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Companies that do it right*

Companies that do it right*

May 8, 2007

I wrote briefly about my Old Navy experience. I fully intended to write about it in more detail, but frankly at this point my rancor and hostility have dissipated. They did me a favor by not honoring the stupid stuff a bag sale thing. Because I had over $500 worth of merchandise on the counter in their store and did not need half of it. Their loss, my gain.

The week of my daughter’s birthday I bought her the sneakers with laces that she needed from my favorite store zappos.

Sneakers...with laces

A week later I got this handmade card in the mail from the woman who took my order at zappos.

Birthday card

How nice is that? Rob, ever the cynic, said that they sent me the card because I have bought no less than 30 pair of shoes from them this year. And while that may be true, I have always had a positive experience with this company. Always. Customer service is a dying art (hello, Old Navy) and when you you find a company that knows how to do it right it makes them stand our even more.

I love zappos as much as I love my shoes.

*I want to make sure that it is known that I am not paid for writing this about zappos. It is my honest opinion. I want to sit in a tree with zappos, K-I-S-S-I-N-G. Wearing my leopard print Steve Madden wedges.

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  1. sarah says:

    I just took a look at the Zappo’s site and died a little inside. Sometimes, times like this, shopping times, I hate living in Australia, where things like this shop (virtual shoe heaven) don’t exist and when they do, they don’t do overseas mailing. I also apologize for the amount of commas in the above sentence.

  2. Beth F. says:

    Unfortunately, I have heard many negative stories about Old Navy, that’s too bad, they have cute stuff!

    Leopard Print Steve Madden Wedges. How heavenly.

  3. Kate says:

    Living in Canada, I am totally with Sarah on the Zappos-envy.

  4. Susan says:

    That is fantastic!!!

    I have had really great customer service from Coldwater Creek. Their thoughtfulness always amazes me.

    It’s sad that good customer service anymore is the exception and not the rule.

  5. Lori says:

    I came to love Zappos when we lived in Germany for 3 years. And, now that we’re back, I use them even more. I hate going to the shoe store, but I love Zappos!

  6. Mayhem says:

    Wow, that’s amazing! Zappos has a perfect record with us as well.

    I also love the service at Barnes and Noble. (Just to give props where prop are due.) Maybe I’ve just been lucky, but B&N has done a great job for us.

    Great idea to publicly acknowledge companies with good service. Thanks.

  7. Eve says:

    I really want to hear the Old Navy story?
    I got one of those bags in the mail. Intriguing.

  8. Polly says:

    That’s amazing! How sweet and thoughtful. Maybe you could find out who her manager is and send him/her a recomendation for this nice lady.
    Going the extra mile is a dying art. Heck, I’d take an extra foot from stores like Old Navy and the Gap Outlet I was in yesterday. Yuck!

  9. creative-type dad says:

    Wow - they made you a card?!

    I want to hear the Old Navy story too. The wife and I have one too thaqt involves an employee who swiped our credit card number and then charged $800 worth of clothes on it.

    $800 at Old Navy is like the entire store (possibly even the truck with the dog in it too)

  10. Traci says:

    Absolutely love the pink sneakers with laces (converse all stars?) I have three daughters…two who love shoes as much as I do. Between my 17 year old, my one year old and I we have 237 pairs of shoes…crazy I know. I won’t even add in the boys’ shoes…three boys with quite a few pairs themselves…and my husband! Yikes, we are all shoe freaks…except for my 19 year old daughter…wonder what happened to her??

    Anyway, I’d never used Zappos before but have been browsing for an hour…love it so far!!! Thanks!

  11. Anat says:

    Because Zappo’s is a perfect store (cheapest on-line prices guaranteed, and impeccable service), I too want to help generate as much service for them as possible.
    When buying shoes - I find what I want, sometimes in other stores, and then order from them.
    You can’t go wrong with them!

  12. Carmen says:

    Are they the same Steve Madden Leopard wedges that I have? We could be twins.

  13. Antique Mommy says:

    So true about bad customer service. A courteous and helpful sales clerk/store manager is the exception rather than the rule.

  14. Gift of Green says:

    I have had the same love-fest with my local Harris Teeter store. They are more expensive than my other local grocery stores, but their customer service is beyond compare, especially when you’ve got two little ones in tow. They really know how to bring a customer back.

    **The writer of this post declares no conflict of interest and was not compensated in any way by Harris Teeter or its affiliates. ; )

  15. Ashley says:

    I want to hear the story too… What happened? I have to agree customer service is dying. Its good to praise those companies that still offer it.

  16. inthefastlane says:

    Zappos ROCKS! And we get our shoes the next day! That is quicker than if I had time to figure out a day to actually get to the shoe store.

  17. Tal says:

    Geez! My friends wouldn’t make me such a thoughtful handmade card. To get one from a sales person at a store really does deserve a comment to the manager. No wonder you love Zappos!

  18. maggie says:

    Not to steer you from Zappo’s, but Shoebuy is pretty great (and if you shop through Upromise you get 10% into the kid’s college fund) and Endless has the greatest interface. But a handmade card from Zappo’s is pretty awesome.

