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My new favorite magazine…

My new favorite magazine…

May 3, 2007

Oh, look Diana on the cover...

A few months ago I got an email from someone at Good Housekeeping magazine. I really doubted it it was the magazine. Who did I think it was, I don’t know maybe some elaborate identity stealing spam. Because I am nothing if not trusting of human kind.

I had to sign a contract. And email my photo. And all sorts of other things that normal people would probably assume meant these people were legitimate. Yet in the back of my mind I still had a teeny bit of doubt. Perhaps it was really Mr Jim Mambo from Nigeria realizing no one was falling for his inheritance scheme. Far fetched, perhaps.

But today the magazine arrived in my mailbox.

Waaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy in the back of the magazine, where the coupons and ads are, on page 189.


Guess what everyone on my Christmas list is getting this year? That’s right, a subscription to Good Housekeeping. I am sure my children will LOVE a subscription of their very own.

Also, the title is Trash Talk. It really is about trash –as in garbage. Not tawdry pillow talk.

Unless people out there have some sort of fetish that involves talking about actual garbage in bed and I am just living my sheltered life. Judging from the spam mail and spam comments that I receive daily, it wouldn’t surprise me.

So excuse me while I run around and shove the magazine into the face of everyone I know. And then throw up. Because OHMYGOD people I know might be reading now.

Posted by Chris @ 11:14 pm  

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  1. Jamie says:

    I think this would be a great Christmas present for everyone you know. Congrats! That is HUGE! :)

  2. Sueb0b says:

    Congratulations! That is so cool.

  3. jody2ms says:

    I love it! Congratulations!!!!!!!

    And you have soooo been outed in your hometown….unless of course noone there reads Good Housekeeping!!

  4. daysgoby says:

    Seriously cool!

  5. Jeana says:


  6. Jennie says:

    I think that was one of the very first posts I read at your blog, and I’ve been reading ever since. Congratulations!

  7. shaz says:


  8. Grim Reality Girl says:

    Congrats to you!!! So cool!

  9. jcn says:

    congrats! is it on stands yet?

  10. lena says:


    What month will it be in?

    I really don’t want to get a subscription just to see it . And here’s why…..Good Housekeeping AND Better Homes and Gardens ….their pages are too cheap and flimsy.
    It really bugs me.

    Maybe I’m crazy , but if not ….invest in some quality paper you cheapskates!!!

    Love your blog! and congrats!

  11. Jennifer says:

    I LOVE Good Housekeeping…and I think I subscribe to it (I say “I think” because I subscribe to about twenty magazines and can’t remember for the life of me which ones still come, which ones are expired, yada yada). If I don’t get this one in a couple of days, I’ll go buy it. Ooooooh, I’m so excited…I can say I knew you back before you were famous!!! ;)

  12. Izzy says:

    I remember reading about your blog in a baby magazine at the pediatrician’s office. It blog was still called The Big Yellow House back then.

    And now you’re in Good Housekeeping! How completely awesome!!!


  13. Susan says:

    WOW, that is SO COOL, Chris! I’m proud of you!

    I love Good Housekeeping–always have. Now I have reason to love it even more!


  14. Lilly says:

    Congratulations! That is very cool!

    [...And having nothing to do with your great page in the magazine, I see that Diana is still out there selling magazines which seems quite unfair.]

  15. Gillian says:

    Wow! That is stellar. I will be picking up my copy asap. Congratulations. I do, by the way have a fortune here in Nigeria which I need your bank account number to transfer out of my county. But more on that later, for now I am just so proud of you.

  16. Owlhaven says:


    I love that picture, too!


  17. Jennifer says:


  18. t in hd says:

    Congratulations Chris! I wish I could get a copy but I doubt it over here.

  19. Navhelowife says:

    Congrats! What a wonderful place for your writing to be seen!

  20. Merry says:

    Goodness, i suspect that makes you officially grown up!

  21. jodi says:

    So very cool and great for you to be published. You are a fantastic writer.

  22. peepnroosmom says:

    That is sooooo cool!

  23. Sarcasmom says:

    Congratulations! I will check it out. Jen from Happy At Home sent me over.

  24. Debbie says:

    Well done. Enjoy your “I’m in Good Housekeeping” dance! Congratulations.

  25. CathyC says:

    Oh my goodness!!! That is SO COOL!!!! I know what I’m buying today. I’ll be showing it to everyone I work with, because I’m always talking about your blog. Now I’ll have proof that you exist! :)

  26. Sara says:

    Well done! Can’t wait to see it.

  27. Jamie says:

    I really like my subscription, too. Can’t wait for it to arrive!

  28. Denise says:

    It’s so fun to see something of yours in a magazine or catalog! Congrats and good for you!

  29. pat says:

    Great for you, Chris.

  30. Molly says:

    Hey, I’m still worried about your bear situation, can you give us an update??

  31. Nicki says:

    Congrats!!! that is too cool!!!

  32. BaseballMama says:

    Congratulations! I’m going to run out and buy it today :)

  33. meritt says:

    *** Huge grin on my face for you ***

    And in my best Napoleon voice I say; “Uh! LUCKY!”

  34. Tuesday says:

    So exciting!! Congratulations.

  35. Gretchen says:

    Awesome! Congratulations! I’m running out to buy my own copy today! (You know, so I can flash the article to my friends and say “I know her! I MET her!!!” LOL)

  36. Tal says:

    Congratulations Chris! How cool!

  37. Audrey says:

    Congratulations, Chris! GH is one of my favourite magazines. How exciting!

