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I worry for the future

I worry for the future

April 24, 2007

This morning my daughter went upstairs to her room to get dressed.

She came down wearing a pair of thick woolen tights, a tank top, and tap shoes.

She pulled the tank top down past her butt and declared that it was a dress, which I guess it could be if you were Britney Spears. At least my daughter was wearing underwear.

I nicely suggested that she change into a more weather appropriate outfit. And, oh call me crazy, but some actual clothing on her lower half. It is supposed to be about 75 degrees today. And she refused.

So I told her that I thought her outfit was weird.

She looked over at me. Looked at my outfit up and down. And said, “Well, I think your outfit is weird. Maybe you should change.”

For a fleeting moment I considered it.

Then I was just thankful that she hasn’t discovered hair removal yet. I am sure she would have something to say about the eyebrow waxing that I gave myself. Or the fact that I am now wearing my bangs “casually” swept over my right eye.

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  1. Woman with Kids says:

    Well on her way to being a *delightful* teenager! And waxing? You are so brave. I pluck until it hurts, which means my eyebrows are always uneven…

  2. Sara says:

    I have my brows threaded and sweet mother of pearl do they ever need it right now! And your daughter? She makes me scream.

  3. Diane W says:

    Well at least she gets dressed. My 4yo daughter insists on wearing her princess nightgown all day. Every day.

  4. military mommy says:

    For the love of all that is good please do not try threading your eyebrows. I had a lady do that to me once and it was one of the few times I did the ugly cry in public.

    And just wait till your daughter really finds out where babies come from. Now that will be a reality check. :)

    Have a fun day

  5. Nicki says:

    the things I have to look forward to. I already have a son with a sock fetish…as in it has to be on the foot perfectly or he won’t put the shoes on!!!!

  6. Personal Chef to 2 says:

    Keep them coming … You are making me ever so grateful I have 2 boys LOL

    She is a pistol!

  7. fidget says:

    home waxing? You are a brave soul. Your daughters sense of fashion runs along the same lines as my daughters.. only my kids have no earthly clue what wool tights are

  8. Carola says:

    oh well, get ready, we -girls- are very difficult teenagers…especially in our relationship with our moms…I wish you (and I..although I am 3 years behind you) good luck!

  9. goodsandwich says:

    Wait — 75 degrees?!

  10. The Lazy Organizer says:

    What’s up? Are you trying to stifle her creativity??? Instead of tights you could call them leggings with feet.

  11. jody2ms says:

    75!! Whoo hoo for you! Dang, I was beginning to wonder if the ice age was happening again and a glacier was sliding ever so slowly south.

  12. Tamatha says:

    I haven’t waxed my eyebrows at home since the Tragic Eyebrow Incident of 99…if it’s that bad you can mix dark brown eyeshadow with water to ‘fill in’ the spotty bits. Or, alternatively, wear baseball caps for the next 6 weeks and tell your boys it’s all in support of them.

  13. Qalballah says:

    Good God woman. Can you imagine what she’s going to be like as a teenager?? Plan the smart-ass comebacks NOW. Be prepared!

  14. CathyC says:

    LOL! She cracks me up!

  15. Wendy says:

    I am so glad that an experienced mom is going through this stage of girldom, too. I feel like I put a 2 year old to bed and a teen woke up.

    There are constant fights about what to wear, but no help when I am buying clothes, deep sighs whenever I open my mouth and looks as if I just asked her to go out and get a job and support the rest of us.

    Although, I totally understood my daughter’s absolute glee when trying on pretty fluffy dresses for her walk across the dance stage to accept a trophy. Although I didnt agree with her choice, we connected at that moment. Then it was off to find shoes. Is it possible I have a ready made shopping partner? Is it even more possible that something good will come out of this attitude?

  16. Cheryl M. says:

    Chris - be thankful you have 6 boys and 1 precious girly….it could have been 6 girls and 1 precious boy….;)

  17. Marie says:

    While reading this post I had a flashback to when my daughter was 5. It was winter, and she came out to help shovel snow wearing a sweater, red micro-fiber tights and snow boots. Only she WASN’T wearing any underwear and her sweater didn’t cover her rear. Thankfully, we were able to contain her to the back yard.

  18. Jenny says:

    Ah yes. Fashion advice from people who think that smears of peanut butter and jelly are a perfectly good accessory.

  19. Sherry says:

    My son went to school yesterday with one ankle length sock and one crew length sock. When I questioned him about it, he said, “Why should it matter?” I agree. I declare Mondays “Why Should It Matter? Days”!

  20. Steff says:

    My favorite is when they put their clothes on over their pajamas…and I do not notice until after they get home from preschool! :-)

  21. Amanda says:

    this is funny, almost as funny as when my six year old told me in the middle of claire’s after I wouldn’t buy her a hair bow that was heniously ugly, “Mom, you are not letting me be my own person! It’s not fair, I am my own girl and you have to let me be that way!” Then I explained that I owned her until she was married or living on her own. I love your blog!

  22. Kelly Fisher says:

    2 words….Football Rule!
    Next time your precious daughter comes downstairs - ask her to raise her arms - like a ref calling a touchdown. That should give you a good idea what will be showing - that should not be showing! Ha!

  23. MaryMargaret says:

    Wow, Chris, you have no idea how lucky you are that she has not discovered hair removal. My daughter discovered that at about 3 yrs. Shaved off half her eyebrow with her Dad’s razor. Yes, I was nominated for mother of the year for my incredibly child-proof house. I, of course, went into orbit “OMG, what if it grows back strangely–even another color!!!!” Good part of this story is that she now has very nice, if somewhat sparse (much like me) eyebrows (they do match again). Her wedding pictures (late this May!!!) will be beautiful, despite the shaving, the kicks in the head from soccer, the devastated knees from basketball, and, I fear, some missing brain cells from that first year in college (better not to ask). Believe me, my dear, you have not experienced hell on this earth until your daughter is 10-13 years old. Good news is, it does eventually get(a little) better. (BTW, your daughter is incredibly gorgeous and funny!)

  24. Melanie says:

    Fashion sense is such a personal choice, huh?

  25. deborah says:

    I’m thinking of going to school to surprise my smart-ass 14 yr old. She needs me for a lunch date. And I don’t feel like getting out of my pajamas and slippers today. Or taking off yesterdays make-up. Oh look, my nail polish chipped, bummer. Any other ideas how I can make a great impression? Aren’t the just great!!

  26. cce says:

    Oh no, you mean my sweet, butterball of a five year old is going to turn into a critical pre-teen someday? Yikes. I’m not ready to give her up yet. I’ve got a son who’s seven going on eighteen and tells me kind things like, “You smell, Mom” and “What’s with the purple shoes?” I just don’t think I can handle my G turning mean and malicious and going all fashion police on me.

  27. Amanda says:

    My daughter is going through a similar stage just now (she’s just turned two). She insists on wearing her bright pink wellies, pink tutu, fairy wings and flat cap with everything! Even to bed! But I love her sense of individuality :) It seems our daughters already know their own minds, and aren’t afraid to demonstrate their uniqueness.

  28. Holly Smith says:

    Hang in there Mom…she’s just seeing if you moved the boundaries. To which you replied, “Nope!” Ok, she will reply :)

    Praying for all of us parents…it’s a hard job. But you are doing a good one, friend!

    In His Joy,