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Whatever words I say…

Whatever words I say…

June 25, 2007

I will always love you.

13th wedding anniversary

Thirteen years of occasional sometimes more often than not wedded bliss.

Whenever I’m alone with you
You make me feel like I am young again
Whenever I’m alone with you
You make me feel like I am fun again

Back when we were dating, we were at a huge party. It was crowded and loud. And we were standing in the corner of a room huddled close together talking over the music and other people who were also talking over the music. Then this song by the Cure came on. And Rob sang it to me, though he will deny he ever sang. But he did.

In all likelihood he has forgotten since those were also the years of heavy drinking and all around partying. And though I would never like to go and relive them now they were fun at the time.

It is perhaps also equally possible that I hallucinated the whole experience. But it’s my memory and I am sticking by it. In any event, this song, Dentyne gum, and the taste of DEET are all things that evoke the feeling of falling in love.

Happy Anniversary.

Here’s to the next 13 years.

Posted by Chris @ 2:50 pm  

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  1. Kim says:

    Awww! Happy Anniversary!

  2. Ashley says:

    Happy Anniversary, you both are adorable in the picture.

  3. Salsaqueen says:

    Happy Anniversary!

  4. Stephanie says:

    Happy Anniversary!!! Chris, you two are adorable. I love this picture. :) BTW… I can soooo identify with the ‘it was fun but I don’t want to back and relive it’. Congratulations!

  5. daring one says:

    Deet is also very romantic to me and Dan. How cute and young you look. You look young in that old picture too.

  6. Anna says:

    Happy Anniversary! This is my anniversary too, but just two carefree years…the crazy ones are soon to come (9 weeks from now!) :-)

  7. MamaGeph says:

    Happy, happy anniversary!

  8. Paige says:

    Happy Anniversary! We share yours, but today is three years.

  9. suzanne says:

    Hey Chris. Coming out of lurking to say that I love that Cure song…in fact, as untraditional as it might be…that is the song my hubby and I danced to at our wedding.
    Happy anniversary!

  10. Nicki says:

    Happy Anniversary!! May the next 13 be as blessed.

  11. nabbalicious says:

    Happy Anniversary!! Cute picture.

  12. Crisanne says:

    Happy Anniversary! I hope you guys get a little time to yourselves to celebrate.

  13. kalisah says:

    OMG you guys were so cute!

  14. Melissa says:

    This is my first comment although I’ve been reading your site for quite a while, but I have to comment on this entry. Today is also my anniversary - also, coincidentally my 13th anniversary! So we were married on the same exact day! (And I see other commenters who share our anniversary, but not down to the exact year! How fun!) I hope you and your husband (and my husband and I, as well!)have many many more happy years together!

  15. Sara says:

    Mmm…nothing says “I love you” like Dentyne and DEET. Happy Anniversary!

  16. Tal says:

    All the best on your anniversary Chris! A lovely post, and a lovely picture. Just out of curiosity, what did you get yourself? :p

  17. terilynn says:


    Hope you have a wonderful anniversary

  18. Rachel May says:

    Happy anniversary! Such a cute pic…

  19. Tam says:

    Happy anniversary!

  20. diatribal says:

    Congrats. I certainly know how it feels to have that “warm fuzzy, but I wouldn’t want to do it again” feeling.

    13 years of a beautiful thing…with so many little miracles to prove it. It’s a wonderful thing to celebrate!

  21. Caren says:

    The taste of Deet? Should I even ask? :) Chris and Ro-ob sittin’ in a tree…K I S S I N G. Happy Anniversary!!!

  22. Jodi@OC says:

    Awwwww. Happy Anniversary!

  23. Katie says:

    Happy Anniversary!

  24. Amy says:

    Happy Anniversary!! You have us beat by a year :) We are June 24ers on our 12 year of mostly wedded bliss!

  25. MamaLady says:

    Oh dear. That song.
    You have just taken me back to parties where is was way too dark, had too much alcohol and kissing the wrong boys.
    I’m happy for you, that you found a good one in all that pre-adult madness.
    Happy Anniversary!
    And, you both look darling and happy in the picture. Not much different from recent ones you post.

  26. Kara says:

    Happy Anniversary!

  27. Traci says:

    Happy Anniversary! Our 13th was a week ago today. My husband also sang a song (once) and will never admit it…Your Eyes by Peter Gabriel. Have a happy, happy and a wish for many more anniversaries to come!

  28. carol says:

    I am not sure how I came across your fabulous blog, but it will be one I visit regularly.

    I only have 1 boy child, but my sister has 3 girls and I have a friend that has a blended family with 7. Can’t wait to read more of your older posts.

  29. jody2ms says:

    Happy anniversary Rob and Chris!!

  30. Amy says:

    Happy anniversary! You’ve been so blessed!

  31. ChristieNY says:

    Happy Anniversary! (LOVE the pic!!!)

    ::: Cheers ::: To many more wonderful years together! :)

  32. Valeta says:

    Aww. Happy Anniversary!