  38. Jeannette says:

    Delurking to say Congratulations!!! I subscribe - well my mom subscibes for me - and I can not wait to get this in the mail!!

  39. Holli Smith says:

    That is completely AWESOME! Congrats!
    You deserve good things!

  40. Brandi says:

    How cool is that, you are in a major publication, congratulations Chris!

  41. nabbalicious says:

    That is EFFING AWESOME!!! Congratulations!

    I’ve always had a thing for “My Problem and How I Solved It.” Me and Good Housekeeping go WAY back.

  42. Julie says:

    Woo-hoo!! Yay you!

  43. becky says:

    chris, that is so fabulous! good for you!!!!! i’ll try to check that out this weekend. wow, i’m so excited for you. will you sign my copy at blogher? *grin*

  44. Carola says:

    CONGRATULATIONS!! I am so mad I won’t be able to get a copy, I don’t think they sell that magazine in Chile, but I will try to look for the article online. Congrats again!

  45. Kris says:

    Yaaaaay Chris!!!!

  46. Heth says:

    Congrats Chris! Woo Hoo!

  47. Beth says:

    Wow! Congratulations! That’s awesome.

  48. Jane says:

    Heartfelt congratulations! The people at Good Housekeeping were very smart to have you write an article for them - they have just insured themselves of a month of record sales, I’m sure! Can’t wait to get my hands on it!

  49. Lari says:

    Very cool! I’ll have to go and get a copy.

  50. Jess says:

    That is wonderful. Congratulations.

  51. Christina says:

    Well that is so cool - congratulations!!

  52. Amy says:

    Guess what was in my mailbox this morning? Congrats!

  53. Rae says:

    Wow, Chris, that’s wonderful. I feel full of happiness for you. I’ll have to go get my copy today. :)

  54. Jeanne says:

    Dear Chris,
    You don’t know me but I feel I know you. I drop by nearly everyday to see “what’s goin’ on.” I’ve mentioned before that I’m drawn here because I think you write from your soul. Congratulations. Please continue to entertain and inspire us all. And thank you.

  55. Carey says:


  56. jm says:

    Whoo!!!! That is SO COOL! And I love the photo that they included :)

  57. Joan says:

    We all know what an awesome writer you are, now alot more people can enjoy your blog too. Thankyou for letting us all read along.

  58. CaliforniaGrammy says:

    Wow! Now the whole world knows how great you are. Your true fans have known it for a few years. Congratulations, Chris!

  59. Katie says:

    Awesome! I have to go buy a copy now, woohoo!

  60. Anna says:

    Fantastic, just think now you really must have a follow up article to add the bear’s love of your trash.

    Your trash talk is so popular even the wildlife are looking for it.


  61. poppy fields says:

    Congratulations! I am going to try and find a copy, and believe me, that won’t be easy here.

  62. janet says:


    Congratulations … that is brilliant!

  63. Gwen says:

    Well, I shall have to go out and buy my own copy…or at least flip it open as I’m standing in the check-out lane at the grocery store and tell everyone within earshot that I read your blog.

    Whahoo for you!

  64. Heather B. says:

    OMG!!!11!! You’re famous. And OMG!!111 The people at Giant are going to look at me funny when I pick up my copy of Good Housekeeping right after I pick out my People Magazine.

  65. JENinMICH says:

    That is awesome. We can all say we read your blog way back when….

  66. Jenny says:

    Yay! Chris, that is so wonderful. Congratulations, hot mama!

  67. ChaCha says:

    That is soo awesome

  68. Fairly Odd Mother says:

    That is so great! A photo and everything!

  69. alice says:

    i went out and bought that magazine specifically for your article. Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!

  70. Anna says:

    So Cool! I never buy magazines, cause I’m cheap like that, but I’m heading right out to get a copy. Yay, Chris!

  71. Danielle says:

    I’m so excited. Hmm…when I talk about you now, should I say that lady with seven kids that blogs or that lady with seven kids that writes for Good Housekeeping? I usually add stuff about how cool you are but I won’t talk about that now.

  72. Joy H says:

    COOL BEANS…..gonna go out and get me a copy :)

  73. sandra says:

    Hey! That’s frickin’ fantastic! Go you!


  74. KarenK says:

    I enjoyed your turn in GH so much that I had to come and find you! :) Thanks for having me in your ‘virtual living room.’ :)K

  75. Bethany says:

    Another fan here, gained through Good Housekeeping Mag! You’ll be getting tons more hits now . . .

  76. Steff says:

    I have to buy a coyp just to check it out, YOU ROCK!

  77. Novaks8 says:

    Is it June’s issue?

    I scanned May’s today and didnt see it.

    YOu have always been my favorite blogger.

    I almost pee peed my pants when you added me to your blogroll!!!

    You really need to write a book!


  78. Mama Maven says:

    Oh it came in the mail today and I couldn’t wait to tear it open and get a look. Very cool, great pic!

  79. Adria says:

    That’s awesome.

  80. pinks & blues girls says:

    I just read through my copy of Good Housekeeping (my sister got me a subscription for Christmas, incidentally!) and read your blog. I just had to check out your blog! You are a fantastic writer, and I love that you enjoy your big family! Your kids are absolutely beautiful.

    A HUGE Congrats!!

    Jane, Pinks & Blues Girls

  81. Såra på nett | Fullt Hus says:

    [...] a New Mom.”, bloggeren og syvbarnsmoren bak Notes from the trenches som ble kontaktet for å skrive for Good Housekeeping. Og mange, mange [...]