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cue the twilight zone music

cue the twilight zone music

April 28, 2007

Tonight I am working on the raffle. I hope to have it all typed up by tomorrow.

I printed all the comments out from the giving post. Then, with the help of my children, cut the paper up into 350 individual strips of paper. I used my 2 yr old son’s safety scissors, because the all real scissors seem to have walked away from the house.

Then we folded all those individual strips of paper and put them into a big stock pot.


The children all took turns drawing.

I put the strips of paper they drew into a pile.

(I promise this story is going somewhere…)

I straightened up the pile and smoothed it out. I flipped them upside down and wrote the prizes on the back in the order I had posted them.

(Here is where the story gets good…)

Several days ago I received an email from Heather’s father. It was incredibly touching. In the email he wrote how meaningful one of the photos (link to photo here) that was taken by stacy, jurgen nation, was to him and his family. Stacy had said that to her the photo signified strength in the face of the unknown. I have been meaning to call stacy this week and let her know. And knowing her as I do I knew that she would want to send them a print. But I didn’t have stacy’s phone number. (Uh, hello stacy I lost your new, new, old, new number. Call me, love.) And somehow I never got around to emailing her because I am a very bad emailer. Very bad. People who know me know that it is nothing personal if I don’t email them back for days, weeks, or ever.

(Back to the story at hand…)

So tonight I am going through the papers and typing out who won what from whom, and once again marveling at the generosity that people have shown. Wishing I knew how to type. When I see that Heather’s comment is one of the ones that was chosen by my children.

I flip it over and see that she won the print from Stacy.

Yeah. Cue the music.

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  1. Sincerely Anna says:

    That sent chills up my spine. I believe that God LOVES to do things like that just to get our attention. Thanks for all you’re doing on Heather’s behalf. She’s a true inspiration.

  2. Vanessa says:

    Meant to be! Hearing things like that gives me faith in the universe.

  3. Anna says:

    Karma or divine intervention this print was meant for her family.

  4. becky says:

    That is fabulous. So glad it is going to her.

  5. Jurgen Nation says:

    I’m a sobbing bag of snot. I’m so emotional.

    [PHONE NUMBER REMOVED. Stacy will be given a swift smack upside the head. Done with love, of course. -chris] I don’t have your phone number (it’s at work), but call me when you have a second. I had a comment all written out, but I don’t want to until I talk to you first. I don’t want to screw anything up. So call. Please note that if you call me Sunday morning I am THREE HOURS behind you. Just saying. Your 9:00 is my “WHO IN THE HELL IS CALLING ME” hour. ;) If you’re up tonight, call - I’ll be up until at least 3 your time.

  6. boomama says:

    Wow - that is incredible. Such a God thing.

    And to all of you warm, generous, kind-hearted people who donated items: THANK YOU. I can’t say that enough.

    (but thanks again. just had to say it one more time.)

  7. elizabeth says:

    WOW! Glad to hear I am not alone in being the worst emailer. How cool that the kids are involved in the raffle!

  8. Linds says:

    I am smiling. Not at all surprised. This is wonderful!

  9. shaz says:

    very cool… :)

    is it just me, or should Jurgen Nation’s phone numbers be removed from the comments?

    [No, they should. And they were. Feel free to give her a loving smack too. -chris]

  10. Kim says:


  11. MommaBlogger says:

    So cool. God is amazing that way sometimes. (Okay, most times!)

  12. Anne says:

    wow spppppppoooooooky

  13. Tonya says:

    That is so bizarre! I love God’s surprises!!!

  14. amy says:

    I think that what you did to collect all of the amazing donations and the beautiful gifts and then to organize all of the gifts for all the donations is beyond wonderful. Thank you for your heart, and I wish Heather and her family the very best.

  15. Jurgen Nation says:

    Sorry. I was so exhausted and more than a little loopy. :(

  16. jcn says:

    great story and terrific outcome. thanks for doing this.

  17. peepnroosmom says:

    God does work in mysterious ways.

  18. jody2ms says:

    God’s fingerprints are all over this, you know that!

    What an awesome God we have!

  19. Joy H says:

    WONDERFUL……..that’s the good stuff.

  20. Jane says:

    truly, a miracle *happy sigh*