  19. Cecelia says:

    I returned over $150 worth of stuff to Old Navy yesterday. (I know, but hey, I changed my mind and I think there’s something with their lighting that makes baggy sweaters and too-long necklaces look cute in the dressing room.) I was thinking of you. Just as I handed the stuff over my cell phone rang and then I was THAT woman, returning a huge pile of stuff and yammering on the cell phone. LOL. It was kinda fun!

  20. thordora says:

    It’s very likely that this rep went and did that on her own-what a FANTASTIC employee-I hope you called Zappo’s and complimented her. If one of our employess did that, we’d be over the moon!

  21. Kelly says:

    I love Zappo’s too. I ordered a pair of shoes online on Friday and they were here on Monday. FREE SHIPPING & returns.

    Shoebuy.com is good too, as is Onlineshoes.com.

    Old Navy needs to turn their music down. I can’t hear myself think in that place. And hire some people over the age of 21. That might help.

    Yes, I AM officially old!!!

    Cute pink Chucks!

  22. Sarah says:

    That’s too funny! My daughter’s birthday is April 23rd, i think that’s the same as your daughters, right? And mine was just 4 as well, and she made us buy nearly the identical pair of shoes (hers were sparkly pink from walmart, though).

  23. GraceD says:

    Now isn’t that the nicest story ever. Forget Nordstroms, this is truly legendary customer service.

    Actually, they’re very, very nice at Nordstroms. The floor staff are trained well enough to serve as personal shoppers. This is necessary someone like me who wouldn’t have the cache to even think of wearing leopard print wedges.

    Must see those leopard print shoes at BlogHer this summer. Don’t give me any crap about not going, y’hear?

  24. GraceD says:

    Pah, I need more coffee. Correction to above ramble:

    “This is necessary FOR someone like me…”

    My downward spiral into the senility of old age is clearly on display here. I really should up my Gingko Biloba.

  25. Mary W says:

    My hubsnad bought a new suit at JCPenney in time for easter. The man who helped him with the fit sent a handwritten thank you note. I thought that was cool.

  26. Umm Skandar says:

    Please write about Old Navy!! Puh-leeze!!!!

    The post that you wrote last time (about the bag sale) was so vivid and funny. I smile just thinking about it (you high-fiving all the kids except the oldest who pretended not to know you).

    Your voice came across so clearly. That post cemented your reputation (in my mind) as the funniest writer on motherhood and life in the blogosphere! Really!

    So, please, please, let us know what happened this year.

  27. me says:

    OK, I have to admit that Traci’s comment that 3 people have 237 pairs of shoes made me die a little bit inside. Yes, I know that American culture culturally and economically compels us to buy, buy, buy, but I can’t help thinking of where that money would have been better spent.

    -$20 a month can give a girl in Guatemala access to school and food.
    -the cost of a pair of shoes in this country would gives shoes to how many kids in Mexico?
    -how much vaccine for deadly childhood diseases could be bought with the cost of 100 pairs of shoes?

    Sorry to be a bummer, but this makes me a little crazy, having traveled to countries where our wealth is obscene.

  28. amy says:

    Nice note!!

    Glad I stopped by today.

    Hubby and I are obsessed with good customer service

  29. Carrie says:

    I have recently purchases several pairs of shoes from zappos (thanks to you and Mir) and I have gotten 2 thank you notes. I also bought a pair of sunglasses from them for my husband and got a note telling me how they hope my husband loves the glasses. Zappos is now my favorite shoe store. Thanks again for turning me onto them!

  30. Nell says:

    I love love love Zappos!

  31. Jennifer says:

    I love zappos, too. I order a ton of shoes, try them on and decide which ones I like, and send the rest back. Like my own little Macy’s shoe department.

    I also love New Balance’s site. I order XW shoes for my daughter from them everytime she needs a new size. One time they sent me a $50 gift certificate in appreciation for my loyalty.

  32. Andrea Q says:

    I live down the street from the Zappos outlet store. Their in person customer service sucks, so I’m glad that you’ve all had good experiences with their online store.

  33. Heather says:

    That is absolutely amazing! And I love Zappos too!

  34. Heather says:

    I love it when someone is treated right! Nice shoes too!

  35. Chris says:

    me, aka andrea,

    how do you know that the person with 237 pair of shoes doesn’t donate a large portion of their income to charity? or how long they have had the shoes?

  36. Anne says:

    dang don’t you wish all stores did that who took our money.

  37. me says:


    So 237 pairs of shoes doesn’t strike you as excessive or as a misallocation of resources? She calls it crazy in her post. How many pairs does one person need? How does it fuel the notion that I can have all I want and no one else is touched by that?

  38. dcrmom says:

    Wondering what happened at Old Navy. I shop there A LOT.

  39. Nancy says:

    WOOOO! JCPenney.com is having a mother’s day sale and some shoes I was looking at are marked down AND they have free shipping - which all makes for a nice discount from ZAPPOS!

    It’s my first Zappo’s order and I have you to thank, Chris!

  40. Melanie says:

    That’s it, I’m going to start shopping at Zappo’s. As soon as I can afford new shoes. That’s the coolest thing ever!