    That song reminds me of falling in love too. :D

  33. Carola says:

    Happy Anniversary!!

  34. Flamenco Mom says:

    MMMM…DEET. Hope you and Rob have a great anniversary, and many more! BTW, I love that song too.

  35. kathy says:

    happy anniversary! when jamie and i were applying for passports we both looked at each other and asked, “when were we married?”. And neither of us knew. We got the month, but the date and the year; well, we guessed on the year. Couldn’t even begin to imagine what the date was.

    Dayum, I know you’re sick of hearing it, but you are so freaking hot, you sizzle. And Rob? Well, he ain’t too bad for a white boy.

    Many happy anniversaries to come!

  36. Hoosiermama says:

    Happy Anniversary to you both!! May the next 13 years be just as happy :)

  37. AngelaS says:

    Happy Anniversary! :D

  38. CathyC says:

    Happy Anniversary!

  39. Carrie says:

    Yeah for that! Happy Anniversary to you!

  40. Her Bad Mother says:

    Happy, happy, happy day to you both.

    (You made me fall in love with YOU a little bit, citing that song. Ah, Robert Smith.)

  41. Chris says:

    Happy Anniversary. You guys are so cute. Now I see how you have such darling kids! I hope you have a hundred more. um, anniversaries of course, not kids. I mean you can have a hundred more, I just meant anniversaries. I better go now, I’m getting more stupid as I write. ;)

  42. Kristy says:

    how sweet - happy anniversary!!

  43. Mom101 says:

    CHRIS! You haven’t changed a bit in 13 years. It’s sick really.

  44. The Wooden Porch says:

    You are a cute couple! Happy Anniversary.

  45. Amy says:

    Today is our 13th anniversary too! Plus we have managed to have 8 children and ………..stay married!!! Hurray for yours and ours!

  46. kate says:

    Happy Anniversary!

  47. Karen@FamilyBriefs.com says:

    How sweet! Happy Anniversary!!!

  48. Regina says:

    Congratulations. In today’s society, 13 years is truly an accomplishment. You have a lovely family.

    This may be a question for your other blog, but as your children get older, what are your thoughts on homeschool? Do you plan to homeschool them until they attend college? Thanks for your inptut!

  49. Kristie Escoe says:

    Happy, happy anniversary! May I ask what Rob bought you for an anniversary present? Since I’m assuming it’s not a luna moth habitat? :)

    And, um, not to sound ignorant, but isn’t DEET bug spray? Maybe I shouldn’t even ask ……. I certainly can’t make fun, though, as one of my high school boyfriends worked in a full-service station and to this day, the smell of gasoline makes me nostalgic. :)

  50. Mary W says:

    Happy 13th Anniversary. We celebrated our 13th back in May. Wackos that we are m we thought about renewing our vows just to scoff in the face of the “unlucky” 13 but we didn’t get anything planned in time.

  51. shauna says:

    Could you both be any cuter?!?!

  52. Pastormac's Ann says:

    Happy Anniversary Chris! What a terrific picture.

  53. Mary (MPJ) says:

    Oh, I love that song! Happy anniversary.

  54. Brigitte says:

    Happy Anniversary!

    Feels weird, we’ve been married longer than you, but just had our kid when you had Myles. And you forced me to think of how old the kids will be after “the next 13″, yeeks! :-)

  55. Kathleen says:

    Happy Anniversary! Many Many more to you both.

  56. Pave.Gurl says:

    When I made my daily click into your site, my immediate thought upon seeing the opening words was “Awesome! Chris finally comes out of the closet as a gothling! I knew it all along…”

    Happy anniversary. You and Rob are an inspiration.

  57. Heather says:

    I didn’t even need to scroll down, I know the song by the first versus!

    Happy Anniversary!

  58. Meg says:

    Happy anniversary!!!

  59. Dot says:

    HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! June is a popular month!! Ours was Sunday. Enjoy the next 13, they go by so fast.

  60. Darren McLikeshimself says:

    Sweet Jesus! You look the same! Except maybe with less hair these days.


  61. Sue says:

    Happy Anniversary!

  62. Sunny says:

    Aww..congratulations! And I love that song! The 311 version is pretty good too.

  63. Trina says:

    Wow…we share the same anniversary! I posted as well with pics from ours. Happy Anniversary!!

  64. Melanie says:

    Oh, you’re so cute - and so young! That hair is adorable. Happy Anniversary!!

  65. sandra says:

    I fucking love that song. You go.

    Happy happy, you two. I wish I was there to give you a hug.

  66. becky says:

    happy anniversary!

    as soon as i read the title, i knew it was lovesong and it started playing in my head. love that song.

  67. sherry says:

    Happy anniversary!

    Also, I will now spend the rest of the day singing Lovesong.

  68. JayMonster says:

    Of course I am late as usual. But at least I can say I was on vacation as an excuse for a change.

    Happy (Belated) Anniversary.

    (We will be celebrating our 13th as well this August)