wear it ironically.

People with great big hearts.

My dear friend Stacy, Jurgen Nation, is a wonderful photographer. It is her shoe photo in my header image. She is donating one of her photos matted and framed. Again all you need is a hammer and a nail and you will have a wonderful piece of art. She offers four from which the person can chose one. Here are her descriptions of the photographs and why she chose them, which makes them even more poignant.

I chose this one because of the name and subject, “Wish.” It symbolizes hope and optimism, which are things I know all of us feel for Heather.

I chose this one to signify strength in the face of the unknown:

I chose this one because, though it’s stark and cold, we’re all behind Heather through it all:

and this one, because the sun can illuminate even the ugliest of things, making everything brighter and full of hope

Be sure to click on those links and see her work. Amazing.

My friend Jenniffer is donating homemade biscotti. She will make it to order, with whatever flavorings you enjoy. biscotti

She is the most amazing cook. Seriously, my husband wishes he was married to her whenever I show him photos of her food. I wish I were married to her, or at the very least her next door neighbor so I could conveniently drop by at dinnertime every night. You can see some of her food photos here They look like they belong in a magazine.

Carmen, from Mom to the Screaming Masses, is donating one of her fantabulous tie dye shirts. My daughter has a tie dye dress Carmen made and she gets complements on it all the time. Also, if you want to be inspired, check out Carmen’s new blog The Elff Diet
where she writes about her amazing 60lb weight loss.

Jenny from Three Kid Circus is donating a $25 giftcard to amazon. The possibilities are endless, truly since amazon seems to sell everything AND the kitchen sink.

And the Mommybloggers is donating a gift basket, The Ready for Summer Tootsies.
pedicure kit How much would your feet love to that!

Rachel, from Gaggle of Girls, is donating a necklace and earring set that she and her three girls made.
I was lucky enough to receive a set as a present from Rachel last week and my daughter got a personalized bracelet. She does not have one of those common names that lends itself to finding personalized items. I was so touched by her generosity. Not to mention that they are beautiful.

love jewelry

is donating a gift basket of her handmade goatmilk soaps that she sells at her esty shop. They sounds fabulous. I am a sucker for nice soap. The winner can pick their choice of 4 different soaps and they will arrive in a gift basket. If I had these at my house I would forbid my boys from using them. They just don’t appreciate soap. Or cleanliness for that matter.

handmade goatmilk soap

The Sarcastic Journalist is donating a set of handmade notecards. I saw photos of her cards that she made for Christmas and I was in awe of her crafty talent.


Jessica, from Kerflop, is donating one 12-14″ handmade softie designed for a boy or girl, winner can choose. Here are photos of some she has made in the past.

girly doll:
boyish or gender neutral:

How adorable are they?

Angela, from Fluid Pudding is donating a handmade felted vase. Have you seen this woman’s knitting? Beautiful. I just had the felted vase explained to me too, by the way, I was thinking how can wool hold water? Wouldn’t it leak and leave a big sloppy wet mark on my table? Wouldn’t the whole vase collapse like a limp sweater? But now I understand it is a gorgeous decorative cover for a glass vase. or GASP for some silk flowers. Just pretty please promise me that if you use silk flowers they will look like flowers that actually occur in nature.

How gorgeous is this vase?

Felted vase

Yvonne, from Joy Unexpected, is donating a candle set. Can a person have too many candles? I say NO, you can not. Especially if you live in a house with lots of smelly boy people.

Debbie has a special donation for people living in the UK. Anyone living in the UK can pick any item from her store. The little smock is so cute it kills me.

Kelly, from Girl on a Mission is donating a lovely bracelet from her online store, Celebrate! Designs. She describes it as jewelry which reflects your personal statement of faith. I describe it as pretty.

believe god bracelet

Tracy, who doesn’t have a blog, lives in Germany so if you win her donation expect to wait a bit longer to receive it, makes reversible little girl bonnets. When she showed me photos of them I squealed, fondly remembering my days when I was obsessed with Little House on the Prairie.


I don’t know many little girls who wouldn’t love to have an old fashioned bonnet.

Shazia is donating an intro to web development class, valued at $300. The description from the website says: “Learn xhtml and css with hands-on projects, including a blog, web store, forum and a personal portfolio. Online Format, Hands-on Lessons & Projects, 10 weeks.” Wow!!! How many of us are clueless and wish we weren’t. This would be such an amazing learning experience. I am tucking this one in the back of my brain for my son who wants to learn to do these things.

Have you ever seen those cute letterings people do on their walls? With cute sayings or quotes? Nanette is offerring custom vinyl wall lettering. The person may choose whatever saying they want (one of these, any we have or their own choice). The size can be up to 23×41.The sayings do not come with the background color, that’s just for design purposes. They need to choose the color for the lettering only.

The winner will have a choice of whatever font they would like, also.


I think this one would be adorable on a plaque in a little girl’s room. If you are like me and could never put it on your wall because you have the need to repaint the walls every chance you get, a plaque would be the perfect solution.

wall words

This is an original piece of mixed media art donated by the artist, Erin.

Original Painting

“This is my latest finished collage. It’s an 8×10 on canvas board. I
was excited to see this one develop. The featured bird has been
hanging around in my ideas drawer since 2000. He started as part of
this huge poster sized oil bar piece that refused to come together as
I envisioned it. I clipped out the bird, saving him and since then he
has haunted me. I’ve reincarnated him and yet he was still there,
bothering me. I doubt I’ll ever drop him entirely as a theme- there is
something intriguing and almost sinister about him. In Baby Blue he
comes together with this sweet little vintage soul, who came to me
through a friend (FiggyFigg) courtesy of Ebay.”

Kristen, from Baby Brewing, is dontaing any t-shirt, with any saying for man, woman, or child. She is the one who made the Mom Loves Me Best t-shirts for me last summer.

Merry, from Patch of Puddles, runs a shop and is donating one of these little cuties

The winner can pick whatever one they would like and she will mail it anywhere in the world.
Julie, from And Katie Makes Three, is offering to make a set of 3 personalized cloth diaper burp cloths. You can see a sample modeled by Katie here:

The winner can specify 2 lines for each, one larger (usually used for the name) and one smaller line (usually used for a birthdate or nickname). They can also specify colors for the text and edging, as well as script versus block letters. They’re made from brand new cloth diapers.

Photo of them click here.

Kara is 16 yrs. old and she paints and would like to donate one of her prints for Heather’s cause.

Here is a link to Kara’s page.

What makes this donation even more special is that Kara sells prints of her paintings to raise money for a rare brain & spinal cord disorder that she was diagnosed with in 2001. Not only that, but the paintings are really beautiful.

Michele, from Blue Eyed Creations

which is a small embroidery business, is donating:

1) A children’s birthday (or whatever) shirt

2) A Birthday Bib

Jaimie, who doesn’t blog but reads blogs secretly from work, donated a fabulous bracelet that her mother made.
She sells jewelry on ebay, under the seller name of *alligatorsoup*. Jaimie emailed me days ago and after emailing her back and telling her how much I loves the bracelet, I completely forgot all about it. I told you, my brain is much like the spam filter losing things it should keep and hanging onto things it should let go.


Angela, from Corn Patch Creations, is donating a Cozy Carseat Cover from her website She can make either a boy, girl or neutral cover for the winner. Those are really fabulous for keeping infants warm in the frigid temperatures. Those of you in warm climates have no idea.

Meg has a husband who dabbles in graphic design and has a shop at cafepress. He has made up some humorous designs about
having lots of kids. http://cafepress.com/bigbaddaddy

He would like to donate 2 t-shirts for the raffle. The winner can chose which one they would like.

Awesome! Thank you.


I hope this is everyone. If you have emailed me and I have not responded it probably got sent to my spam folder. While I try to go through it daily, I often miss legitimate email.

Also, if you have emailed me and I have responded and you don’t see you name on the list, please contact me. My brain is a lot like the spam filter.

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